A Few More Goodnight Poems

Clara Hudson
Amid the Spanish moss and sultry nights of Savannah, I often find myself gazing at the stars, wondering if they too, like me, are lulled by the city's ancient lullabies. The first poem is a reflection of those moments, a soft goodbye to the day.
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Table of contents
Whispers of the Southern Night
The Lullaby of Days Gone By
Ticking Dreams
Echoes of A Timeless Goodnight
Savannah's Serenade
The River's Nocturnal Muse
Reflections at Dusk
Vintage Lullabies
Savannah's Nocturnal Embrace

Whispers of the Southern Night

In the quiet, in the gloom,

Savannah speaks of past and bloom.

Twinkling stars in canopy high,

Sing goodnight to the southern sky.

Crickets serenade in rhythmic trance,

While the moon begins its nightly dance.

Dreams flutter like the firefly's light,

Leading hearts into the night.

Mysteries of old, tales untold,

In the darkness, they slowly unfold.

Ghosts of yesteryears gently sway,

Wishing all a fond goodnight's stay.

Magnolia scents drift in the air,

Whispering secrets, if one dares to care.

As history's blanket wraps us tight,

We drift away, saying goodnight.

The wrought iron gates creak and moan,

Yet in their sound, love is shown.

For even as night takes its claim,

Savannah’s heart remains the same.

Shadows of dancers, long since gone,

Still waltz and play till the dawn.

And as my eyes grow heavy with sleep,

Into dreams of old Savannah, I deep.

One evening, as the sun dipped below the horizon, a memory of my childhood tugged at my heartstrings. This next poem encapsulates that fleeting moment when day meets night, and childhood memories meet present moments.

The Lullaby of Days Gone By

Gone is the sun, its last ray spent,

As memories of childhood, to me, are lent.

Rocking chairs creak, porches sigh,

As the South whispers its goodnight lullaby.

Windows painted with amber glow,

Tell tales of families, both high and low.

Candles flicker, casting shadows long,

As the world slows its hurried song.

Gentle breezes, like a mother's touch,

Caress the soul, mean so much.

As nightfall comes, in its embrace,

We find comfort, a familiar place.

Shadows play on cobblestone streets,

Echoing laughter, heartbeats.

As darkness comes, and children dream,

The world is more than it may seem.

For in the stillness, in the night's embrace,

Dance memories of love, of grace.

Goodnight to all, to memories sweet,

Until the morn, when again we meet.

As an antique enthusiast, I sometimes feel as though objects from the past call out to me, sharing their stories. One evening, as I was preparing for bed, an old clock on my bedside table seemed to beckon, inspiring the next piece.

Ticking Dreams

Tick-tock goes the antique clock,

Measuring moments, memories to stock.

Each second a story, each hour a dream,

In the silent night, it softly beams.

Hands that move in a ceaseless dance,

Marking time, life’s vast expanse.

Goodnight, it seems to softly say,

Another tale ends, yet more on the way.

Gleaming gold, with numbers bold,

The clock has many tales, yet untold.

For in its ticking, in its song,

Lies a history, deep and long.

A world that once was, now is gone,

Yet in its rhythm, life moves on.

Dreams of old, and new ones too,

Merge in the night, in shades of blue.

Though its ticking might seem routine,

Within it lie worlds, unseen.

So as I lay me down to sleep,

Into ticking dreams, I gently leap.

Sometimes, amidst the chaotic clamor of modern life, the simple act of saying goodnight becomes an art form. This poem encapsulates those moments when, surrounded by technology and the noise of the present, the past offers a gentle way to end the day.

Echoes of A Timeless Goodnight

Screens aglow with radiant light,

Yet, it's the past that says goodnight.

In a world spinning ever so fast,

Echoes from yesteryears hold steadfast.

The rustle of pages, a book in hand,

Transports one to a distant land.

Where goodnights were soft-spoken pleas,

Whispered beneath ancient oak trees.

No alerts, no glaring screen,

Just moonlight's soft, silvery sheen.

Goodnight to the horse-drawn cart,

To love letters, sealed by heart.

To a world less loud, more profound,

Where goodnights echoed, a soothing sound.

So, as the modern world powers down,

Embrace the past, wear its crown.

Let the echoes of timeless nights,

Guide you to the realm of dreams so bright.

And as the present fades out of sight,

The past lovingly whispers, goodnight.

Often, when I stroll through the historic streets of Savannah, the city seems to sing its own unique lullaby. This piece aims to capture the essence of that gentle serenade.

Savannah's Serenade

Moonlit squares, fountains aglow,

Savannah’s night, a soft, gentle show.

The city sings a lullaby so sweet,

Guiding wandering souls, weary feet.

Ghosts of old, in stories told,

Whisper goodnight, bold and bold.

From the riverfront to Forsyth Park,

Night’s embrace leaves a mark.

Magnolias scent the evening air,

Tales of old love, despair.

The city, in its timeless grace,

Wraps all in a gentle embrace.

Trolleys rest, their day now done,

Under the watchful eyes of the setting sun.

Statues stand, tales they keep,

As Savannah lays down to sleep.

Goodnight to the ships passing by,

To the stars, sprinkled in the sky.

For in this historic, Southern town,

Night’s serenade wears the crown.

Let its music, soft and deep,

Guide your soul, into sleep.

For in Savannah's goodnight song,

All hearts, to her, belong.

I remember an old story my grandmother used to tell me before bedtime. As I grew older, her tales morphed into metaphors, and one particular story about the river's whisper always stuck with me. This poem is an ode to her tales, the goodnight whispers of the Savannah River.

The River's Nocturnal Muse

Savannah River, flowing so still,

Under the moon, atop the hill.

Its whispering waves, to the night they speak,

Tales of yore, secrets they keep.

A gentle caress on the historic shore,

Each ripple, a story, folklore.

The river sings a lullaby so clear,

Goodnight wishes, drawing near.

Shimmering under the starry dome,

It murmurs tales of sailors long gone home.

Of cotton trades and old-time song,

The river's history, deep and long.

Ships that once graced its blue,

Whispered goodnights, to the old, the new.

Their anchors lifted, journeys done,

Resting under the watchful moon and sun.

The languid flow, the gentle breeze,

Swaying moss on age-old trees.

The river, with its nocturnal muse,

Lulls the city, its charm to use.

So when the night draws its veil,

And stars in the vastness sail,

Listen close, for you might hear,

The river's goodnight, sincere and clear.

Amidst my collection of antiques, there's a vintage mirror, ornate and beautiful. One evening, as I gazed into it, preparing to retire for the night, the reflections seemed to dance, merging past and present. This next piece is inspired by that ethereal dance.

Reflections at Dusk

Mirror on the wall, framed in gold,

Reflecting stories, tales retold.

As night descends, and shadows cast,

It merges the present with the past.

Faces of ancestors, long since gone,

Glimmer in the twilight, drawn.

A dance of reflections, old and new,

In the hush of evening, they ensue.

Whispers of a Southern belle's grace,

Merge with the modern, in embrace.

Each saying goodnight in their own way,

Marking the end of another day.

Candles flicker, their flame so bright,

Casting a warm, amber light.

In the mirror, they too take part,

In this dance of shadows, art.

A lullaby of reflections, so profound,

In the mirror, worlds are found.

So as I say my goodnights and sigh,

The past and present, in the mirror, lie.

The scent of old books, the comforting embrace of a worn-out quilt, and the gentle hum of an old radio. These little things often lull me into a peaceful slumber. This poem is a celebration of such simple yet profound goodnights.

Vintage Lullabies

The scent of pages, yellowed by time,

Whispers stories, tales, rhyme.

An old quilt, patches sewn with care,

Wraps me in warmth, beyond compare.

An aged radio, its hum so low,

Plays lullabies from long ago.

Each note, each sound, a soothing balm,

In their embrace, the night is calm.

Porcelain dolls, on the shelf they sit,

Witnesses to dreams, moonlit.

Their painted eyes, a silent song,

To the realm of dreams, they belong.

The ticking of a grandfather clock,

Steady, rhythmic, a timeless rock.

Its chimes mark the day's demise,

Singing the world, lullabies.

In these vintage comforts, I find,

Peaceful slumber, for the mind.

For in their old-world charm and grace,

I find a gentle goodnight's embrace.

In the heart of Savannah, where time seems to slow, nights have a certain magic. Sometimes, it feels as though the city itself is tucking its inhabitants into bed. This final piece for the night aims to capture that maternal gesture of the city.

Savannah's Nocturnal Embrace

Cobbled streets, lanterns aglow,

The heart of Savannah, putting on a show.

Each corner, each alley, a lullaby sings,

Of dreams, on gossamer wings.

Wrought iron balconies, adorned with vine,

Under the moonlight, they intertwine.

Each curl, each leaf, a goodnight kiss,

In the city's embrace, pure bliss.

The whisper of the breeze, through ancient trees,

Carries stories, of the high seas.

Pirates, sailors, and tales of old,

In the night's embrace, they unfold.

Mansions grand, standing tall,

Witness to time, its rise and fall.

Their walls, to the night, they confide,

Secrets of ages, side by side.

In this city, where time seems to pause,

Night brings with it, a heartfelt cause.

To tuck in each soul, in its embrace,

And sing goodnights, with timeless grace.

PUBLISHED: Aug 30, 2023
Written By
Clara Hudson
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