Love Poems for Wedding

Bisera Apostolova
Explore my latest collection of wedding poems. Delight in the verses and feel free to share with others.
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Table of contents
Union of Two Hearts
Everlasting Dance
Merged Horizons
Love’s Eternal Flame
The Symphony of Us
Anchored in Love
Gardens of the Heart
Constellations of Affection
Oceans of Devotion
The Tapestry of Forever

Union of Two Hearts

In the gentle hush of a silent vow,

Two hearts unite, here and now.

Love's journey starts with a single step,

Together, memories to create and keep.

Gentle whispers in the night's embrace,

Promises spoken, heart to face.

Every sunrise, and every setting moon,

Reminds us that we're in love's sweet tune.

Through challenges faced, and joys we share,

With you, I find, nothing can compare.

In laughter and tears, in joy and in strife,

Bound by love, we journey through life.

For every moment, and every glance,

Is another step in our lifelong dance.

Hold my hand, and together we'll soar,

In this love, forevermore.

Everlasting Dance

In the waltz of life, we twirl and sway,

With love as our guide, we light the way.

Together as partners, through thick and thin,

Our everlasting dance will never end.

The rhythm of our hearts, beating in time,

A harmonious melody, a passionate rhyme.

With each graceful move, and each gentle turn,

New lessons of love, together we learn.

In the spotlight of life, we shine so bright,

Twirling under the stars, bathed in moonlight.

Love’s embrace holds us, firm and tight,

In this dance of hearts, pure delight.

Tango of passion, or a slow gentle sway,

With every step, love leads the way.

Dance with me, through life's vast expanse,

In the beauty of our eternal romance.

Merged Horizons

Sunsets merge into sunrise anew,

Just as my heart merges with you.

Horizons so vast, skies so wide,

Yet in love, our souls coincide.

With every dawn, a promise renewed,

Together, our love's magnitude.

Colors paint the sky, shades of hue,

Reflecting the love I feel for you.

Together we journey, side by side,

Across every challenge, every divide.

Love's compass guiding, always true,

Pointing the way, to horizons new.

In twilight's embrace, stars do shine,

A testament to love, forever thine.

Bound by dreams, and hopes we share,

In love's horizon, beyond compare.

Love’s Eternal Flame

In love’s embrace, we find our place,

Eyes locked, a gentle face to face.

The flicker of passion, a fiery glow,

Together, an eternal flame we'll show.

Warmth that spreads, through every vein,

Comforting through joy, healing pain.

In the coldest nights, or days so gray,

Our love's flame keeps the cold at bay.

Ignited by passion, fueled by trust,

In love's furnace, never to rust.

Glowing embers, a testament true,

To the fiery love I feel for you.

Dancing flames, in night’s embrace,

Casting shadows of love's sweet grace.

Burning brightly, for all to see,

Our love's eternal decree.

The Symphony of Us

Strings pluck, and notes align,

Our love's a melody, pure and fine.

In life's grand orchestra, loud and vast,

Together, our song will forever last.

Each note we play, a memory made,

In love's grand opus, never to fade.

Harmonies sweet, rhythms true,

Compose the love song of me and you.

Crescendos of passion, soft lullabies,

Reflect the depth of love in our eyes.

Through highs and lows, we'll always play,

The symphony of our love, come what may.

With every chord, and every song,

Our love grows deeper, ever strong.

Together, in life's grand music spree,

Our love's eternal symphony.

Anchored in Love

In the tempest of life, with waves so high,

Our love's an anchor, never to fly.

Bound by a force, deep and true,

Forever, I am anchored to you.

The storms may rage, the winds may blow,

Yet in our harbor, love continues to grow.

Tides change, and seasons roll,

Yet our bond remains, soul to soul.

Cast away doubts, cast away fear,

For in love's refuge, we're forever near.

Through turbulent seas or calm waters blue,

Our anchor holds, steadfast and true.

Chains of trust, ropes of care,

Hold us together, in the open air.

Through life's vast ocean, vast and wide,

Anchored in love, we forever reside.

Gardens of the Heart

Seeds of love, in heart's garden sown,

With care and patience, together grown.

Flowers of joy, passion, and trust,

Our love, forever lush and robust.

Petals of memories, bloom every day,

In the garden of love, we forever stay.

Sunshine of laughter, rain of tears,

Nurture our love throughout the years.

Rooted deep, our love stands tall,

Through every season, spring to fall.

Butterflies dance, birds sing above,

In our garden of endless love.

Fragrance of moments, memories shared,

In love's embrace, nothing compared.

With every blossom, and every hue,

This garden thrives, for me and you.

Constellations of Affection

In the night sky, stars glow bright,

Our love's a constellation, shining light.

Bound by the cosmos, vast and deep,

Together, our celestial course we'll keep.

Galaxies spin, comets streak by,

Yet our love outshines the vast sky.

Through meteor showers and black hole's pull,

Our bond remains, unbreakable and full.

Starlight memories, moonlit dreams,

In the vast universe, our love gleams.

Through space and time, our souls entwine,

In the constellation of love, forever shine.

Orion to Cassiopeia, stars above,

All pale in the brilliance of our love.

Guided by the stars, with passion so deep,

In the universe of love, our promises we keep.

Oceans of Devotion

Tides may ebb, and waves may crest,

But our love stands, life's true test.

Deep as the ocean, vast and blue,

My heart, forever, belongs to you.

Coral reefs of memories, treasures deep,

In ocean's embrace, our secrets keep.

Through whirlpools of doubt, and currents so strong,

Our love's the melody, the siren's song.

Dolphins dance, and seahorses play,

In the sea of love, we forever sway.

From the deepest trench, to the highest tide,

In love's vast ocean, we forever reside.

Salty kisses, and sea breeze so sweet,

With every wave, our hearts skip a beat.

Bound by the rhythm, the ebb and the flow,

In the ocean of devotion, our love continues to grow.

The Tapestry of Forever

Threads of moments, memories weaved,

Together, a tapestry of love achieved.

Colors of passion, joy, and delight,

In love's grand design, we unite tight.

Fabric of time, patterns so vast,

In this tapestry, our love is cast.

Woven with care, stitch by stitch,

Our love's the masterpiece, without a glitch.

Silken memories, golden threads of trust,

In the loom of life, love is a must.

Framed by dreams, hung with pride,

Our tapestry tells of love's joyous ride.

Tassels of hopes, knots of desire,

Our love burns, an eternal fire.

With every weave, and every thread,

The story of us, beautifully spread.

PUBLISHED: Oct 24, 2023
Written By
Bisera Apostolova
Digital whisperer by day, professional beach bum by weekend. Runs on code, caffeine, and unconditional love from family and furballs. Workaholic? More like worka-LOL-ic! If my life had a control-alt-delete, I'd still choose to reboot at the beach. #TechTanLines
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