Funny Birthday Poems for Mom

Aretha Johnson
Every wrinkle is a testament to laughter, every gray hair a badge of wisdom. Keep smiling, Mom, because your journey is the brightest story we know.
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Table of contents
Cake Crumbs Everywhere
Not THAT Old
The Mystery of Mom’s Muffins
Decades of Dancing
Mom’s Ever-changing Hair
Mom's Birthday Fashion Parade
The Birthday Spa: Mom’s Special Day
Mom’s Culinary Birthday Feat
Mom’s Garden Birthday Party
The Artsy Birthday Bash

Cake Crumbs Everywhere

Cake crumbs scatter, as candles are lit,

A mishap, a memory, a moment to sit.

Last year's disaster, still fresh in the air,

But with every laugh, there's less despair.

Mom, on this day, with joy we convene,

Balloon strings tangle, scenes so unseen.

A frosting mishap, a giggle so free,

All for your birthday, this wild spree.

Surprises around, each corner and nook,

Every year’s different, that’s all it took.

To start this tradition, of fun-filled glee,

All for our mom, as sweet as can be.

Streamers hang low, draped over the chair,

Laughter fills up, the whole open air.

Yet through all the chaos, one thing remains true,

Our love and best wishes, all just for you.

Another year older, but young at heart's core,

With every new birthday, we love you even more.

So here's to the memories, both old and anew,

Happy Birthday, dear mom, this day's just for you!

Not THAT Old

Mom, with each year, a story's retold,

Of bravery, laughter, and moments so bold.

Yet through all these tales, one thing’s made clear,

You age like fine wine, better each year.

We joke about wrinkles, and old age's claim,

But your spirit shines bright, forever untamed.

In the mirror of life, as reflections hold,

You're still that young spirit, adventurous and bold.

Sometimes age is a number, sometimes it's a feel,

With each passing year, it seems more surreal.

You’ve danced through the decades, with grace in your stride,

Facing challenges, with arms open wide.

With every candle, the light shines so bright,

Illuminating memories, pure delight.

Gone are the days, of youthful spree,

Yet in our hearts, young you'll always be.

So here's to the giggles, the jokes and the fun,

To the memories made, and the many to come.

To the mom who reminds us, with every new day,

That age is just mindset, come what may.

Mom's Quirky Quest

In search of spectacles, atop her own head,

Mom often forgets, where she's just tread.

Her keys in the freezer, the cat in her chair,

Each day with her, is a hilarious affair.

A birthday cake frosted, with salt not with sugar,

Her laugh contagious, like a quirky booger.

She dances and twirls, to her own silent tune,

Underneath the bright, shimmering moon.

Recalling stories, from days of her youth,

Mixing them up, but that's part of the truth.

With shoes mismatched, she heads out the door,

Every day with mom, brings laughter galore.

A sweater inside out, socks never do match,

Yet her vibrant spirit, none can ever catch.

She's our beacon of joy, in life's winding maze,

Her zany antics, never fail to amaze.

So here's to our mom, unique in her way,

Lighting up our lives, every single day.

With every chuckle, giggle, and roar,

Mom, we love you, forever and ever more.

The Mystery of Mom’s Muffins

Each year on her birthday, mom tries to bake,

A batch of muffins, for old times' sake.

But each time they emerge, a mystery anew,

Are they meant for eating, or a shoe?

One year they bounced, another they broke,

We wondered if this was some kind of joke.

But mom just laughed, and wore her chef's hat,

Declaring proudly, "I meant to do that!"

She once made them spicy, instead of sweet,

Another time they tasted oddly like feet.

Yet through each muffin disaster, we saw,

Mom's love and effort, without a flaw.

So, as candles were lit, and wishes took flight,

We cherished her muffins, with pure delight.

For it wasn't the taste, or the texture to blame,

But the love baked inside, that always came.

Today, as we gather, her new batch in view,

We celebrate mom, and her muffin debut.

For no matter the outcome, one thing is clear,

Mom's muffins are legend, year after year!

Decades of Dancing

In the living room, where the radio plays,

Mom dances around, in the funniest ways.

With each passing birthday, her moves might change,

But her enthusiasm remains, just as strange.

In the '80s it was disco, wild and free,

In the '90s she grooved, with pure glee.

The new millennium brought, a dab and a floss,

With each new dance, mom's the boss.

We giggle and laugh, as she takes the floor,

Every year, her moves something we adore.

Twisting and twirling, without a care,

Dancing in pajamas, or even underwear.

With every shimmy, and every shake,

Mom makes us laugh, until we ache.

So, on this birthday, we join in too,

Dancing with mom, as the years continue.

Mom’s Ever-changing Hair

From beehives to bobs, and curls oh so tight,

Mom’s hairdos have always been quite a sight.

With each birthday, she tries something new,

A color, a cut, or a hairdo that flew.

In pictures we giggle, at styles of the past,

Wondering how some of those looks did last.

One year it was blue, another bright pink,

With mom's daring hair, you just had to blink.

We've seen perms so fluffy, they reached for the sky,

And straight sleek styles, that made her look sly.

With braids, buns, and pigtails, oh what a sight,

Mom's hair journey, is pure delight.

Yet, with every change, one thing stays the same,

Mom's radiant smile, and her zestful flame.

So, here's to the hairstyles, from mild to wild,

To the mom who taught us, to always be styled.

Mom’s “Lost” Birthday Items

Every birthday, it’s the same little game,

Mom can’t find her glasses, who’s to blame?

She’ll check the kitchen, then her room,

Only to find them atop her head, in full bloom.

Then there’s her purse, oh where could it be?

“In the last place you look!” we declare with glee.

She’ll chuckle and say, “That’s always so true!”

Finding it hanging, right in her view.

Her birthday candles? Stashed away somewhere deep,

In a drawer, or a closet, or under a heap.

We’ll search high and low, every nook and cranny,

And usually find them, right next to granny.

With every “lost” item, and every fun chase,

There’s laughter and memories we always embrace.

For it’s not about things, or where they’ve been stowed,

But the joy and the love, that our hearts have showed.

Mom's Birthday Fashion Parade

Once a year, it's a sight to be seen,

Mom struts in outfits, from magazines.

Platform shoes, and sequined hats,

Neon leggings, and belts, oh drats!

One year it was polka dots from head to toe,

Another time, feathers that seemed to grow.

With sunglasses so large, they covered her face,

She walked with confidence, and so much grace.

We clapped and cheered, as she took the stage,

Every birthday, it was all the rage.

Though the fashion was wild, sometimes bizarre,

Mom wore each outfit, like a superstar.

Behind the chuckles, the jests, and the fun,

Was a lesson she taught, to everyone.

Be yourself, shine out loud and clear,

Embrace who you are, year after year.

The Birthday Spa: Mom’s Special Day

Every birthday, mom tries to relax,

With homemade spa days, to the max.

Face masks of avocado, honey, and oat,

She'd lounge in her robe, and that's all she wrote.

One year the mask, it turned quite green,

She looked like an alien, from a scene.

Another time, the bath bubbles overflowed,

Filling the room, the excitement it showed.

With cucumber eyes, and nails painted bright,

She’d hum to herself, pure delight in the night.

Though things didn’t always go as she’d planned,

Her DIY spa, was always so grand.

For us, it was more than just a spa treat,

It was mom's time, her moment so sweet.

To pamper herself, in her unique way,

And celebrate herself, come what may.

Mom’s Culinary Birthday Feat

In the kitchen, every birthday eve,

Mom would embark on a recipe reprieve.

Whipping up cakes, of flavors quite wild,

From lavender honey to spicy beguiled.

One time she made a cake, all pepper and spice,

We nibbled it cautiously, but oh, it was nice!

Another year, a dessert so strange yet so sweet,

Chocolate with pickles, a peculiar treat.

Each dish was an adventure, a leap from the norm,

Yet they bore all her love, her signature warm.

For every odd combo, every zany delight,

Held a sprinkle of laughter, pure culinary light.

Even when recipes didn’t quite win the day,

We cherished the fun, the Aretha-esque way.

Because mom, with her flair and culinary might,

Made every birthday, an epic food fight.

Mom’s Garden Birthday Party

Amongst the tulips, roses, and mums,

That’s where the birthday magic becomes.

Mom in the center, with her gardening hat,

Chatting with birds, this and that.

One year she planted blooms, all pink and blue,

Surrounded by ferns and morning dew.

Another, a fountain, with waters that sing,

Drawing in butterflies, on a delicate wing.

Tables laid out, with teacups and treats,

Soft garden music, with rhythmic beats.

Every corner, a surprise waiting in store,

Whimsical statues, legends of yore.

In this Eden of hers, amidst flora’s embrace,

Mom’s birthday was more than just a birthplace.

It was where nature sang, danced, and played,

A sanctuary of memories, never to fade.

The Artsy Birthday Bash

Canvas spread out, paints all in line,

Mom’s artistic birthday, always divine.

Brush strokes of passion, colors so bright,

From morning's first light to the deep night.

One year it was abstract, swirls all around,

Another, landscapes where dreams were unbound.

With every dab and every line,

Mom’s spirit on canvas would beautifully shine.

Friends would gather, to paint and to chat,

Donning aprons, and even a hat.

The room filled with laughter, joy in the air,

Artistic souls flowing, without a care.

For in these moments, with hues spread wide,

Mom’s love for art couldn’t hide.

Every birthday became a gallery of dreams,

A testament to passion, in colorful streams.

PUBLISHED: Sep 20, 2023
Written By
Aretha Johnson
Passionate storyteller and lyricist, I'm Aretha — capturing life's moments, one verse at a time. ✌️
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