Poems About Life

Alex Green
This is my little collection of life poems. I will add more whenever I receive new bolts of inspiration.
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Life's a Journey

Life's a journey, a wild ride,

With ups and downs, side by side.

Sometimes we laugh, sometimes we cry,

With clear blue skies or clouds up high.

Up on the hills, we feel just great,

With friends around, nothing to hate.

But when we're down and feeling blue,

That's life's way; it's nothing new.

Life's a mix of joy and strife,

Happy days and bumps in life.

But after rain, the sun does shine,

And everything turns out just fine.

In the dark night, stars gleam bright,

Guiding us through until the light.

Life's twists and turns, slow and fast,

Hold memories, future, present, past.

We learn and grow through thick and thin,

With smiles to share and friends to win.

Every stumble, every fall,

Makes us stronger, through it all.

So when life's tough, don't wear a frown,

Good times are there, just look around.

Life's an adventure, enjoy the spree,

Filled with hope, love, and endless glee.

by Alex Green

PUBLISHED: Aug 08, 2023
Written By
Alex Green
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