Bedtime Poems for Kids

Bisera Apostolova
I've discovered these enchanting poems have a magical touch — they whisk my little ones off to dreamland in no time. I hope they bring the same serenity to your bedtime rituals as they have to mine. Sweet dreams little ones 💫
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Table of contents
Moon's Gentle Lullaby🌝
Whimsical Dreamland☁️
Starlit Carousel🌟
Night's Enchanted Voyage🌌
The Sleepy Willow's Tale🦄
Dance of the Fireflies🩰
Blanket of Dreams💤
Whispers of the Nightingale🌬️
Guardians of Dreamland😴
Mysteries of the Night Sky🌑
Dreamcatcher's Embrace 𖧶
Twilight's Enchanted Door 🚪
The Sleepy Train's Journey 🚉

Moon's Gentle Lullaby🌝

Whispers of stars, night's soft song,  

Moonlight paints dreams all night long.  

Crickets serenade, night's sweet choir,  

Close your eyes, let dreams take you higher.  

Silver beams, playground for the night,  

Twinkling stars, shimmering bright.  

Clouds drift by, tales they spin,  

Dreamland awaits, let adventures begin.  

Moonlit stories, a fantasy spree,  

Journey with dragons, fly carefree.  

Galaxies far, or oceans deep,  

Into these dreams, softly you'll leap.  

Cosmic lullabies, embrace you tight,  

Under the blanket of the starlight.  

Sleep my dear, with heart so light,  

Moon's gentle lullaby says goodnight.  

Whimsical Dreamland☁️

The Sandman's touch, so light and pure,  

Invites you to dream, to worlds obscure.  

Fantasy forests, magical glades,  

Where unicorns dance and magic pervades.  

Close your eyes, to the land you go,  

Where dreams take root and imagination grows.  

Mountains high, rivers wide,  

Riding on rainbows, the universe by your side.  

Fairies flutter, their wings of gold,  

In this land where stories unfold.  

Magic carpets, wizards, and jest,  

In the realm of dreams, you are a guest.  

Tales spun from moonbeams, so fine,  

Each dream special, uniquely thine.  

Rest now, as dreams weave their band,  

In the heart of whimsical dreamland.  

Twirling, spinning, the world fades away,  

Night's carousel, in dreams we sway.  

Golden horses, zephyrs that gleam,  

Take a ride through a slumber dream.  

Starry skies, the canvas vast,  

Past constellations, we're moving fast.  

Each twinkle, a tale anew,  

Of pirates, princes, and a magical crew.  

Round and round, the stories go,  

In dreams where imagination does flow.  

Glistening constellations, a ballet so neat,  

To the rhythm of heartbeats, dreams find their beat.  

Ride ends gently, as dawn does appear,  

Embrace the magic, hold it dear.  

The carousel waits, as day does start,  

To take you again, when shadows depart.  

Night's Enchanted Voyage🌌

Set sail, my child, on dream's vast sea,  

Navigate stars, let spirit roam free.  

Moonlit waves, night's gentle embrace,  

Glide through the cosmos, at your own pace.  

Creatures of fantasy, dolphins of light,  

Under the canopy of endless night.  

Treasures of dreamland, await you, dear,  

Where mermaids sing, and there's nothing to fear.  

Galaxies twirl, like whirlpools spin,  

Luring you deeper, dream's dance to begin.  

Floating on wishes, hopes as your guide,  

Across this nocturnal, vast dreamscape you glide.  

Until morning's beacon, a new day to chart,  

Return from the voyage, with dreams in your heart.  

Embrace the dawn, with memories so fine,  

Of night's enchanted, celestial line.  

The Sleepy Willow's Tale🦄

Beneath the willow, dreams do rest,  

In its shade, we are truly blessed.  

Its branches whisper tales of old,  

Of brave young hearts and dragons bold.  

Sleepy leaves, a gentle hush,  

Under its boughs, night's dreams rush.  

Fantasies dance, to the willow's tune,  

By the grace of the benevolent moon.  

Gentle dreams, flutter like its leaves,  

In this place, where magic weaves.  

Nestled close, as the night does wane,  

The sleepy willow's tales remain.  

Morning sun, breaks the spell,  

Yet, in our hearts, the stories dwell.  

Rest now child, as stars set sail,  

In the embrace of the willow's tale.  

Dance of the Fireflies🩰

Glowing lanterns, tiny and bright,  

Fireflies dance, a spectacle of night.  

In their light, dreams take wing,  

To the rhythm of night, lullabies they sing.  

Through the meadows, by the stream,  

They weave tales, spark the dream.  

Mystical patterns, in the dark they flit,  

Guiding you, through dreamland's orbit.  

Magic pulses, in every gleam,  

As you drift into a tranquil dream.  

Creatures of night, owls and mice,  

Join the dance, in dreamland's paradise.  

As dawn nears, and shadows flee,  

The fireflies' dance becomes a memory.  

Close your eyes, let slumber seize,  

In dreams where fireflies dance with ease.  

Blanket of Dreams💤

Stars above, a quilt so grand,  

Under this blanket, dream's land does stand.  

Soft and warm, a comforting sheen,  

Welcoming all, to the world of dream.  

Whispers of wind, night's gentle touch,  

In this embrace, dreams matter much.  

Velvet skies, and the moon's soft gleam,  

Guide you through, each whimsical dream.  

Journey far, to lands unknown,  

Fly with dragons, kingdoms overthrown.  

Mountains of candy, rivers of cream,  

Such are the wonders, in this dream's regime.  

As dawn awakens, shadows wane,  

Blanket of dreams will remain.  

Wrap yourself, in its magic seam,  

And let your soul in dreams, ever dream.  

Whispers of the Nightingale🌬️

Night's melody, a song so sweet,  

By the nightingale, dreams you'll meet.  

Singing tales of old and new,  

Guiding children, just like you.  

Forest deep, moon's glow pale,  

Echoes the whispers of the nightingale.  

Magic flows, as feathers trace,  

Dreams spun from a gentle embrace.  

Listen close, to its refrain,  

As it soothes away the day's pain.  

Lullabies old, a comforting scale,  

In the arms of the nightingale's tale.  

Dreams take flight, on wings so light,  

In the realm of soft moonlight.  

Close your eyes, set dreams' sail,  

To the tune of the nightingale.  

Guardians of Dreamland😴

Twinkling stars, sentinels of the night,  

Keep watch over dreams, till morning's light.  

Each twinkle, a story, a promise made,  

In their light, no dreams will fade.  

Majestic moon, sentinel supreme,  

Casting a glow, over every dream.  

Guarding the gates of dreamland's shore,  

Where imaginations soar evermore.  

Night's guardians, with purpose so grand,  

Ushering you to sleep's wonderland.  

Where everything is as it seems,  

Under the watchful eyes of dreams.  

Embrace the night, free of dismay,  

For guardians of dreamland light your way.  

Sleep tight, for in their embrace you stand,  

Safe and sound, in dreamland's hand.  

Mysteries of the Night Sky🌑

Above us all, the night sky sprawls,  

Full of mysteries, dreamland calls.  

Each star a story, a secret to tell,  

In their glow, dreams do dwell.  

Cosmic wonders, galaxies spin,  

Inviting dreamers, to join in.  

Moon's cradle, where dreams take flight,  

Guided by the soft starlight.  

Night's tapestry, vast and wide,  

Hide secrets, in its celestial tide.  

Woven tales of magic and might,  

Unfold in the canvas of the night.  

Close your eyes, to the stars high,  

And unravel the mysteries of the sky.  

Drift to sleep, let dreams uncoil,  

In the embrace of the night's soil.  

Dreamcatcher's Embrace 𖧶

Above your bed, the dreamcatcher hangs,  

Filtering dreams, its magic sang.  

Tales of wonder, hope, and glee,  

Through its web, they flow to thee.  

Bad dreams trapped, in its snare,  

Only good ones, with you it'll share.  

Feathers that tickle, beads that shine,  

With its magic, dreams intertwine.  

Journey to places, far and near,  

With the dreamcatcher, there's nothing to fear.  

Guardian of sleep, protector of night,  

Ensuring every dream takes its flight.  

Close your eyes, in its embrace be,  

For the dreamcatcher sets your dreams free.  

Sleep soundly, let worries cease,  

For tonight, you'll find only peace.  

Twilight's Enchanted Door 🚪

As the sun sets, and shadows grow,  

Twilight opens a door, a dreamy glow.  

Beyond this portal, wonders await,  

Where dreams and reality, intertwine and mate.  

Golden hues, and stars that gleam,  

Light your path, to the realm of dream.  

Forest of wishes, mountains of thought,  

All await, in the land you've sought.  

Unlock mysteries, in this twilight zone,  

In dreams, where you're never alone.  

Magic blooms, as night takes the floor,  

All behind twilight's enchanted door.  

Rest now, with heart light and pure,  

For in dreams, all adventures are sure.  

Close your eyes, and let go the day's chore,  

Enter the magic of the twilight's door.  

The Sleepy Train's Journey 🚉

All aboard, the sleepy train's call,  

Chugging along, twilight's gentle fall.  

Through tunnels of dreams, over bridges of stars,  

This train journeys, near and far.  

Windows to fantasies, each a dream's view,  

Landscapes of magic, ever-changing, ever new.  

Past candy clouds, and rainbow's end,  

This train's route, around dreams it'll bend.  

Whistle blows, signaling a dream near,  

Heralding wonders, dispelling fear.  

Sleepy passengers, with dreams in their eyes,  

On this train, under the starlit skies.  

Journey's end, as dawn's light does gleam,  

But the sleepy train will return, with a new dream.  

Rest now, and to the dreamland's station steer,  

For the sleepy train, will always be here.

PUBLISHED: Sep 04, 2023
Written By
Bisera Apostolova
Digital whisperer by day, professional beach bum by weekend. Runs on code, caffeine, and unconditional love from family and furballs. Workaholic? More like worka-LOL-ic! If my life had a control-alt-delete, I'd still choose to reboot at the beach. #TechTanLines
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