Good Morning Poems for Her

Elijah Mitchell
I've composed a collection of 'Good Morning Poems for Her'—each inspired by the captivating fusion of love and the futuristic worlds I often find myself lost in. Scroll down and embark on this unique journey with me. Whether you're into love, tech, or just looking to decode the human heart, I've got something for you. # Elijah out print("Elijah out. Keep decoding the mysteries of love and tech!") 😜
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Table of contents
Quantum Love Theory
Solar Flare Sonata
The Dystopian Dream
Eternal Loading Screen
Twilight to Twilight
The Universe in a Sip
Breaking the Loop
Cosmic Connection Reset
Reality Rendered

Quantum Love Theory

In morning's glow, our hearts entwine,

A binary code, yours and mine.

The sun ascends, light codes unfurl,

We orbit close, a secret world.

Pixels and love, an odd match,

Yet here we are, a perfect catch.

Love's algorithm, a sacred creed,

In every byte, my love's your feed.

From sunrise gold to the moon's sliver,

In every frame, my love's a quiver.

A cosmic scale, from small to vast,

This love's designed to forever last.

Space and time, a mesh so fine,

Yet can't contain love's pure design.

Morning's first light, a sacred clue,

Another day to decode you.

Binary stars in heavens high,

Coded love notes in the sky.

Day's new quest, a thrilling ride,

With you, my constant, by my side.

Good morning, love, the day's first byte,

The dark recedes, replaced with light.

In every pixel, shade, and hue,

My love's embedded, just for you.

Solar Flare Sonata

Morning sun, a radiant glare,

Kindred spirit to my solar flare.

In skies above and screens below,

Our love's a code only we know.

Daylight pixels flood my screen,

A vivid tableau of gold and green.

Yet none compare, to be fair,

To the morning glow tangled in your hair.

Game levels high, stakes even higher,

Love's a quest that never tires.

Side by side, or miles away,

You're my quest at the break of day.

Morning dew on a spider's web,

Intricate patterns love has fed.

Every droplet, a world contained,

Each thread of love, meticulously arranged.

New day's dawning, the screen is set,

Another chance, no reason to fret.

The world's a game for us to roam,

Our love the code that brings us home.

Through cosmic rays or morning mist,

Our love endures, it can't resist.

Another morning to explore and see,

Another day to love you exponentially.

The Dystopian Dream

New day breaks, but dreams linger,

Your love's a tune, and I'm the singer.

Though worlds may crash and systems fail,

Our love's the code that tips the scale.

Nightmare's end, but you remain,

A soothing balm for virtual pain.

In fractured worlds, a steady theme,

You are my waking dystopian dream.

Morning light streams through the blind,

A new day's quest for us to find.

In future bleak or skies so blue,

My constant variable will be you.

Firewalls high, defenses strong,

Yet love's a code where we belong.

Amidst the zeros, ones take flight,

Our love the cipher for all that's right.

Through time loops or a cosmic gate,

In every scenario, you're my fate.

From Earth to Mars, then stars above,

My one constant is to love.

In morning haze or future clear,

In every timeline, I hold you dear.

Today's new start, a chance to be,

Another chapter in our love's anthology.

Coded Morning Light

First rays of sun, a digital birth,

A new rendering of our Earth.

Through quantum leaps or pixel streams,

You're the constant in all my dreams.

Morning light paints skies anew,

Each dawn's hue a different hue.

Yet constants remain, through time's great swirl,

You're the axis of my digital world.

Pixels awake, the world's reborn,

A second chance in this new morn.

Though life's a game with rules to learn,

Your love's the prize at every turn.

Love's algorithm, complex but true,

A set of rules defined by you.

Through firewalls or open gates,

Love computes at exponential rates.

Coffee in hand, eyes meet screen,

Yet thoughts drift to a different scene.

From coded worlds to skies so blue,

Each morning starts and ends with you.

Good morning love, a greeting sent,

Across Wi-Fi or firmament.

In every code, in sun's first light,

I find the words to say it right.

 Eternal Loading Screen

Morning breaks, the system's boot,

Yet dreams of you are absolute.

Though dawn may come, it's clear to see,

You're the eternal loading screen for me.

New day's sun, a golden grace,

Yet can't outshine the smile on your face.

Through cosmic voids or silicon,

You are the dawn my thoughts are on.

Coffee brews, a fragrant spell,

Yet you're the potion that does me well.

In quests and raids, or worlds apart,

You're the healer of my pixelated heart.

System updates, the world's new plan,

Yet love's a software that never ran.

In every version, patch, or mod,

You're the user guide that I applaud.

Morning fog lifts, clarity dawns,

In life's great game, we're merely pawns.

Yet every move or pathway cleared,

Leads me closer to the one endeared.

The morning's script begins to scroll,

A new adventure, yet love's the goal.

In life's strange code, a truth to glean,

You're the constant on my loading screen.


Twilight to Twilight

From twilight's end to morning's call,

You're the subroutine that governs all.

When stars give way to morning's hue,

My thoughts compile just one: it's you.

Night's retreat, a silent cheer,

For every dawn brings you near.

Whether side quest or main event,

You're the reason any effort's spent.

In code or text, in worlds so grand,

You are the syntax I understand.

Through every error, glitch, or fuss,

You are the interface connecting us.

While coffee pours, a ritual old,

My thoughts to binary secrets told.

In each zero, in every one,

A morning message that you're the sun.

Coffee sips and keyboard clacks,

Yet love's a code that never lacks.

In morning's code, an open line,

That reads "I'm thrilled to call you mine."

From morning's start to twilight's end,

You're not just love, you're my best friend.

Through cosmic shifts or mundane plight,

You're the twilight at the end of night.

The Universe in a Sip

Morning brew, a cosmic blend,

A caffeinated means to an end.

Yet in each sip, a universe,

With you, it's poetry, unrehearsed.

The coffee's hot, the sky's so wide,

Yet love's the terrain we can't divide.

In every drop, a galaxy,

Yet you're the star that shines for me.

As morning wakes from its reprieve,

You're the reason I believe.

In worlds above or lines of code,

You are the road that leads to home.

Cosmic swirls in my coffee cup,

Yet you're the code I can't give up.

In every brew, a hint of fate,

A coded message that can't wait.

Morning code, a simple text,

Yet you're the subtext, what comes next.

In every line or swirl of cream,

You're the constant in my dream.

Coffee gone, the morning's sip,

A universe in every


Yet far beyond that cosmic swirl,

You are my universe, my girl.

Breaking the Loop

Morning light, the loop is broke,

Yet love's a code that's never spoke.

Through firewalls or cosmic veil,

Our love's a ship that's set to sail.

In endless cycles, time's great wheel,

Yet love's the algorithm that's real.

In every line or coded plea,

You are the break that sets me free.

Game's first light or dawn's first ray,

You're the cheat code to my day.

Through twists and turns, or coded maze,

You're the shortcut in endless ways.

While clock hands tick or cursors blink,

You're the link I'll never unlink.

In love's great game, a world so new,

You're the Easter egg I always pursue.

Beyond each pixel, light, or hue,

There's a constant love and it points to you.

In morning light or midnight's swoop,

You are the break in my endless loop.

In life's great code, a fact so true,

The morning starts and ends with you.

Through time's great loop or dawn's first light,

You're the variable that makes it right.

 Cosmic Connection Reset

Dawn's first light, a system ping,

A cosmic message on the wing.

Through stellar paths or digital net,

A love's connection, no need to reset.

While satellites roam and data streams,

You're the protocol in all my dreams.

Through endless code or boundless sky,

You're the connection that won't say goodbye.

Morning's hue, a spectral array,

Yet you're the spectrum that lights my day.

Through quests and code, through loss and win,

You're the firewall I'll always let in.

Cosmic rays or fiber strands,

Love travels through both sky and lands.

In morning's glow or evening's set,

Ours is a signal that's hard to forget.

Coffee brewed, the aroma thick,

Yet you're the flavor that makes it click.

In every sip or coded line,

You're the hidden message that's so divine.

From cosmic dawn to system sleep,

You're the memory I wish to keep.

In every byte or celestial quest,

You're the connection that's simply the best.

 Reality Rendered

Morning sun, a graphic sprite,

A new day rendered, a novel sight.

Yet through each pixel, light, and shade,

You're the reality that won't fade.

Coffee clouds and milk way swirls,

Yet you're the axis my world unfurls.

In every drop or line of code,

You're the home where my thoughts go.

Digital worlds or astral skies,

You're the morning sun in my eyes.

Through every glitch or cosmic ray,

You're the dawn of my new day.

In lines of code, a truth's revealed,

A love's encryption, no longer sealed.

Through morning fog or digital mist,

You're the reality in my list.

While worlds reboot and skies take form,

You're the norm in a world not norm.

Through morning's haze or evening's bend,

You're the reality on which I depend.

From morning's code to twilight's end,

You're more than love, you're my best friend.

In every hue or coded blend,

You're the reality I'll defend.

PUBLISHED: Aug 30, 2023
Written By
Elijah Mitchell
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