25 Short Love Poems

Aretha Johnson
Enjoy these 25 poems that explore the many shades of love!
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Table of contents
Moonlit Love
Unspoken Words
Morning Dew
Endless Tide
Hidden Sorrows
Unfinished Song
Seasons Change
Bound by Time
Starry Skies
Canvas of Dreams
Parallel Lines
Fleeting Moments
Invisible Thread
Forgotten Melodies
Fragmented Love
A Moon's Sigh
Oceans Apart
The Final Chapter
Wilted Roses
Candle's End
Unopened Letters
Distant Echoes
Locked Hearts

Moonlit Love

The moon up high, in night's embrace,

Illuminates your peaceful face.

It casts a glow, a secret sign,

Our love's a lunar, pure design.

Though clouds may come to dim its gleam,

Our love will be a constant beam.

Through phases many, waxes and wanes,

Like the moon, our love remains.

Unspoken Words

Your eyes say more than words could tell,

A silent dialogue we know so well.

My heart replies, in quiet beat,

A conversation, discreet yet complete.

In silent glances, so much is said,

In quiet moments, our love is fed.

We speak a language uniquely ours,

A silent symphony that empowers.

Morning Dew

As dawn breaks through, and day begins,

The dew sits still on leaves and limbs.

Like morning dew, fresh and new,

So is my love, forever true.

As sun ascends and skies turn blue,

The dew does vanish, but not my love for you.

It waits for night to settle anew,

Like my constant love, forever true.

Endless Tide

Waves crash ashore in endless flow,

Just like my love for you, it only grows.

A tide of emotion, wild and free,

Eternal as the ever-changing sea.

Oceans may shift and continents slide,

But not the love I feel inside.

Constant as tides that ebb and flow,

Endless as the deepest seas below.


In the maze of life, a twisted fate,

Our love's the constant, never sedate.

Through every trial, we stand true,

You for me, and me for you.

Time tests us, but we don’t break,

In love's fire, we find our stake.

Like a lighthouse on a stormy night,

Our love serves as the constant light.

Hidden Sorrows

I paint a smile on my face each day,

While deep inside, love's colors fade to gray.

I laugh and joke, so you can't see,

The secret love I hide so cautiously.

Though my heart's alight, a hidden flame,

Silence is the price of this love game.

I keep my feelings locked up tight,

In a quiet chamber, far from sight.

Unfinished Song

Your love is music that fills the air,

A tune I hum, when you're not there.

Each melody, unfinished, incomplete,

Until the day, our hearts again meet.

I wait for you to complete the song,

The missing notes, I've needed all along.

Our love's an unfinished symphony,

Awaiting us, to write its destiny.

Seasons Change

Summer's warmth and autumn's hue,

None of them as enchanting as you.

But love, like seasons, alters its form,

Passing through calm and enduring storm.

Our love has felt the frost of winter's night,

Yet holds the promise of spring's first light.

Though seasons change, to this I'm sworn,

My love remains, through dusk to dawn.

Bound by Time

Clocks may tick and years may pass,

But my love for you will forever last.

Bound by time, yet free in essence,

Our love's an enduring, timeless presence.

Hourglasses drain, calendars flip,

But my love for you never loses grip.

Time may age us, but not our hearts,

Bound by a love, that never departs.

Starry Skies

The stars can tell a thousand tales,

Of loves that soar and loves that fail.

Yet in the sky, one star does gleam,

Reflecting the love of which I dream.

Though the sky turns dark, and stars may fade,

My love for you will never degrade.

Constant as the North Star's glow,

Guiding us, through highs and lows.

Canvas of Dreams

Our love is a canvas, stretched out wide,

Painted in hues, too vibrant to hide.

Yet, over time, colors can fade,

A once-vivid tapestry, now somewhat frayed.

But love, like art, evolves over time,

A picture repainted, in life's paradigm.

The canvas remains, steadfast and true,

A work in progress, me and you.


When the moon obscures the sun’s bright face,

An eerie calm falls into place.

Just like an eclipse, you shadow my heart,

A beautiful darkness, when we're apart.

But love shines through, in crepuscular rays,

Signs that we'll survive these darker days.

And when the sun returns to grace the sky,

I'll bask again in love's warm, welcoming eye.

Fleeting Moments

We capture love in brief exchanges,

A collection of ephemeral arrangements.

Yet, each moment weighs a lifetime long,

Fueling the love that keeps us strong.

Snapshots of laughter, tears, and kiss,

A growing album of love's near-miss.

Though moments fade, they're never gone,

In our hearts, they forever live on.

Parallel Lines

We're like parallel lines, so close yet apart,

Traveling life's journey, but never to start.

An almost love story, never meant to be,

Bound by fate, yet perpetually free.

Though we may never cross, to this I hold,

In another universe, our story's told.

There we meet, intertwine, and blend,

Parallel lines that find an end.

Invisible Thread

An invisible thread ties you to me,

A bond so subtle, others fail to see.

It weaves through joy and threads through sorrow,

Holding us close, today and tomorrow.

Though the thread may tangle or stretch in strife,

It won't break down, it's the fabric of life.

For you and I are sewn in a love so grand,

An eternal quilt, crafted by destiny's hand.

Forgotten Melodies

Love's sweet song once filled the air,

A melody, we both could share.

Now only echoes in my mind,

A haunting tune, I cannot find.

Silence fills the space you left,

A quiet so profound, I'm bereft.

Though the music's gone, my love's not dead,

It plays still, inside my head.

A Moon's Sigh

The moon has heard my whispered pleas,

Sent into the night with a hopeful ease.

Yet still, you're like a distant star,

Shining bright but remaining far.

The moon sighs, in her lunar plight,

A silver witness to my lonely nights.

Yet she knows, as she waxes and wanes,

Love endures through all its phases and planes.

Fragmented Love

Our love's a shattered mirror on the floor,

Reflecting what we used to be, and no more.

Each shard a fragment of a happier time,

When loving you was not a complicated rhyme.

Now I tiptoe around these broken parts,

A labyrinth of sorrow, confusing my heart.

Yet each piece still whispers your name,

A fractured love, but love all the same.

Oceans Apart

The ocean separates our distant shores,

An expanse so vast, love's lore ignores.

Messages in bottles, I've sent a few,

Hoping one day, they'll wash up by you.

The tides ebb and flow, just like my hope,

In this liquid desert, I aimlessly cope.

Yet, love knows no boundaries, it's often said,

An ocean of feelings, in which we both tread.

The Final Chapter

We wrote our love story, but skipped the end,

Afraid to read what we couldn't amend.

Yet love, like ink, leaves a permanent stain,

A story unfinished, yet not penned in vain.

Though the last chapter remains incomplete,

Our love's not confined to written sheets.

It lingers in margins, in between the lines,

An unwritten ending, where my heart still pines.

Wilted Roses

Love was once a garden, full and fair,

Roses bloomed, a fragrance filled the air.

But seasons changed, and frost did come,

Now petals fall, one by one.

Thorns are all that's left to show,

Marks of a love from long ago.

Yet every thorn was once a bud,

Memories etched in sap and blood.

Candle's End

Our love was like a candle's glow,

Warm and bright, a comforting show.

But wax and wick can't last for long,

Like whispered words in a fleeting song.

Now the flame flickers, about to die,

A pool of wax, a softened sigh.

Though light is gone, the warmth remains,

A love burnt out, but the vessel sustains.

Unopened Letters

I wrote you letters, sealed with care,

Words of love, I wished to share.

They sit unopened, collecting dust,

Like our love, now turned to rust.

Yet ink on paper doesn't fade,

Though hopes and dreams may yet evade.

Unread lines in sealed envelopes,

Holding still my unspent hopes.

Distant Echoes 

Love's echo lingers in an empty room,

A haunting melody, the weft to my loom.

We danced in moonlight, we laughed at the sun,

Yet here I stand, a love left undone.

Echoes can't hold you, can't say your name,

A reverberating void where I lay my claim.

Though you're gone, your resonance stays,

Love's lasting echo, through all my days.

Locked Hearts

I gave you a key to my heart's own door,

You entered once but come no more.

The lock is jammed, the key's gone lost,

A love, it seems, that came with cost.

My heart's a room that's sealed shut tight,

Where memories live but see no light.

Though the key's lost, you're still inside,

A love locked in, where feelings reside.

PUBLISHED: Aug 27, 2023
Written By
Aretha Johnson
Passionate storyteller and lyricist, I'm Aretha — capturing life's moments, one verse at a time. ✌️
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