Love Poems for Wedding

Bisera Apostolova
I've crafted these wedding love poems straight from the heart, each one a celebration of the love that binds two souls together on their special day. May these words resonate with the joy and commitment that a wedding brings, and may they be shared as freely as the love they seek to capture.
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Table of contents
Wedding Bells and Eclipses
The Wedding Canvas
Forever Starts Today
Echoes of Our Wedding
Our Wedding Symphony
Wedding Garden
Vows of Infinity
A Wedding Time Capsule
Wedding's Eternal Flame
The Wedding Atlas
Wedding’s Eternal Ink
Mirrors on Our Wedding Day
The Wedding Odyssey

Wedding Bells and Eclipses

Wedding vows, softly said,  

Orbit us like moons.  

Each promise gently spread,  

A celestial love attunes.

In your eyes, I see,  

Future’s lunar glow.  

Wedding rings encircling me,  

In this love's celestial show.

We eclipse all fears,  

With every spoken "I do."  

A wedding that coheres,  

Two orbits into one view.

Eclipses come and go,  

Yet we remain aligned.  

Our wedding's constant glow,  

An orbit love defined.

 The Wedding Canvas

On this wedding day,  

Colors splashed anew.  

Love’s permanent display,  

A palette pure and true.

Vows etched on canvas,  

In hues of lifelong dreams.  

Our wedding, a vibrant mass,  

Of love’s unending streams.

Brushstrokes of devotion,  

Blended hues of care.  

Wedding a lifelong emotion,  

A masterpiece we share.

In each dab and line,  

We find love’s proof.  

Our wedding’s divine design,  

A canvas that speaks truth.

Forever Starts Today

Wedding vows, a script,  

A tale to be told.  

In every word, love's crypt,  

Unfolds a future bold.

Today marks page one,  

Of our shared journey.  

Wedding sun has just begun,  

Rising on love’s tourney.

Through trials and joys,  

Our love’s strength will show.  

Wedding bells, not just noise,  

But a lifetime’s echo.

Forever starts today,  

In every "I do."  

Wedding binds, yet frees our way,  

In a story written by two.

Echoes of Our Wedding

In every wedding ring,  

Echoes of eternity.  

A loop without a sting,  

Yet full of certainty.

Promises of today,  

Reflect years to come.  

Wedding’s beautiful ballet,  

In love’s enduring hum.

We stand at love’s altar,  

A threshold to the new.  

Wedding vows never falter,  

When every word is true.

Echoes of our wedding,  

In love’s future cast.  

Promises forever spreading,  

In a lifetime built to last.

Our Wedding Symphony

Notes dance in the air,  

On this wedding day.  

In each vow we swear,  

Love orchestrates our play.

Conductor of my dreams,  

On our nuptial stage.  

Wedding’s musical themes,  

Cue a lifelong page.

Harmonies rise and blend,  

With each exchanged ring.  

Wedding a tune to ascend,  

In the love that we bring.

Our hearts in symphony,  

On this aisle we stand.  

Wedding an everlasting spree,  

A love forever grand.

Wedding Garden

In soil of vows,  

Seeds of love plant.  

This wedding allows,  

A future so enchant.

Flowers of commitment,  

In nuptial soil grow.  

Wedding’s every moment,  

Harvests love we know.

Amidst petals and leaves,  

On this wedding day,  

Love forever achieves,  

A bloom that won’t decay.

In our marital soil,  

Love’s roots deeply mend.  

This wedding the foil,  

For a garden without end.

Vows of Infinity

Wedding day, moment bright,  

Glimpse of infinite love.  

Two stars in the light,  

Below heavens yet above.

Infinite cycle begins,  

With vows pure and true.  

Wedding each other wins,  

A forever just for two.

Through eons and ages,  

This union sets the mold.  

Wedding’s eternal pages,  

A love story to be told.

We vow, in infinity,  

Through time’s ever-bending wing.  

Wedding an affinity,  

To a forever echoing.

A Wedding Time Capsule

In this capsule of time,  

Wedding joy captured still.  

Each vow a chime,  

In love's timeless thrill.

Years will pass, no doubt,  

Changes woven in our tale.  

But this wedding, our outpost,  

Where love will never pale.

Time's capsule ever sealed,  

Yet love continuously flows.  

Wedding a forever field,  

Where time stops and goes.

We look back and find,  

With every ring and chime.  

Wedding’s capsule in mind,  

A love transcending time.

Wedding's Eternal Flame

Wedding candles lit,  

Two flames dancing free.  

In every flicker, a writ,  

Of love’s eternal decree.

In the wax and wick,  

We find love's core.  

Wedding’s fire to stick,  

Forever and ever more.

Through wind and storm,  

Our flames remain alight.  

Wedding’s enduring form,  

A beacon in the night.

This fire we maintain,  

In heart’s secret frame.  

Wedding’s eternal flame,  

A love that never became tame.

Wedding Tapestry

Threads of moments twine,  

In this wedding weave.  

Each a golden line,  

In the love we believe.

With every knot tied,  

Love's fabric finds form.  

This wedding, a guide,  

Through calm and through storm.

In this tapestry's span,  

Colors of joy blend.  

Wedding's enduring plan,  

In a fabric that won’t rend.

In each thread and loop,  

Love’s intricate design.  

Wedding’s eternal hoop,  

In a tapestry divine.

The Wedding Atlas

Here on this map,  

Wedding marks the spot.  

No distance, no gap,  

In the love that we've got.

We chart future years,  

In this marital quest.  

Wedding conquers fears,  

North, south, east, west.

Through valleys and peaks,  

Wedding's compass guides.  

Where love truly speaks,  

No need for divides.

This map unfolds still,  

New lands to explore.  

Wedding's adventurous will,  

A world forevermore.

Wedding’s Eternal Ink

In ink of love, we write,  

Wedding's timeless prose.  

Each word a beacon light,  

In the life we chose.

From the altar's page,  

To the life we pen,  

Wedding sets the stage,  

For chapters without end.

In each line, a promise,  

In each period, a kiss.  

Wedding’s eternal solace,  

In a manuscript of bliss.

Pages may fade away,  

Ink may sometimes smudge.  

Yet wedding’s eternal day,  

Love’s indelible judge.

Mirrors on Our Wedding Day

In mirrors of this day,  

Wedding's reflection beams.  

In every word we say,  

Love's enduring dreams.

Mirrored in your eyes,  

My hopes and my fears.  

Wedding’s timeless ties,  

In this frame of years.

In each mirrored glance,  

We see love's constant hue.  

Wedding's endless dance,  

A reflection always true.

Beyond this moment's frame,  

In mirrors yet unseen.  

Wedding forever the same,  

Love's reflection evergreen.

The Wedding Odyssey

With sails of love unfurled,  

Wedding charts our course.  

Navigating through the world,  

Love as our true north force.

Through every tempest faced,  

Wedding's compass points true.  

Love, neither hurried nor chased,  

In this odyssey of me and you.

Seas of joy and sorrow,  

Yet wedding keeps us afloat.  

Love’s promise of tomorrow,  

In this lifelong, drifting boat.

Harbors new and old,  

In this journey we partake.  

Wedding's story to be told,  

In every wake we make.

PUBLISHED: Sep 01, 2023
Written By
Bisera Apostolova
Digital whisperer by day, professional beach bum by weekend. Runs on code, caffeine, and unconditional love from family and furballs. Workaholic? More like worka-LOL-ic! If my life had a control-alt-delete, I'd still choose to reboot at the beach. #TechTanLines
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