About Us

Wordswan was built to allow creative people like yourself to manage and share their creative writing.

We are a boutique web development agency that loves to build useful digital products.

About a year ago, we were looking for a web publishing platform that focuses on user-generated content. Our goal was to build a minimalistic website to allow our team members to publish their creative writing and encourage anyone else to do the same.

To us, creative writing is very therapeutic.

We wanted to ensure the design was minimalistic with a focus on the writing. We also wanted users to be able to publish their work with ease.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t find an existing platform that met our requirements.

So we decided to build it ourselves as a side project.

In July 2023, we launched Wordswan. The rest is history.

We are looking forward to reading your creative work and we hope the process is as therapeutic for you as it is for us.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.