Poems about Addiction

Alex Green
Check out these poems of mine about addiction. They are captivating and each carries an important message for the reader.
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Table of contents
Love's Intoxicating Embrace
The Temptress of Nicotine
The Gambler's Bet
The Digital Escape
The Elixir of Alcohol
The Call of Caffeine
The Allure of Fame
The Sweet Temptation of Sugar
The Silent Addiction

Love's Intoxicating Embrace

In its depths, we find our flight,
Lost in passion's tender might.
A symphony of souls entwined,
In love's intoxicating bind.

Each heartbeat sings a melodic tune,
Under the spell of the enamored moon.
Whispers shared, a secret code,
In love's embrace, our hearts bestowed.

Through valleys deep and mountains high,
Love's journey, an endless sky.
Boundless, fierce, yet soft and kind,
In its enchantment, souls aligned.

Sipped like wine, its flavors blend,
An elixir that knows no end.
Irresistible, an eternal chase,
In love's intoxicating embrace

The Temptress of Nicotine

The Temptress of Nicotine, a siren's call,
Draws us into its ephemeral thrall.
We chase its haze, a fleeting delight,
Caught in its grasp, the day turns to night.

With each inhale, a momentary ease,
The tendrils of smoke, a moment to seize.
Yet in its arms, we pay the toll,
As it grips our lungs, takes its toll.

The fragrance lures, a deceptive guise,
Masking the truth with smoky skies.
Its tendrils weave an intricate lie, A mirage that fades as time flies by.

A craving mistress, a silent foe,
A paradox of comfort and woe.
Bound to its coil, we subtly reel,
In the Temptress' deceptive appeal.

The ritual repeats, an unending chase,
The Temptress waltzes with elegant grace.
Inhale the whispers, exhale the pain,
Bound by the allure it feigns again.

The Gambler's Bet

The gambler, with cards held tight,
Feels the surge, the thrilling height.
Addiction pulses, a risky play,
In pursuit of wins, night and day.

The chase for the rush, the winning spree,
A temptation that forever will be.
Ensnared by the game, a lifelong tether,
Hooked on chance, whatever the weather.

Each deal, each hand, stokes the fire,
The gambler's heart, the burning desire.
A dance with luck, an eternal bet,
A life entrenched, an inescapable debt.

So, in the game's embrace, they remain,
Tangled in fortune's fickle chain.
Seeking the high, with every try,
The gambler's bet, under the sky.

The Digital Escape

Amidst the luminous glow, pixels in flight,
The digital addiction, a captivating sight.
Eyes locked to screens, in a constant trance,
A world so vast, a captivating expanse.

Scrolling through feeds, time starts to dissolve,
As if in a dream, problems absolve.
In this boundless virtual domain, we stray,
Lost in its depths, where hours decay.

In this universe, virtual and surreal,
Where every emotion finds its appeal.
A tap, a click, and a whole new door—
To limitless realms, to explore and soar.

Engulfed by stories, images, and sound,
In this universe, where fantasies abound.
Messages ping, a world at our fingertips,
An escape that endlessly transfixes.

Amidst the web's intricate, intricate lace,
We find a shelter, a comforting space.
Yet lost in the waves of this digital sea,
We're far from the touch of reality.

Oblivious to time, to the world outside,
In this digital haven, we comfortably reside.
Caught in the allure of the virtual sway,
The digital escape, where we choose to stay.

The Elixir of Alcohol

Raise your glass to the night's facade,
Alcohol's elixir, a tantalizing charade.
Where inhibitions dissolve in its embrace,
A fleeting escape, a numbing grace.

In the amber glow, seduction finds flight,
Addiction weaves within this liquid light.
A sip, a gulp, and memories twist,
Intoxicated illusions in the mind persist.

Swaying between euphoria and despair,
Seeking solace, forgetting all care.
The poison's allure, a mesmerizing cue,
Addicted to its numbing residue.

In its grip, we unearth an altered truth,
A temporary haven from the rigors of youth.
Yet, with every sip, a dance with fate,
A trade-off where joy and sorrow conflate.

The Call of Caffeine

In the realm of the morning's dance,
Awakens the fragrance of the coffee's trance.
Brewing aroma, a delightful song,
Caffeine's call, a day's first gong.

In the steam, in the aromatic fog,
Lies the potion, the awakening jog.
Sip by sip, a ritual so keen,
As caffeine's embrace sets the scene.

A journey from drowsiness to rise,
In each cup's promise, the morning prize.
Addicted to the buzz, the energy's flight,
Caffeine, the stimulant, burning bright.

In the midst of a daily hue,
Caffeine's allure, a ritual so true.
Inviting alertness, an instant climb,
In each cup, a vibrant paradigm.

The Allure of Fame

In the realm where lights ignite the stage,
The world unfolds in a dazzling page.
Lights, camera, action, the fame game starts,
A journey weaving dreams, breaking hearts.

An addiction to the spotlight's allure,
A dance with fame, its enchanting cure.
Where dreams and ambitions interlace,
Chasing applause, a relentless chase.

The shadows that linger beyond the light,
The price one pays to stay in sight.
The constant pursuit, the relentless game,
Addicted to the illusion, the rise to fame.

So in the echo of cheers, and acclaim's flame,
The captivating pull of the fame game.
Chasing dreams that bear its name,
Addicted to the illusion, the dance in fame's aim.

The Sweet Temptation of Sugar

Indulge in sweetness, a tantalizing spree,
In every confection, a sugary glee.
Sugar's addiction, a challenging bout,
A craving that dances within, no doubt.

The cookies, the cakes, the candies galore,
A symphony of sweetness, an endless allure.
Cravings persist, an unyielding jest,
In the swirls of delight, the sugar's zest.

A bittersweet craving that entices the tongue,
From morning's dawn till the evening's rung.
Addicted to the taste, its tempting zest,
A constant struggle, a sugar-infused quest.

The allure persists, in every sweet treat,
In moments of joy, in each confectionary feat.
Addicted to the allure, the taste so blessed,
In the dance of flavors, the sugar's zest.

The Silent Addiction

Invisible chains, they silently encase,
Mental health's addiction, a shadowed space.
In the depths of despair, a struggle we know,
A silent battle, emotions ebb and flow.

Anxiety's whispers, a persistent wail,
Depression's grip, a haunting trail.
In the labyrinth of minds, a turbulent place,
Addicted to the fight, seeking solace's embrace.

The unspoken battles that silently brew,
Invisible to many, known to a few.
Addicted to the quest for an inner peace,
In the silence, seeking mental health release.

A struggle not seen in the light of day,
A silent addiction that finds its way.
Invisible yet profound, this internal chase,
Addicted to healing, finding solace in grace.

PUBLISHED: Nov 03, 2023
Written By
Alex Green
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