Love Poems from the Heart of Detroit: Echoes of Devotion and Uncharted Symphony

Aretha Johnson
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Uncharted Symphony
Echoes of Devotion
Uncharted Symphony

 Echoes of Devotion 

 Hearts beating in rhythm, we dance 

 Love forming its enchanting trance 

 Beneath Detroit skies, we ignite 

 Our souls merging in starlight  

 Eyes reflecting depth of the moon 

 Whimsically humming our love's tune 

 Unreachable dreams no longer seem 

 As distant as night's final gleam  

 Walking down memory's echo-stained street 

 Underneath whispers, our confessions meet 

 Melodies of love, unfurling in air

 Lyrics of passion, beyond compare 

 In your presence, no song fades

 Bonds of rhythm, love invades

 In harmony's arms, we find solace

 As love courses through our common pulse 

 Weaving our saga in Detroit's song 

 In its rhythm, we belong 

 Our love story, a soulful symphony

 Echoes in the heart of the city

Uncharted Symphony

 Love flows in Detroit's veins 

 Resonating as our hearts sustain 

 In every rhythm, our story unfolds 

 Painting our love, beautifully bold  

 Your touch whispers harmonies to me 

 As love plays its enchanting spree 

 Two hearts entwining in the night 

 Forming a symphony pure and bright  

 Moonlight dancing upon your eyes 

 In this moment, love crystallizes 

 Whispering sonnets in the breeze 

 Our souls meet with unparalleled ease  

 The city pulses with our melody 

 Love's composition, in pure harmony 

 Each beat, an untouched lyric of desire 

 Burning in our hearts like fire  

 Love prevailing in Detroit's rhythm 

 Binding us in an eternal hymn 

 Our hearts hum the city's song 

 In love's symphony, we belong

PUBLISHED: Nov 08, 2023
Written By
Aretha Johnson
Passionate storyteller and lyricist, I'm Aretha — capturing life's moments, one verse at a time. ✌️
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