Poems about Dogs

Aretha Johnson
Music fills my life, but dogs? They complete the tune. Check out these poems that capture the love and beats only a four-legged friend can offer. Enjoy. 🐾
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Table of contents
The Rhythm of Paws
Unconditional Lyrics
The Canine Cadence
Fur & Verse
Woof & Rhyme
The Wagging Quill
Bark & Beats
Paws & Prose
Howls & Harmony
The Melody of Muzzles

The Rhythm of Paws

A beat on the street,  

A rhythm so sweet,  

It's the patter of paws,  

Living life without pause.

They dance in the rain,  

No thought of the pain  

That life sometimes shows,  

A lesson in prose.

The wag of a tail,  

A love never frail,  

It swings to the beat,  

Of moments so fleet.

But in eyes so kind,  

A solace we find,  

A quiet, pure love,  

As if sent from above.

Joyous barks fill the air,  

A symphony, fair,  

Each note tells a tale,  

In this life, they never fail.

Unconditional Lyrics

In fur so fine,  

A song divine,  

A friend to hold,  

In winters cold.

They sit and stay,  

Come what may,  

In tune with you,  

Through skies so blue.

Their loyalty,  

A melody,  

That fills the room,  

Dispelling gloom.

Soft lullabies,  

In woeful cries,  

They share your tears,  

And calm your fears.

In every howl,  

In every growl,  

A song of life,  

Of love, not strife.

The Canine Cadence

Each step they take,  

An imprint make,  

On hearts, on minds,  

A treasure find.

Running in fields,  

To nature yield,  

A world so grand,  

We understand.

Leashes can bind,  

But not the mind,  

In dreams, they roam,  

A distant home.

In bounding joy,  

Each girl and boy,  

Finds in a pet,  

Love, no regret.

They age, grow slow,  

Yet still they show,  

A youthful zest,  

Life at its best.

Fur & Verse

On my lap, they rest,  

In this quiet nest,  

With each gentle purr,  

A stanza, a blur.

Asleep but aware,  

In dreams, they dare,  

To chase, to race,  

In imaginary space.

Awake to the world,  

Each moment unfurled,  

With a sniff and a wag,  

Life's never a drag.

The sun sets low,  

In its golden glow,  

They lay by my side,  

In twilight, abide.

When night takes the stage,  

Regardless of age,  

Together we rest,  

In love, we're blessed.

Woof & Rhyme

From the pound to the palace,  

Every alley, every chalice,  

Dogs gift us their song,  

A love so strong.

In silence they speak,  

In gestures, not weak,  

A tilt of the head,  

More than words said.

With a nose in a book,  

Or a curious look,  

They ponder life's prose,  

And its highs and its lows.

Through seasons they stay,  

In May or in gray,  

Their love never sways,  

In countless ways.

Barking at moons,  

Or lazy afternoons,  

Each day is a verse,  

In the universe.

The Wagging Quill

A wagging tail,  

Like wind to sail,  

Pushes us through,  

The storms we outdo.

In joy and woe,  

They come and go,  

But through each line,  

Their love's divine.

A comforting paw,  

Without a flaw,  

Like the words we write,  

Guides us through night.

In twilight's glow,  

Their eyes bestow,  

A peaceful end,  

To the poems we pen.

In sleep's embrace,  

We find a place,  

Where love's not a quill,  

But a heart standing still.

Bark & Beats

A bark resounds,  

In it, love's found,  

A symphony grand,  

In a simple command.

Sit, stay, and heel,  

Commands that feel,  

Like notes in a score,  

Simple, yet more.

Fetching a stick,  

Or performing a trick,  

Each action a beat,  

Making life sweet.

With each joyful leap,  

Promises to keep,  

Of a love so grand,  

In every paw's stand.

As daylight wanes,  

In soft refrains,  

The music of night,  

Is love at first sight.

Paws & Prose

Pages of fur,  

Lineages blur,  

From mongrels to breeds,  

All fulfill needs.

In cuddles, we find,  

A narrative kind,  

Of love, of joy,  

In each girl and boy.

Their barks are like text,  

In life's complex,  

A dialogue with us,  

In trust, not fuss.

Each sniff is a word,  

In a world absurd,  

A sentence of sorts,  

In life's courts.

Yet, in their gaze,  

Ends every phrase,  

A full stop to all,  

In love's eternal call.

Howls & Harmony

When moon takes the sky,  

And the world lets out a sigh,  

A howl cuts through,  

A melody true.

Not one of fright,  

But of love, pure light,  

A song to the night,  

Guiding stars so bright.

In dreams they chase,  

Through time and space,  

Yet always return,  

To where hearths burn.

By morning's light,  

Ends the nocturnal flight,  

In a home, in a bed,  

Where love's daily bred.

So let them howl,  

In vowels, in growl,  

For each utterance is part,  

Of love's endless art.

The Melody of Muzzles

Through the muzzle's fur,  

A melody we infer,  

Each whisker, each hair,  

A note in the air.

Sniffing the ground,  

In it, chords are found,  

The earth, the wind,  

In each scent, a hymn.

In bowls and in treats,  

In accomplishments, feats,  

Each morsel a note,  

In the song that they wrote.

A pat, a hug, a kiss,  

Each a lyrical bliss,  

In the day's composition,  

Love's only mission.

As eyes close in


In dreams, they leap,  

A closing refrain,  

In love's daily gain.

PUBLISHED: Aug 30, 2023
Written By
Aretha Johnson
Passionate storyteller and lyricist, I'm Aretha — capturing life's moments, one verse at a time. ✌️
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