Poems about Mental Health

Clara Hudson
Here I share a snapshot of my mental health reflections.
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Table of contents
Shadows on the Cobbles
Whispers of Old Wood
Southern Resilience
Echoes in the Mansion
Embrace of the Live Oaks
Imperfections in Time
Stars over Savannah
Savannah's Tide
Mirror of Perception
Tales of Twilight

Wandering through Savannah's cobblestone streets, I've often found solace and understanding amidst its historic charm, especially during times when my own mental health wavered.

Shadows on the Cobbles

Savannah’s cobbles, under moon’s soft glow,

Bear witness to emotions, the world doesn’t know.

When darkness of mind, clouds my sight,

These ancient pathways, become my light.

Each stone, a story, a secret it keeps,

Much like my heart, where sadness sometimes creeps.

Gothic mysteries, around every bend,

Echo my struggles, to comprehend.

But in the silence, of the midnight hour,

I find strength, a blossoming flower.

Amidst haunting tales, and antiques so old,

I search for my peace, my story to be told.

The city's history, with its ups and downs,

Mirrors my journey, smiles and frowns.

For mental battles, though silent and deep,

Find resonance, in Savannah's sleep.

Antiques have a unique way of telling stories of ages past. When grappling with my own emotions, they've often been silent companions, grounding me and offering perspective.

Whispers of Old Wood

In antique corners, where dust particles play,

Lie tales of yore, of night and day.

When my mind feels heavy, lost in a haze,

These age-old relics, help me gaze.

Into past eras, where struggles were real,

Offering perspective, helping me heal.

Each trinket, each frame, each porcelain vase,

Tells of resilience, of a bygone phase.

Their silent strength, their time-tested grace,

Guides my journey, through mental space.

For in their stories, of love and despair,

I find solace, fresh air to prepare.

Mental battles, though often unseen,

Find echo in antiques, in their sheen.

For every artifact, every age-old book,

Offers comfort, a new outlook.

Southern traditions and values have always emphasized resilience and strength. In times of inner turmoil, I've leaned into these lessons, finding a compass to navigate my mental landscape.

Southern Resilience

Underneath the magnolia's shade,

Where the world's noises begin to fade,

I've wrestled with thoughts, heavy and deep,

Finding strength in traditions, my mind to keep.

Southern values, of grit and grace,

Guide me through, the mental space.

From tales of endurance, of battles won,

I draw courage, until rising sun.

Gothic tales, with their haunting air,

Teach me resilience, to bear and care.

For though the mind may waver and sway,

Savannah's spirit shows the way.

Through ballroom dances, to church bells' chime,

I've found rhythm, in toughest time.

For mental health, with its ebb and flow,

Finds anchor in traditions, the South does show.

Gothic mysteries, with their haunting allure, often mirror the complexities of the human mind. As I've traversed my own emotional depths, these tales have been both a mirror and a guide.

Echoes in the Mansion

In old mansions, where secrets reside,

Lie tales of emotions, deep and wide.

Much like the mind, with its hidden chambers,

Gothic tales speak of joys and encumbers.

Each haunting, each ghostly whisper,

Reflects inner struggles, a silent blister.

Yet amidst the shadows, and eerie tales,

Lies hope, where light never fails.

For in every mystery, every darkened hall,

There's a dawn, a beckoning call.

Just as the mind, in its complex weave,

Holds power to heal, to believe.

Gothic tales, with their layers profound,

Echo my journey, the strength I've found.

For mental challenges, though tough and vast,

Find resonance, in Savannah's past.

The beauty and serenity of Savannah have been a haven for my mind. When the weight of my thoughts becomes too much, the city's charm offers a gentle embrace, helping me find balance and peace.

Embrace of the Live Oaks

Beneath the canopy, of moss-draped trees,

Where time stands still, and the heart feels ease,

I've sought refuge, from mental storms,

Finding solace, in Savannah's forms.

The gentle river, with its ebbing flow,

Mirrors emotions, high and low.

Live oaks standing, tall and wise,

Offer shelter, from inner cries.

In their embrace, I've found a place,

To breathe, to pause, to retrace.

For mental well-being, is a journey long,

And Savannah's beauty, makes me strong.

Its historic charm, its gentle breeze,

Brings balance to mind, a certain ease.

For in its serenity, its timeless grace,

I find healing, a steady pace.

When I was younger, wandering through the many antique shops of Savannah, I'd often marvel at the chipped paints and patterns of decay. They reminded me that imperfection can still hold profound beauty, much like our own minds.

Imperfections in Time

Aged wood, grainy and worn,

Tales of resilience, silently sworn.

The chipped paint, the rusted hinge,

Speak of endurance, every tiny cringe.

In these imperfections, I see my own mind,

Weathered by storms, yet beauty I find.

Not every thought, polished and clear,

Yet, each holds value, close and dear.

Memories tangled, like vines on a gate,

Some heavy with sorrow, others featherweight.

Yet, in their dance, chaotic and free,

Lies the essence, the truth of me.

Mental tapestries, intricate and vast,

Echoes of present, whispers of past.

For every fray, every broken line,

There's a pattern, uniquely mine.

The southern nights, especially those spent under the stars on the outskirts of Savannah, often reminded me of the vastness of the universe and the transient nature of our anxieties.

Stars over Savannah

The vast night sky, a blanket of dreams,

Where stars twinkle, in endless streams.

Looking up, my worries seem small,

In the grand scheme, they barely recall.

Galaxies spiral, in silent song,

A reminder, to whom I belong.

The vast cosmos, with its mysteries deep,

Makes my mental riddles, easier to keep.

Every star, a beacon of light,

Guiding through, the toughest night.

My anxieties, though real and raw,

Find perspective, in cosmic law.

For the universe, with its timeless spin,

Echoes the power, of strength within.

Mental battles, though fierce they seem,

Are but stardust, in life's grand dream.

The rhythmic sound of the ocean, often heard during my evening strolls by the Savannah shoreline, brought a meditative peace to my overactive mind.

Savannah's Tide

Ocean waves, with their ebb and flow,

Teach lessons of calm, in their gentle throw.

Every crest, every retreat to the sea,

Mirrors my mind, in its boundless spree.

The soothing sound, of the water's caress,

Offers a balm, to mental distress.

For in its rhythm, steady and sure,

I find an anchor, a way to endure.

Thoughts come and go, like waves on the sand,

Some loud and crashing, others soft and bland.

Yet, in their dance, unpredictable and free,

Lies a meditative cadence, a sanctuary for me.

The vast horizon, where sky meets sea,

A reminder, of endless possibility.

For mental struggles, though deep and vast,

Are but moments, they too shall pass.

Walking through Savannah's historic districts, I'd often encounter aged mirrors in antique stores. Their slightly distorted reflections made me ponder on the various facets of our own mental perceptions.

Mirror of Perception

Antique mirror, with its silvering faded,

Reflects a world, slightly shaded.

Images waver, in its vintage pane,

Much like thoughts, in the mental plane.

Not every reflection, clear and true,

Yet, each offers, a unique view.

Perceptions colored, by memories past,

Moments fleeting, shadows cast.

In this dance, of light and shade,

Lies the essence, of how views are made.

For mental perceptions, though varied they be,

Shape our reality, what we choose to see.

The mind's mirror, with its layers deep,

Holds power to awaken, or lull to sleep.

For every distortion, every altered line,

There's a truth, waiting to shine.

The haunting beauty of gothic tales, often read in the dim light of my Savannah home, made me appreciate the complexities of emotions, the play of light and darkness within.

Tales of Twilight

Gothic tales, with their twilight zone,

Speak of emotions, often alone.

Shadows dance, in every page,

Mirroring mind's, own inner stage.

Joy and sorrow, fear and elation,

Play out in stories, of haunted fascination.

Each character, with their struggle and strife,

Reflects my journey, the spectrum of life.

The eerie silence, the soft whispering breeze,

Resonate with thoughts, both tumult and ease.

For in each narrative, of ghostly glee,

Lies a deeper truth, the essence of me.

Mental landscapes, with their valleys and peak,

Find echo in tales, of the mystique.

For every emotion, every inner call,

Is a story, waiting to befall.

PUBLISHED: Aug 30, 2023
Written By
Clara Hudson
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