Beautiful Poems for Sisters

Alex Green
Dedicated to my sister Joan Green <3
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Table of contents
The Unseen Thread That Binds Us
Orbiting Lives, Unchanging Love
Chapters in a Never-Ending Book
The Unspoken Symphony of Siblings
A Love Molded from Childhood Clay
Echoes Through the Corridor of Time
The Weaving Loom of Family Love
The Harbor of Shared Memories
Eclipses and Phases, Siblings Forever
The Keeper of My Heart’s Echoes

The Unseen Thread That Binds Us

In childhood, you were my playmate,

Through games and laughter, bonds did grow.

Years have passed, but here's what's great,

Our love is like a river's flow.

In teen years, secrets we did share,

Whispers hidden from the world's eyes.

Adolescence full of truth or dare,

A sister's pact that never dies.

Now adults, life has pulled us far,

Yet our bond remains unbroken still.

Each struggle only leaves a scar,

A testament of will and skill.

In times of joy or times of woe,

I know you'll always be right here.

For sisters understand, you know,

A love that's always crystal clear.

You're my laughter, and you're my tears,

A mirror to my heart and soul.

Through all the swiftly passing years,

You make my scattered pieces whole.

So, thank you, sis, for being you,

For love and fights and much, much more.

You're the unseen thread in all I do,

The love my life is richer for.

Orbiting Lives, Unchanging Love

We’ve played under the same blue sky,

Felt the same sun, breathed the same air.

Through different paths, time's flown right by,

Yet our sibling love is always there.

Life drew maps that led us apart,

New jobs, new homes, still the love stays.

Though miles may lie between each heart,

I feel you near in countless ways.

Words unspoken, but understood,

A language only we both speak.

Through all the bad and all the good,

In this love, we're forever unique.

Life circles round, as orbits do,

Moments shared and those we missed.

But gravity pulls me back to you,

In a brother-sister love that can't resist.

I look at stars and think of you,

A shining light in night’s dark cloak.

Together or apart, we are two,

Connected souls in one lifelong stroke.

You're my compass when I'm lost,

The light when darkness is all I see.

For you, sis, there's no higher cost,

Your love's the anchor always steadying me.

Chapters in a Never-Ending Book

You've been a page in all my chapters,

From my first steps to my last laugh.

We’ve faced both the minor and major factors,

Navigating life's winding path.

We’ve cried till tears have left us empty,

Smiled until our cheeks turned sore.

Yet, the love we share is simply plenty,

It’s the constant in my evermore.

In laughter, love, in tears, in strife,

Life’s complex tales are not new.

But one thing stays true in my life,

My ever-constant, ever-true, that's you.

Through quarrels and secrets, we find our way,

Siblings in crime, in laughter, in tears.

Though years may pass and hairs may gray,

Our shared past conquers all fears.

A brother's love can't be erased,

It's a steady light that never fades.

Through all life's trials, it can't be misplaced,

An unbreakable bond that never degrades.

You are my sister, by fate, by birth,

An irreplaceable part of my earth.

Though life may bring its own sense of mirth,

It's better with you, for what it’s worth.

The Unspoken Symphony of Siblings

In our youth, we fought and played,

Scribbled our stories on life's blank slate.

Through laughter, tears, we often strayed,

Yet, found our way, it’s never too late.

Life took us to many different scenes,

Yet our bond remains eternally strong.

Though we’ve become our own machines,

The engine of our love pushes us along.

With you, sis, words are seldom needed,

A glance, a smile, or a tear says it all.

It's an unspoken language, mutually heeded,

A lifeline whenever either of us fall.

Through years, we have changed in many ways,

Yet, some things remain distinctly clear.

Though life’s complex, in a foggy daze,

The love of a sibling is a sky that's clear.

We've lived our lives like parallel lines,

Close, but never crossing, independent.

Yet, love's geometry forever defines,

Us as points in a circle, forever equidistant.

As years advance and time takes toll,

Some things in life may come to wane.

But you, dear sister, are the soul,

Of every cherished memory I retain.

A Love Molded from Childhood Clay

We built castles from plastic blocks,

Dreams so big, yet simple too.

Through scraped knees and mismatched socks,

We learned life’s lessons, old and new.

In school yards and on quiet nights,

Through every failure, every win.

We knew we’d face the same old fights,

Yet, stand together, through thick and thin.

Even as life twisted, turned, and spun,

In circles of fate, destiny, and chance,

We knew that we would still be one,

In this complicated sibling dance.

You're the lyrics to my childhood song,

The co-author of my life's story.

Through all the rights and all the wrongs,

You're the keeper of our shared glory.

When I count the blessings life has given,

You’re the star that forever stays.

A constant in my ever-shifting heaven,

You brighten my ordinary days.

You’re the clay in my life’s spinning wheel,

A form that love will never sway.

Though time may heal and years may steal,

This brother’s love is here to stay.

Echoes Through the Corridor of Time

Echoing laughs from the days long gone,

Still resonate in my adult ear.

The love we share keeps moving on,

A tune I always wish to hear.

Through the corridors of time we roam,

Hand in hand, through years gone by.

No matter where we find our home,

Our love's a constant, you and I.

In every family photo taken,

In every candle on a birthday cake,

In every old path we’ve both forsaken,

You’re the love I’ll never shake.

When I was lost, and skies were gray,

You were the lighthouse guiding me.

Sister, you have a special way,

Of being the love I always see.

Our blood is mixed, our hearts aligned,

We've faced the world, hand in hand.

Though years may change how we’re defined,

Our sibling love is forever grand.

With you, my sister, I am blessed,

A friendship tested, love professed.

Though life puts us to every test,

In my book, you are the very best.

The Weaving Loom of Family Love

We are the warp and weft of love,

Woven tight by destiny's hand.

Above us skies, below the earth shove,

Yet, we remain, a love too grand.

Our lives are threads in a complex loom,

Intertwined by love, laughter, and tears.

Through childhood days and adult gloom,

We've built a tapestry through the years.

Though distance separates our daily lives,

And silence may stretch, a quiet sea.

Our love thrives like a bee in hives,

A mutual harmony, just you and me.

When my world starts to fall apart,

Your love is the glue that makes it whole.

Like a priceless piece of family art,

You are the comfort food for my soul.

Your laughter, sister, rings in my mind,

A soundtrack of love, pure and fine.

Though life is tough and often unkind,

Your love’s a sanctuary, forever mine.

So here's to us, to our ups and downs,

To our secrets, fights, and what's been told.

Through life's smiles and its many frowns,

We’re the gold threads in a cloth of gold.

The Harbor of Shared Memories

Through first steps, first words, and childhood days,

We built a harbor of shared memories.

Through our shared past, in countless ways,

We've written our own set of histories.

In the city of family, a special street,

Where only you and I know the turns.

It’s a quiet place where two worlds meet,

A brother's love that forever burns.

Though seasons change, our love stays still,

Like an ancient mountain or a flowing stream.

Though life is a wheel turning up a hill,

You are the constant in my ever-changing dream.

You’ve been my secret keeper, my confidante,

The laughter in my life, my eternal friend.

Though time may age us, and years may daunt,

My love for you, sister, will never end.

As we sail through life, like two boats,

Our journeys separate but parallel run.

Yet, in the harbor of shared memories floats,

A love untarnished by setting sun.

In the evening of life, when all’s been said,

I'll look back fondly, come what may.

Because I know, both now and ahead,

You're the harbor where my heart will stay.

Eclipses and Phases, Siblings Forever

Through our lives, like celestial spheres,

We’ve had our phases, eclipses, and tides.

Through laughter and a river of tears,

Your love is the constant where my heart resides.

We’ve orbited around family, careers, and life,

Like planets in a system, both far and near.

Through happiness, sorrow, peace, and strife,

Your gravitational pull keeps me here.

Though we're adults, I still see the child,

The girl with dreams, love pure and wild.

Through the lens of years, both meek and mild,

I see my forever friend, not just a sibling styled.

The sunsets of our childhood are long gone,

Replaced by the dawns of adult decisions.

Yet, like a new day, our love still dawns on,

Unaffected by life's complex divisions.

In this life's ever-changing lunar phase,

Through wax and wane, through thick and thin,

I know we'll find through the complex maze,

A brother-sister love that’s sure to win.

So here’s to us, to eclipses and phases,

To a love that neither time erases.

Though life is a puzzle with many mazes,

We remain constant, filling each other's spaces.

The Keeper of My Heart’s Echoes

Life gifted me a sister, but I found a friend,

A bond so pure, on which I always depend.

Though years may pass and letters may send,

Your place in my heart will never see an end.

You've been my advisor, my partner in crime,

A co-traveler through the sands of time.

Though our lives have separate mountains to climb,

Our roots are entangled, in a rhythm, a rhyme.

Memories of childhood are our shared treasure,

Moments of innocence, too precious to measure.

Though life is now filled with a different kind of pleasure,

You, my sister, are my forever leisure.

With you, time stands still, yet flies so fast,

In a flurry of years, marked by a shared past.

Through each phase, each role that we've been cast,

Your love, dear sister, forever will last.

In the labyrinth of life, with its joy and sorrow,

You’re my yesterday, my today, and my tomorrow.

Through every season, be it sunshine or snow,

You are the keeper of my heart’s echoes.

In this life of endless change and shifting sand,

You are the solid rock on which I forever stand.

Through each chapter, every evolving life's demand,

You are the constant, my love's eternal land.

PUBLISHED: Aug 31, 2023
Written By
Alex Green
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