Poems about Time

Alex Green
Explore time through these poems. Pause, think, and feel free to share.
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Table of contents
The Fabric of Time
Time’s Garden
The River of Time
Sands of Time
Eclipsing Time
Time in a Bottle
The Clock Tower
The Timekeeper's Lament
Time's Quiet Symphony

The Fabric of Time

Time weaves a fabric, intricate and fine,

An invisible tapestry hanging in the mind.

It stretches into the past, a memory's gentle touch,

And also to the future, which we ponder so much.

We are but stitches, woven into its design,

Our choices but threads in the great loom of time.

Years accumulate like dust, layers upon layers,

Marking triumphs and losses, joys and despairs.

We strive for moments that gleam like golden threads,

Ignoring the grays, the mundane daily bread.

Each moment a cross-stitch, each decision a line,

Embroidering the narrative of our journey through time.

When the fabric frays, as inevitably it will,

We patch it with experience, a needle and quill.

Words and deeds are our thread, our material,

Mending the holes, making it almost ethereal.

It becomes an heirloom, this tapestry of time,

To be passed on and cherished, a mountain to climb.

Yet the loom waits for no one; it weaves night and day,

And with each passing second, we're older, come what may.

So treasure each stitch, each moment, each thread,

For the tapestry's beauty lies in how it's read.

In its intricate patterns, in its colors sublime,

We find the undying, everlasting nature of time.

Time’s Garden

In the garden of time, each moment is a seed,

Planted in the soil of the present, a growing deed.

Some seeds bloom quickly, bright flowers of a day,

While others take their time, in mysterious ways.

We water them with choices, bask them in the light,

Nurturing our moments, through day and into night.

Blossoms of memories unfurl in vivid hues,

Petals of experience that we cannot refuse.

The fragrant aroma of past summers waft by,

Reminding us of time, under the same sky.

Yet weeds also grow, in this eternal garden of time,

Choking some flowers, in an unforgiving climb.

Each season that passes leaves its unique mark,

Changing the garden’s face, from bright to stark.

Yet even in winter, under snow and icy rime,

The promise of spring lingers in the air of time.

Roots dig deep, resilient through seasons’ sway,

Awaiting their moment to reach for the light of day.

One day we'll leave this garden, yet it will remain,

An everlasting cycle of sun, growth, and rain.

Time will continue to garden, sowing new seeds,

In the soil of the cosmos, fulfilling its needs.

Yet our moments will linger, petals on the vine,

Eternal blooms in the everlasting garden of time.


In a world of clockwork, time is the ultimate gear,

Turning wheels within wheels, year after year.

Hands on a face, numbers on a dial,

Marking the seconds in an endless trial.

Yet beyond the mechanics, beyond the grind,

Lies the abstract notion of time in our mind.

We organize our lives in hours and days,

In schedules and plans, in countless ways.

But time laughs at our attempts to contain,

Its fluid nature, its ebb and its gain.

Time doesn't pause or take a vacation,

It marches forward, without hesitation.

Yet in those quiet moments, when time seems to freeze,

We catch a glimpse of eternity, a momentary ease.

A child's first steps, a loved one's embrace,

Times when the clock seems to lose its pace.

These are the moments, like gems so divine,

That challenge the linearity we assign to time.

As we grow older, the gears begin to wear,

The clockwork stutters, time becoming rare.

We cherish the ticks, the tocks, the chimes,

Realizing the value of these remaining times.

For in each second, in each minute's climb,

We find the purpose, the meaning of time.

The River of Time

The river of time flows without a sound,

Its waters ripple through past and future, unbound.

From mountain springs to vast and endless sea,

A journey for all, yet personal to you and me.

We navigate the currents, both gentle and brash,

Each moment a droplet in time's ceaseless splash.

Sometimes the river widens, an expansive plane,

A peaceful passage where joys and dreams sustain.

Yet, at times, it narrows, through canyons of despair,

Swift and unyielding, it challenges our air.

Through all its moods, through sunshine and clime,

Runs the undying, ever-changing river of time.

The banks are lined with memories, like ancient trees,

Witness to our lives, in their silent histories.

Roots reach deep into the waters, thirsty and fine,

Drawing nourishment from the flowing years of time.

A leaf may fall, but the tree remains, sublime,

An epitome of resilience in the landscape of time.

As we float towards the delta, where all rivers end,

Time takes on new meaning, as currents twist and bend.

Each droplet rejoins the sea, each life a completed rhyme,

Yet the river never ceases; it renews itself in time.

For in each rainfall, in each cycle's design,

The river is reborn, such is the miracle of time.

Sands of Time

In an hourglass, the sands of time fall,

Grain by grain, they heed gravity's call.

Counting down moments, a visual cue,

That time is slipping, for me and for you.

Yet these sands do not capture the essence,

Of time's fluid nature, its eternal presence.

We turn the hourglass, and the sands reset,

A cyclical motion we come to expect.

But time itself is not so easily swayed,

It moves in one direction, never delayed.

We cannot go back, can't rearrange,

The footprints we've left on time's vast stage.

In the grand scheme, each grain a lifetime,

Lost among billions, yet uniquely prime.

Gathered in a heap, at the hourglass' base,

Each represents a moment, a time, a place.

Though individual grains seem small and benign,

Together they form the grand narrative of time.

As the last grain falls, we come to understand,

That time is not just sand in a glass, but a vast land.

A realm where past and future meet the present,

Where memories and hopes make each second pleasant.

Each grain adds up, each second a climb,

Creating the multifaceted diamond that is time.

Eclipsing Time

Time is celestial, a cosmic dance,

A balance of moments in life's vast expanse.

Like the sun and the moon in a rare eclipse,

We find special instances that time equips.

Yet even in darkness, even when sublime,

The celestial bodies move, such is the effect of time.

We mark our lives by celestial events,

Birthdays and holidays, in past and future tenses.

Yet each day is a revolution, a rotation so fine,

A dance with the universe, choreographed by time.

The seasons change, the tides ebb and flow,

All in accordance to time's perpetual show.

In quiet nights, we stargaze and dream,

Contemplating time's grand cosmic scheme.

Comets blaze through space, meteors chime,

Astronomical wonders all measured in time.

Though galaxies fade and stars may decline,

The cosmos endures, in the theater of time.

And so, we continue, in this dance so divine,

A part of the universe, yet uniquely in line.

Our moments may be transient, like a falling star's climb,

Yet they contribute to the grand ballet of time.

For in each step, each twirl, each loving mime,

We find our place in the cosmic narrative of time.

Time in a Bottle

If time could be captured, stored in a glass,

Would it change the nature of future or past?

We'd stare at the bottle, watching seconds collect,

Wondering if this would make our lives perfect.

But time is elusive, it doesn't confine,

To glass walls or corks, it continues to chime.

We'd hoard our bottles, lining them on a shelf,

Each a memory, a moment, a piece of ourself.

Yet what's the meaning of time if it’s trapped,

Unchanging, static, its potential sapped?

Real beauty lies in time’s perpetual flow,

In its tides and currents, in its ebb and its tow.

How tempting it is, to hold on so tight,

To moments and days that felt just right.

Yet if we did capture time, make it stay,

We'd lose tomorrow, and even today.

For time must move, it must journey and rhyme,

Its value is in its passage, not in idle time.

As we ponder this, the bottle would be opened,

Time would rush out, as if awoken.

Returning to the flow, the stream from which it came,

Joining past and future, in time’s endless game.

And we’d realize then, in that moment so fine,

That the beauty of living is in experiencing time.

The Clock Tower

Above the town square, a clock tower stands,

A sentinel of time, overlooking the lands.

Its face is a moon, its hands are the tides,

Moving in a rhythm that never subsides.

People look up, synchronize their climb,

To the ticks and tocks of this keeper of time.

Clocks may differ, but time is the same,

A universal language, in life's complex game.

We hear the tower chime, marking the hour,

A reminder of time's unyielding power.

Children grow up, old folks reminisce,

All under the gaze of time's quiet abyss.

But what happens when the clock finally stops?

When gears break down and the pendulum drops?

Time doesn't halt; it continues its stride,

Unperturbed, it has nothing to hide.

The clock tower may age, its hands may resign,

Yet the flow of time will forever align.

In this, a lesson, both simple and grand,

Time moves with or without the clock's hand.

Our lives continue, through days bright and dim,

In the silent company of time's quiet hymn.

And the clock tower, though still, in its prime,

Stands as a monument to the passage of time.

The Timekeeper's Lament

In a dusty room, filled with cogs and gears,

The Timekeeper works, year after year.

He winds up the springs, tightens the screws,

Believing each moment must never be abused.

Yet even he knows, in his secluded climb,

He can't hold the reins on the wild horse of time.

Machines can break, even the most refined,

But time moves ahead, it never falls behind.

The Timekeeper sighs, puts down his tools,

Realizes even he must adhere to time's rules.

You can measure the hours, the minutes so fine,

Yet you can never truly cage the essence of time.

The walls are adorned with faces and hands,

Clocks from the past, from faraway lands.

Each ticking sound is a heartbeat, a sigh,

A memento of moments that passed us by.

Still, these ticking sounds are but a small sign,

Of the grand symphony orchestrated by time.

The Timekeeper sits, takes a well-earned rest,

Considers time's flow, at its worst and its best.

Though he can't stop it, or even slow down its glide,

He appreciates the beauty in its constant tide.

He closes his eyes, in that moment sublime,

A humble conductor in the orchestra of time.

Time's Quiet Symphony

Time plays a melody, soft and low,

A quiet symphony that we all know.

It starts with a whisper, a newborn's cry,

The first note in a song that reaches for the sky.

From there, it swells, through youth and prime,

A composition authored by the hand of time.

It echoes in laughter, hums in tears,

A tune we all hear but seldom revere.

Through crescendos and decrescendos, we find,

Moments of stillness, brief pauses in time.

We catch our breath, look towards the skyline,

For the next movement in this symphony of time.

Musicians may falter, notes may wane,

But time's symphony will continue, without restrain.

Through each tempo, each pitch, and each climb,

The melody evolves, a representation of time.

It fills our hearts, this tune so divine,

And reminds us of the beauty in the flow of time.

As the last note fades, the final chord aligned,

We look back at the melody, at how it’s defined.

Not just by its notes, but the spaces in between,

The rests and pauses that often go unseen.

For in those silent moments, we find time,

The true beauty in this quiet symphony of time.

PUBLISHED: Sep 01, 2023
Written By
Alex Green
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