Summer Poems

Bisera Apostolova
Here is my collection of Summer Poems. Read, enjoy and share!
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Table of contents
Rays of Summer Sun
Shadows in Mid-July
Waves on Sandy Shores
Citrus Burst Delight
Fireflies in Night's Dance
Melodies of Warm Breeze
Berries' Sweet Summer Treat
Dreams Beneath the Sky
Scent of Blooms Alive
Solstice's Lingering Embrace
Canopy of Azure Deep
Oceans of Endless Blue
Meadows Where Daisies Grow
Hues of a Setting Sun
Dance of the Summer Rain
Music of the Summer Night
Mountains' Summer Majesty
Basking in Solar Glow
Forests' Green Canopy
Drifts of Golden Grain

Rays of Summer Sun

Golden glow meets cheeks,

Children laugh, hide, seek.

Fields of endless gold,

Summer stories, tales told.

Mornings drenched in light,

Days stretch into night.

Warmth envelops souls,

Summer’s gentle goals.

Picnics on green grass,

Watching moments pass.

Shadows grow and wane,

In summer's sweet refrain.

Kites aloft, blue skies,

Dreams and butterflies.

Hearts content and spun,

Under the summer sun.

Shadows in Mid-July

Long days, warm and bright,

Moonlight steals the night.

Dancing shadows play,

Dreaming summer's stay.

Starlit skies so vast,

Memories of the past.

Warm nights, gentle breeze,

Whispers among the trees.

Crickets sing their song,

All the evening long.

Glowing lanterns hung,

Mid-July songs sung.

Firesides and tales,

Star trails and nightingales.

In every hushed sigh,

Lives mid-July.

Waves on Sandy Shores

Blue meets golden sands,

Tender, sunburnt hands.

Ocean's soothing song,

Where all dreams belong.

Footprints wash away,

By waves that sway.

Seashells, treasures deep,

Secrets oceans keep.

Horizons stretching wide,

Tide's rhythmic stride.

Children building forts,

In their seaside sports.

Sunset's fiery dance,

Gives the waves a glance.

Day ends with a roar,

On the sandy shore.

Citrus Burst Delight

Lemonade, fresh and sweet,

Cooling summer's heat.

Zesty sips so fine,

Sunshine's liquid line.

Orange slices gleam,

In the sunlight's beam.

Tangy, juicy bites,

Summer’s citrus delights.

Ice cubes clinking sound,

Shaded loungers found.

Umbrellas stripe the scene,

In hues of red and green.

Children with sticky grins,

From chins to their shins.

Every sip, a flight,

In citrus burst delight.

Fireflies in Night's Dance

Tiny lights take flight,

Magical summer night.

Nature’s lanterns glow,

In the moon’s soft throw.

Jars with holes so small,

Catch fireflies, big and small.

Children's laughter rings,

As the night softly sings.

Dancing here and there,

Lights in the evening air.

Ephemeral, they gleam,

In a dreamer's dream.

Enchanting, they entice,

With a beauty so precise.

Nature's dance, so grand,

In the palm of your hand.

Melodies of Warm Breeze

Leaves rustle, trees sway,

Songs of light and day.

Whistling winds roam free,

Summer’s soft decree.

Hammocks swing with ease,

In the summer breeze.

Relaxing, without care,

Breathing the fresh air.

Sounds of nature blend,

As the day starts to end.

Nature's orchestra plays,

In countless harmonious ways.

Through the branches, it twirls,

Unfurling flags and curls.

Endless tunes, it weaves,

Among the summer leaves.

Berries' Sweet Summer Treat

Ripe, red, and so sweet,

Nature's tasty feat.

Strawberries, blue, and black,

Summer's snack-filled pack.

Hands stained with delight,

Picking berries, left and right.

Baskets full, hearts content,

In nature’s sweet event.

Pies and jams galore,

Always wanting more.

Nature's bounty, so neat,

A summer treat so sweet.

Fields stretch far and wide,

With nature as our guide.

Bursting flavors, so neat,

In every berry treat.

Dreams Beneath the Sky

Blanket down, we lie,

Clouds drift, birds fly by.

Eyes closed, wishes cast,

Summer moments that last.

Shapes forming up high,

In the vast open sky.

Dreamers beneath, stare,

Imaginations everywhere.

Sunset’s hues paint dreams,

In golds, reds, and creams.

The world feels so nigh,

Under the summer sky.

Gentle zephyrs, twilight's kiss,

In this state of bliss.

Time seems to comply,

With dreams beneath the sky.

Scent of Blooms Alive

Flowers bloom, colors burst,

Quenching summer's thirst.

Petals soft and fair,

Perfume fills the air.

Gardens full of life,

Colors rife in strife.

Bees buzzing, wings flutter,

Butterflies’ soft mutter.

Lavenders to roses,

Nature composes.

A symphony of scent,

In summer's warm tent.

Sunflowers tall and proud,

Standing out in the crowd.

Nature's palette thrives,

Where the scent of blooms survives.

Solstice's Lingering Embrace

Longest day, shortest night,

Balance of dark and light.

Celebrate, dance, and sing,

Heralding summer's king.

Circles of stone stand tall,

Witnessing shadows fall.

Ancients understood the cue,

Of summer's vibrant hue.

Warmth lingers, holds tight,

In the solstice's light.

Earth, sun in perfect grace,

In their eternal embrace.

Dawns early, nights delay,

In the solstice’s sway.

Nature bows, gives thanks,

To summer's glowing ranks.

Canopy of Azure Deep

Sky so vast, so blue,

Promise always renewed.

Eagles soar up high,

In the summer sky.

Balmy breezes flow,

Making tree tops bow.

Under this great expanse,

Nature's intricate dance.

Cotton clouds float by,

Soft against the sky.

Drifting, dreaming, serene,

In summer’s blue screen.

Sunset's fiery blaze,

Ends the sunlit days.

But the sky keeps deep,

Its azure secrets to keep.

Oceans of Endless Blue

Endless waters gleam,

Golden sunlight's beam.

Tides caress the shore,

Ocean's rhythmic lore.

Dolphins leap and play,

Marking summer's way.

Salty breezes tease,

Whispers of the seas.

Horizon, where skies meet,

Nature's canvas, complete.

Surfers ride waves high,

Under the watchful sky.

Footprints in the wet sand,

Moments, oh so grand.

Every wave, a clue,

To oceans of endless blue.

Meadows Where Daisies Grow

Green fields spread so wide,

Summer's gentle stride.

Daisies, white and yellow,

Nature's soft hello.

Butterflies flit and dart,

Nature's work of art.

Warmth covers the land,

Life's beauty, so grand.

Lovers stroll, hands clasped,

In nature's gentle grasp.

Birdsong fills the air,

Joy found everywhere.

Sunset's paint, colors show,

On meadows where daisies grow.

Nature's song, slow and low,

In the summer's afterglow.

Hues of a Setting Sun

Golden orb descends,

Day's drama never ends.

Crimson, amber, and rose,

As the evening quietly goes.

Reflections on water's face,

Sunset's lasting grace.

Silhouettes of trees and hills,

Nature's palette fulfills.

Twilight's serene beauty,

As stars begin their duty.

Whispers of the night,

Under soft moonlight.

Moments still, none to shun,

Under hues of a setting sun.

Every shade, a fun,

In summer's daily run.

Dance of the Summer Rain

First drop, then a pour,

Nature's dance on the floor.

Earth drinks, revives anew,

Under skies of grayish hue.

Children dance, palms upraised,

In the rain, amazed.

Puddles form, reflections clear,

Summer's melody, we hear.

Rainbow arches, colors bright,

After the rain's delight.

Nature wears a sheen,

Lush, fresh, and green.

Clouds part, sun's refrain,

After the dance of summer rain.

Moments treasured, never in vain,

In the rhythm of the rain.

Music of the Summer Night

Cicadas begin their song,

All the evening long.

Stars twinkle, in delight,

In the vastness of the night.

Moon casts a silvery glow,

On the world below.

Owls hoot, foxes prowl,

As night creatures begin to howl.

Mysteries of the dark,

With every firefly spark.

Coolness soothes the land,

Under the night's gentle hand.

Dreamers gaze, hearts alight,

To the music of the summer night.

Each note, holding tight,

To summer's serene sight.

Mountains' Summer Majesty

Peaks kiss the clear blue,

In shades of varied hue.

Snowcaps melt, streams flow,

As summer begins to show.

Hikers climb, paths wind,

Nature's wonders to find.

Eagles nest, high and grand,

Overlooking the vast land.

Meadows bloom, colors spread,

Where once snow had tread.

Sunrise paints peaks gold,

Stories of ages old.

Majestic, tall, they stand free,

Mountains' summer majesty.

Witness to time, history,

In summer's grand tapestry.

Basking in Solar Glow

Sun high, heat intense,

Summer's powerful presence.

Shadows short, days long,

Solar melodies, nature's song.

Hats shade, fans whirl,

As flags of heat unfurl.

Ice creams melt, quick and fast,

Moments of summer, unsurpassed.

Pools ripple, waters cool,

Breaking the sun's rule.

Laughter, splashes, fun to bestow,

All basking in solar glow.

Bronzed skin, light's throw,

As the day begins to slow.

Heat's embrace, high and low,

In summer's radiant show.

Forests' Green Canopy

Leaves rustle, branches sway,

In the heart of summer's day.

Green as far as eyes see,

Forests breathe, wild and free.

Deer graze, foxes hide,

In nature's summer stride.

Streams babble, cool and clear,

Quenching the forest's cheer.

Shadows deep, cool retreats,

Where earth and sky meets.

Birds nest, sing and play,

Marking time in their own way.

Underneath the verdant spree,

Lies the forest's decree.

Life abundant, mystery,

Under the green canopy.

Drifts of Golden Grain

Fields sway, gold and vast,

Echoes of a golden past.

Wheat waves, barley bows,

To summer's gentle throes.

Farmers tread, hats and plow,

Under the sun's brow.

Harvest nears, hopes high,

Under the summer sky.

Bales dot, horizon's line,

As sun begins to decline.

Coolness touches every strand,

Of the golden land.

Nature's bounty, earth's gain,

In drifts of golden grain.

Promise held, in every lane,

Of summer's golden reign.

PUBLISHED: Oct 21, 2023
Written By
Bisera Apostolova
Digital whisperer by day, professional beach bum by weekend. Runs on code, caffeine, and unconditional love from family and furballs. Workaholic? More like worka-LOL-ic! If my life had a control-alt-delete, I'd still choose to reboot at the beach. #TechTanLines
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