Poems about Growing Up

Clara Hudson
These poems about growing up aim to weave in elements of my life, my surroundings, and my passions.
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Table of contents
Echoes of Youth
Threads of Tradition
Tales in Time
Belle's Awakening
Antique Reflections
Veil Between Years
Ghosts of Growth
Whispers of Wood and Time
Southern Compass
Canvas of Life

As I walk through the streets of Savannah, memories flood back from my childhood. The trees seem taller, and the roads seem wider, but the essence of youth still lingers.

Echoes of Youth

In ancient oaks, draped with moss so fine,

I see my youth, in memories entwined.

The whispers of wind, the laughter of rain,

Transport me back to days, free from pain.

The cobbled streets, where once I ran,

Now echo with footsteps, of a grown-up clan.

The old treehouse, where dreams were spun,

Holds tales of adventures, under the sun.

Each corner, each alley, tells a tale,

Of young hopes that set sail.

In the heart of Savannah, my youth remains,

A symphony of joys, dreams, and pains.

Growing up in the South, traditions held strong. Memories of Sunday dresses, family gatherings, and the gentle lull of a Southern drawl still resonate.

Threads of Tradition

Sunday dresses, bows and lace,

Gatherings at the old fireplace.

Hymns sung, in voices sweet,

Family around, the day complete.

Mama’s tales, Papa’s song,

In this world, I did belong.

Each tradition, a thread so fine,

Weaving the story, of yours and mine.

Through seasons, as years did roll,

Traditions anchored, my growing soul.

Now older, I still recall,

The Southern drawl, the love of all.

One cannot grow up in Savannah without being touched by its rich history and cultural tales. The city has seen me evolve, and in turn, I've watched its stories unfold.

Tales in Time

Majestic squares, statues tall,

Savannah watched, as I grew small.

Historic tales, whispered in the breeze,

Carried lessons, through the trees.

From girl to woman, in these streets I roved,

With every step, more stories I wove.

The city's history, deep and vast,

Mirrored my journey, my growing past.

Years have passed, yet here I stand,

In the heart of history, hand in hand.

For in this city, I grew to see,

Tales of time, shaping me.

Every Southern belle, like myself, has a coming-of-age moment. It's that instant when you realize the world is vast, yet you're deeply rooted in your culture and traditions.

Belle's Awakening

Amidst magnolia blossoms, white and pure,

Came an awakening, profound and sure.

Eyes wide open, to the world so vast,

Yet, in the South, my roots held fast.

From debutante balls to moonlit dances,

Life presented endless chances.

Yet, amidst the whirl, a truth unfurled,

Being Southern belle, my view of the world.

Growing pains, joys and strife,

Wove the fabric of my life.

Yet, deeply rooted, in tradition's spell,

Forever and always, a Southern belle.

Antiques have always held a special place in my heart. As I age, I find myself reflecting on the passage of time, using these timeless pieces as a mirror.

Antique Reflections

In the sheen of aged wood, stories lie,

Echoes of times, that swiftly fly.

Each artifact, a moment in time,

A silent witness, to life's climb.

From girlhood's glow to woman's grace,

Antiques have seen, my life's pace.

In their timeless beauty, I see,

The evolving chapters, of me.

Growing up, amidst relics old,

I learned tales, silently told.

In this dance of time, ever fleeting,

Antiques and I, forever meeting.

The transition from youth to adulthood is never seamless. My memories of Savannah often blend the innocence of childhood with the maturity of adulthood.

Veil Between Years

The veil between youth and grown years,

Is stitched with laughter, sewn with tears.

Savannah, with her charm profound,

Watched me, as I gained new ground.

The candy store on Montgomery Street,

Where dreams were sweet, and life so fleet.

Then came the balls, the gowns, the dates,

Time’s passage, one never anticipates.

Old tales whispered by the river's bend,

Guided my path, as traditions blend.

From climbing trees to sipping tea,

Savannah's heart beat inside of me.

The town squares, where stories weave,

Echoed my journey, as I’d perceive.

Childhood joys, adult pursuits combine,

In this town, where past and present intertwine.

In each brick, in every lane,

Resides a memory, joy or pain.

Growing up, each moment, a precious art,

Savannah, forever, my heart's counterpart.

As a lover of gothic mysteries, Savannah's haunted history often paralleled the mysterious journey of growing up.

Ghosts of Growth

Amidst the shadows, where mysteries lurk,

Savannah's ghosts, their tales they'd work.

Just like them, from child to dame,

I navigated life's changing game.

Mansions old, with secrets deep,

Mirrored my growth, my dreams to keep.

From tales of pirates to duels of yore,

I too had battles, myths, and lore.

Every ghost tour, every eerie tale,

Reflected my journey, without fail.

From innocence pure to wisdom wise,

Both our stories, under the same skies.

With each haunting, a lesson learned,

To my own past, my thoughts returned.

Amidst the spirits, I came to see,

The evolving, shifting, growing me.

Historic streets, where phantoms roam,

Were the backdrop, as I'd become grown.

Through gothic tales, Savannah and I,

Shared the dance, of years gone by.

Growing up surrounded by antiques, I've often felt the past and present merge. Each artifact holds a story, much like every age of my life.

Whispers of Wood and Time

Antique clocks, with hands that spin,

Marking moments, of where I've been.

From playful days to mature nights,

These relics saw my highs and flights.

Every table, chair, and frame,

Witnessed my life, my changing name.

From a curious child, peeking through,

To a woman, with a broader view.

In the sheen of polished oak,

I saw reflections of the folk.

Ancestors, kin, their tales told,

Amidst the antiques, memories unfold.

Chests that hold trinkets from the past,

Remind me of time’s vast contrast.

Growing amidst such historic splendor,

Made my connection to time more tender.

In each curve, in every grain,

Reside stories of joy and pain.

With antiques as my silent guide,

Through life's phases, I did glide.

Southern traditions shaped my journey from a girl to a woman. The customs and rituals provided a compass, guiding me through the maze of growing up.

Southern Compass

Magnolia blooms, scenting the air,

Sunday church bells, a moment to spare.

These Southern traditions, guiding me through,

The complex voyage, of youth I outgrew.

Picnics by the river, under the sun,

Turning to evening soirees, filled with fun.

From lace gloves to elegant pearls,

I transitioned with the world’s twirls.

Grits and gravy, tales by the fire,

Fueled my growth, my dreams did aspire.

From running wild, to walking with grace,

I found my rhythm, in this familiar place.

Banjo strings, fiddle’s song,

Marked the years, as I grew strong.

From a belle's first ball, to wisdom's reign,

The South's customs, my growth did frame.

In every ritual, in every rite,

Was a lesson, a guiding light.

Growing up, amidst tradition’s embrace,

Gave me strength, in life's ever race.

The beauty and allure of Savannah have been constant companions in my journey from childhood to womanhood. They've provided a canvas on which my life has been painted.

Canvas of Life

Savannah's allure, her beauty so grand,

Witnessed my steps, as I’d expand.

From youthful giggles to laughter deep,

She was the canvas, my memories to keep.

The Forsyth Fountain, in splendor and might,

Mirrored my growth, my spirit’s flight.

From wading in, to admiring its grace,

It stood testament, to my life’s pace.

Live oaks with their drapes of moss,

Watched over my gains and loss.

From climbing limbs, to resting below,

They saw my journey, my inner glow.

Historic homes, with tales to tell,

Echoed my story, as I did swell.

From hide and seek, to hosting guests,

Savannah and I, passed life's tests.

In each monument, every stone,

Lies a chapter, of how I've grown.

With Savannah's beauty, always by side,

Through life's tides, I did ride.

PUBLISHED: Aug 30, 2023
Written By
Clara Hudson
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