Winter Poems

Alex Green
Winter's silent beauty whispers the profound truths of tranquility amidst the seeming stillness.
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Table of contents
The Quiet Repose
Frozen Tapestries
Winter’s Whimsy
The Silent Shroud
Icy Reverie
Whispered Winter
Solace in Snow
Winter’s Serenade
Embrace of Frost
Drifts of Dreams

The Quiet Repose

In winter's grasp, we quietly lay,

As silence paints the world in grey,

Each snowflake tells a tale, they say,

A soft caress, cold’s sweet foray,

In frost, life's hues in stillness sway.

The hearth, a heart that softly beats,

Amidst the cold, its warmth entreats,

A cozy veil ‘gainst icy fleets,

In ember’s dance, the cold defeats,

A gentle glow, as night retreats.

Beyond the glass, snow softly falls,

In tender heaps, it quietly calls,

A world encased in frosty thrall,

Amidst the chill, beauty enthralls,

Winter’s grace, in snowflakes small.

The moonlight lends the snow a glow,

As stars above, keep watch below,

The world’s at rest, in gentle throw,

Of winter’s veil, in still tableau,

A calm descends, soft as the snow.

As dawn awaits to cast first light,

We snuggle close, through long cold night,

In winter’s grip, we find respite,

Amid the calm, our hearts alight,

In silence, dreams take gentle flight.

Frozen Tapestries

In winter’s reign, colors fade,

Yet, in the grey, magic's made,

Ice and snow, a grand parade,

Frozen tapestries displayed,

Nature's calm serenade.

Icicles, like glassy blades,

Hang beneath the roof’s cool shade,

A frozen world, in white arrayed,

Each snowflake, a charm conveyed,

In cold’s embrace, they gently wade.

As winds through barren branches wade,

They sing a song, in whispers laid,

A melody, through snowflakes played,

Quiet descends, the world remade,

In winter’s hand, softly laid.

Morning sun, the world pervade,

Glancing light on snowflakes laid,

A world reborn, in light arrayed,

Winter’s breath, a cool cascade,

In daylight’s glow, shadows fade.

Through frost, a silent promenade,

In cold’s domain, hearts unafraid,

The silent moments, softly bade,

In winter’s grasp, dreams softly laid,

A tranquil realm, in white remade.

Winter’s Whimsy

With winter’s breath, the world transforms,

A chilly scene, yet warmth it forms,

In frozen time, beauty performs,

A dance of snow, in cool swarms,

Silent nights, in quiet norms.

Snowflakes fall, in soft reform,

A pristine world, they now inform,

Each flake unique, a standard norm,

In winter’s chill, hearts grow warm,

Bound by cold, yet love performs.

Beneath the snow, earth gently warms,

Awaiting spring, in quiet dorms,

Yet now, the snow softly conforms,

To every shape, in cool forms,

Winter’s tale, quietly informs.

By the hearth, our hearts conform,

To winter’s song, in whispers warm,

Amidst the chill, love does perform,

A dance that breaks the coldest storm,

In winter’s grasp, hearts grow warm.

As snow descends, in gentle swarm,

The world’s adorned in white uniform,

A peaceful pause, in cold’s reform,

Winter’s whimsy, a tender norm,

In frozen scenes, life’s hopes re-form.

The Silent Shroud

In winter’s shroud, the world grows still,

A quiet pause, cold’s gentle thrill,

Silent nights, the earth does fill,

With peaceful dreams, the voids instill,

A calming balm, the cold does spill.

Beneath the snow, a quiet will,

The earth at rest, yet dreaming still,

Awaiting spring, time’s void to fill,

Yet now, in frost, the world’s instill,

With calm, the chilly nights fulfill.

Amidst the snow, a gentle trill,

The whisper of the winds, until,

The world, in silence, takes its fill,

In winter’s grasp, a quiet thrill,

Frozen moments, time does still.

Through frosty days, our hearts fulfill,

A cozy peace, the cold does instill,

By winter’s hearth, dreams distill,

A quiet hope, in snowdrifts chill,

Silent days, with calm instill.

The icy world, lays calm and still,

In winter’s shroud, life’s paused until,

The thaw of spring, hope's voids refill,

Yet now, in cold, a quiet thrill,

A peaceful hush, the world’s instill.

Icy Reverie

With each gentle snowfall, dreams descend,

Upon the world, a white quilt mend,

Whispers of chill through branches send,

A silent ode, as skies softly bend,

Winter’s touch, a cool, soft blend.

Amid the snow, hearts quietly mend,

In icy veil, emotions suspend,

A pause in time, cold winds commend,

As frosted days, with quiet, blend,

Winter’s breath, a tranquil, soft trend.

The world in snow, beautifully penned,

Each snowflake, a message send,

In winter’s realm, where shadows bend,

A peaceful calm, as skies descend,

Frozen moments, in silence fend.

As icicles hang, sunrays lend,

A glittering shine, as days extend,

In winter’s grasp, hearts comprehend,

The gentle pause, as seasons bend,

A time for rest, and wounds to mend.

Winter’s nights, in quiet spend,

By cozy fire, as snowflakes wend,

In icy realm, thoughts softly tend,

To hopes that spring’s warmth will send,

Till then, in cold, hearts gently mend.

Whispered Winter

Winter whispers through barren boughs,

A tale of time, in snow allows,

A world in white, it gently plows,

Frozen scenes, to cold, it bows,

A tranquil earth, in frost endows.

With every flake, silence avows,

A peace, in chilly breath, bestows,

The world, a canvas of snow, shows,

A beauty stark, yet softly glows,

In winter’s grasp, calmness grows.

The moonlit snow, softly glows,

A silvery world, in stillness sows,

Amid the chill, a quiet throes,

Where time slows, and softly flows,

In icy veins, tranquility knows.

By hearth’s warm flame, comfort grows,

Outside, a world in frost, it stows,

A peaceful pause, winter bestows,

In silent nights, a calm repose,

As icy winds, gently blow.

As snowflakes fall, stillness shows,

A beauty in the cold, it owes,

In frosty days, life’s pace slows,

A chance to rest, in white, bestows,

Winter’s tale, in whispers, sows.

Solace in Snow

Upon the world, snow gently lays,

A quilt of peace, in white arrays,

Frozen scenes, the cold displays,

A gentle calm, in snow, portrays,

Winter’s touch, in soft, allays.

Amid the white, the sunlight plays,

Glinting off snow, in cool forays,

A quiet beauty, winter conveys,

In frosty nights and icy days,

A peaceful tone, in cold, essays.

Beneath the snow, life quietly stays,

Awaiting warmth, in quiet prays,

Yet in the cold, a beauty sways,

A tranquil grace, the snow displays,

Silent moments, in white appraise.

In snowfall’s hush, the world obeys,

A gentle pause, the cold betrays,

Yet in the silence, comfort lays,

A soothing calm, the snow relays,

In winter’s grasp, peace always sways.

As snow descends, the sky gray stays,

A world in white, calm overlay,

In frozen time, hearts softly weigh,

The solace found in snow’s soft fray,

A gentle peace, in white array.

Winter’s Serenade

Amid the cold, a soft tune plays,

By winter’s breath, the world sways,

Snowflakes dance in a gentle haze,

Whirling, twirling, in chilly maze,

A silent song, cold’s soft forays.

In the crisp air, silence lays,

A frozen world, in white displays,

Each snowflake, a note that prays,

A melody of peace, in cold conveys,

Winter’s serenade, softly allays.

Beneath the ice, hope quietly lays,

Awaiting the thaw, in patient gaze,

Yet, in the chill, beauty arrays,

A calm descends, in snowy phase,

Winter’s touch, the world obeys.

With each snowfall, silence weighs,

A tranquil realm, cold portrays,

Amidst the frost, our hearts appraise,

The gentle pause, that cold displays,

A silent tune, the snow replays.

As winter’s reign, softly frays,

Into the heart, its tune parleys,

A melody of peace, in cold essays,

With each snowflake, tranquility sways,

In winter’s serenade, our heart lays.

Embrace of Frost

When frost lays claim to earthly bough,

Silence reigns, calm as the plough,

Winter’s touch, a soft, cool vow,

A world in white, quietly bow,

In cold’s embrace, we tenderly avow.

Snowflakes fall, like soft endow,

Blanketing world with a chilly bow,

Amid the frost, life’s rhythms slow,

A peaceful pause, the snow bestow,

Winter’s chill, a tranquil glow.

As ice clings to the barren bough,

The world adorned in frosty tow,

Amid the chill, warmth we sow,

By hearth’s flame, comfort grow,

In winter’s grasp, coziness stow.

With each snowfall, softly plough,

A path through cold, together row,

Through icy days, our hearts endow,

A warmth that overcomes the snow,

In frost’s embrace, love’s ember glow.

As winter holds, gently show,

A tender grace amidst the snow,

A peaceful pause, a gentle throw,

In cold’s embrace, love softly grow,

By winter’s flame, hearts tenderly glow.

Drifts of Dreams

In winter’s quiet, dreams softly drift,

Amid the snow, our hopes uplift,

A world in frost, the spirits sift,

Amid the chill, dreams gently shift,

In snow’s soft glow, our hearts lift.

Through frozen days, the snowflakes drift,

A silent realm, the world swiftly shift,

In icy veil, our dreams uplift,

A tranquil heart, through snowflakes sift,

In winter’s grasp, dreams gently lift.

As snow descends, a slow adrift,

A peaceful pause, through white clouds sift,

A calm so deep, the spirits lift,

In winter’s hush, our hopes uplift,

Through snowdrifts, dreams softly shift.

By hearth’s warm glow, the embers sift,

A cozy flame, through cold to lift,

Outside, the snow continues to drift,

Inside, by fire, our spirits uplift,

In winter’s realm, dreams gently shift.

As frost holds tight, our hearts uplift,

In snowy scenes, dreams gently sift,

A tranquil world, through white mist drift,

In winter’s calm, our hopes uplift,

Amid the snow, dreams softly lift.

PUBLISHED: Sep 25, 2023
Written By
Alex Green
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