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Clara Hudson
In my quaint Savannah, the whispers of ancient willows seem to tell tales of karma, that unseen hand of cosmic equilibrium. Writing these quotes was like conversing with the timeless, wise soul of the South, each phrase a reflection on the dance of action and consequence under the gentle veil of southern mystique."
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Karma is the universe’s eloquent response to our actions.

The dance of Karma is choreographed by the rhythm of choices.

Like the sun's rays, karma casts light on our deeds.

Karma is the story written by the pen of action.

Karma doesn't knock on the door; it walks right in.

Karma is the unseen hand that guides the scales of justice.

With karma, life draws a circle reminding us of our actions.

Karma carries the echo of our actions through the halls of time.

Karma is the silent gardener of life's landscape.

The cosmos whispers through the voice of Karma.

Karma is the timeless tale that’s spun from the loom of actions.

Karma sews the seeds of our actions into the fabric of tomorrow.

Every step we take on earth is guided by the shadow of Karma.

Karma is the silent witness to our unseen actions.

In the garden of life, karma cultivates the flowers and weeds alike.

Karma doesn’t forget; it’s the keeper of our moral compass.

Karma is the ledger that tallies the currency of our deeds.

With each action, we pen a line in the poem of Karma.

Karma is the echo in the vast canyon of existence.

The mirror of Karma reflects the truth of our actions.

Karma spins the wheel of justice with the threads of our actions.

Each action is a brushstroke on the canvas of Karma.

Karma is the impartial judge that resides in the core of existence.

The hands of Karma mold the clay of our destinies.

Karma isn't a destination but a journey of actions and reactions.

The language of Karma is spoken in the deeds of today.

Karma is the harmonizing force that orchestrates the melody of actions.

Karma doesn't negotiate; it reciprocates.

Every echo of kindness returns in the symphony of Karma.

Karma is the librarian that archives our actions in the book of life.

In Karma’s court, every action is on trial.

Karma carves the epitaph on the tombstone of our actions.

Karma is the shadow that walks beside every deed.

With Karma, the universal scales of justice find their balance.

Karma is the alchemist that transmutes our actions into fate.

Karma operates in the quiet corridors of our choices.

The arrow of Karma follows the trajectory of our actions.

Karma is not blind; it sees every choice.

Karma isn’t about revenge; it’s about reflection and resonance.

In the marketplace of life, Karma is the honest broker.

Karma doesn’t take sides; it reveals the truth.

Every action cast into the waters of existence ripples through Karma.

Karma is the unseen ink that scripts the narrative of our lives.

Karma isn’t a taskmaster; it’s a teacher guiding towards balance.

In the theater of life, Karma directs the play of actions.

Karma is the accountant of the cosmos, debiting and crediting our actions.

The tapestry of life is embroidered with the threads of Karma.

In the echo of actions, Karma finds its voice.

The signature of Karma is etched in every deed.

Each choice is a dialogue with Karma.

Karma doesn’t have deadlines; it has lifelines echoing our actions.

Karma is the composer of the silent melody that tunes our existence.

Karma isn’t the end, but a reflection of new beginnings borne from past actions.

The road of Karma is paved with the stones of choice and consequence.

Karma is the unspoken promise of the universe to balance the scales of justice.

Karma, the universe's way of maintaining balance, has a gentle whisper but a resonant echo.

The wheel of karma always turns; it's our actions that decide the direction.

Just as a seed blossoms into fruit, karma blossoms into fate.

Karma doesn’t have a menu, you get served what you deserve.

Life doesn’t give you what you want, it gives you what you earn. That's karma.

Every action has a reaction in the universe's delicate balance - that's the essence of karma.

Karma is the universe's poetic justice, an ode to our actions.

The threads of karma weave the fabric of our lives.

Karma is the mirror that reflects the image of our deeds.

Karma operates in a cosmic economy where debts of actions must be paid.

Your present circumstances are the fruits of your past actions; karma's seeds blossoming.

Karma, a boomerang of cosmic scale, returns with the energy it was thrown with.

Think of karma as the gravitation of the moral world.

Karma is not a punishment but a reminder of our own actions.

When you radiate kindness, karma decorates your life with grace.

Karma is not fate; it’s the echo of our choices.

In the universe's courtroom, karma is the unbiased judge.

The ink of karma writes the stories of our lives.

Karma carries the notes of our actions into the symphony of destiny.

Life is a boomerang, what you give is what you get - that's karma.

Like a shadow, karma follows, reflecting our actions in unforeseen ways.

Karma is the universe's mechanism for teaching souls accountability.

Karma’s scales weigh our deeds with an unbiased balance.

Karma is not a retribution, but a reflection of our own doing.

The laws of karma govern with a quiet but unyielding force.

In the cosmic ledger, every act is an entry by karma.

Karma doesn’t keep scores, it draws lessons.

Karma is the silent architect of life's circumstances.

When karma whispers, wise hearts listen and learn.

Karma’s justice is the reflection of your own heart.

Karma has no deadline and it delivers what's due with precision.

Our actions are the seeds and karma is the fertile soil.

Karma, the cosmos' accountant, keeps an impeccable record.

Kindness you lend today is the karma you reap tomorrow.

Karma weaves the unpredictable tapestry of destiny with threads of actions.

Karma isn’t vengeful; it merely returns what it receives.

The dance of karma is choreographed by our choices.

Every action leaves a footprint on the sands of karma.

Karma doesn’t play dice, it plays mirror.

The patience of karma is as endless as the consequence of actions.

Karma moves in circles; where it ends often is where it begins.

The boomerang of karma swings back with the energy of intent.

Your future is knitted with the needles of karma and threads of action.

Karma is life’s teacher, not its jailer.

The roots of karma are in action, the fruit is destiny.

The echoes of karma resonate through the chambers of life.

Karma holds a clear mirror to the consequences of our deeds.

The lessons of karma are delivered in the language of circumstances.

Karma isn’t about destiny, it's about choice and consequence.

Karma’s ledger keeps a precise account of our moral debts.

The rhythm of karma plays to the beat of our deeds.

Karma, life's silent judge, pronounces verdicts through circumstances.

Karma is the bridge between choice and consequence, action and destiny.

The silent ripples of karma sculpt the shores of destiny.

Karma is the ultimate impartial judge of our deeds, delivering precise justice.

PUBLISHED: Sep 25, 2023
Written By
Clara Hudson
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