Poems about Fall

Elijah Mitchell
Autumn's embrace feels like a gentle sigh. Its colors paint memories in our eyes.
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Table of contents
Golden Whispers of Autumn Trees
Echoes of the Harvest Moon
Autumn's Gentle Embrace
Whimsical Wonders of the Fall
The Enchanting Elegy of Fall
Dances of the Dusky Skies
Dances of the Dusky Skies
Golden Hues Rise
Whispers of the Orchard
The Gentle Fade
Misty Morning’s Secret
Twilight's Autumn Glow

Golden Whispers of Autumn Trees

Leaves crunch beneath soft footsteps,

Golden hues of season's breath,

Whispers carried by the wind,

Every twig sings autumn's myth,

Nature's dance, a spectacle begins.

Trees shed their vibrant treasures,

Blanketing the earth below,

Mornings kissed with frosty dew,

Evenings wear a fiery glow,

Autumn's heart, so pure, so true.

Gentle breeze stirs forest's slumber,

Squirrels gather their winter's keep,

Pumpkins ripe in fields yonder,

While harvest moon begins to peep,

Nature, in its warm wonder.

Children play in leafy piles,

Laughter echoes, pure delight,

Scarves wrap necks, styles compile,

Crisp air cuts the fading light,

Fall's charm, without a guile.

Chilled winds foretell winter's nearing,

Yet autumn stands firm and tall,

Its beauty, ever so endearing,

Nature's final, colorful ball,

Before winter's silent shearing.

So let's embrace the amber tide,

And all its rustic, mellow vibes,

For soon, snow will coincide,

But now, autumn thrives and thrives,

Its splendor, we confide.

Echoes of the Harvest Moon

Moonlight bathes the amber land,

Harvest's echo, nature's grand stand,

Fields of corn, stand proud, tall,

As cooler winds begin their call,

Fall's brush, a master hand.

Stars twinkle in clearer skies,

Night's embrace, a softer lullaby,

Crisp evenings, fires alight,

Cider warmth, pure delight,

Underneath the moon's watchful eye.

Trees become a painter's dream,

Shades of red, gold, and cream,

Branches sway, a ballet show,

Leaves floating, a gentle throw,

Nature's art, in high esteem.

By the porch, scarecrows stand,

Guardians of the autumn land,

Apples, pumpkins, season's yield,

Rich bounty from every field,

Fall's gift, so lovingly planned.

Migration paints the sky with wings,

Southward bound, nature sings,

Flocks converge, patterns form,

Heading away from winter's storm,

To warmer springs.

Gather 'round, stories to tell,

Of autumns past, moments swell,

Honor the season, give thanks,

For fall's endless beauty and pranks,

In our hearts, it forever dwells.

Autumn's Gentle Embrace

Amber leaves gently cascade,

Nature's parade, beautifully made,

Crisp air, scents of pine,

Fall's allure, simply divine,

In its charm, we wade.

Woodsmoke scent fills the night,

Shadows dance in firelight,

Mystical tales, old and new,

Shared among a chosen few,

Under the fall's starry sight.

Mornings cloaked in misty haze,

Sunrise paints in golden blaze,

Fields glisten, dew-kissed light,

Daybreak chases away the night,

Beginning of autumn's days.

Sweaters snug, boots crunch below,

Through orchards, we all go,

Apples picked, pies to bake,

Golden moments, memories make,

In the fall's gentle glow.

Nature prepares, winter nears,

Yet fall's beauty still adheres,

Its magic, we cannot deny,

As days swiftly go by,

Autumn, we hold dear.

By the river, reflections deep,

Nature's promise, it does keep,

Autumn colors, bright and bold,

Stories of the season, told,

In its embrace, we leap.

Whimsical Wonders of the Fall

Maple trees wear fiery crowns,

Golden fields, rustic browns,

Nature’s canvas, colors so bold,

Stories of the season, told,

Fall’s beauty, it astounds.

Forest pathways, leaves carpeted,

Nature's palette, perfectly edited,

Every hue, every shade,

In autumn's glow, displayed,

Its wonders, uncredited.

Mushrooms peek from mossy grounds,

While woodland creatures make their rounds,

Berries ripe, a treat so sweet,

For little birds, a delightful eat,

In every nook, beauty abounds.

Blankets spread, picnics set,

Underneath the sun's warm net,

Golden hours, moments freeze,

Whispers carried by the breeze,

Sunsets we won't forget.

By the lake, reflections clear,

Fish jump, causing ripples near,

Ducks glide, a serene view,

Nature in a different hue,

Fall's magic, drawing near.

Hoodies, scarves, comfort attire,

By the fireplace, stories inspire,

Mugs of cocoa, marshmallows float,

Wrapped in autumn's warm coat,

By its charm, we never tire.

The Enchanting Elegy of Fall

Autumn's song, a gentle hum,

Nature's orchestra, it does come,

Leaves rustling, streams gurgle,

In this symphony, emotions burble,

To its tune, we succumb.

Pumpkin patches, children laugh,

Choosing the biggest, photograph,

Moments frozen, time's embrace,

Golden days, a slower pace,

Walking fall's scenic path.

Wooded trails, a mysterious allure,

Ancient trees, wisdom pure,

Underneath their protective shade,

Promises of yesteryears made,

Fall's secrets, they ensure.

Candles lit, amber glow,

Outside, a gentle show,

Leaves swirling, nature's dance,

In its beauty, we glance,

As autumn winds blow.

Vines ripe, grapes to pick,

In vineyards, people stick,

Wines ferment, flavors meld,

Stories of harvest, elders held,

Nature's bounty, so thick.

Chilly nights, stars so clear,

Galaxies near, atmosphere,

Cosmic dance, universe vast,

In fall's embrace, we're cast,

Its wonders, we hold dear.

Dances of the Dusky Skies

Fall evenings, skies alight,

Crimson hues, sheer delight,

Nature's display, end of day,

In its charm, we sway,

Lost in the twilight.

Orchards ripe, fruits galore,

Nature’s bounty, evermore,

Juicy bites, flavors meld,

Harvest tales, to be retelled,

Autumn's gifts, we adore.

Mountains capped, first snow,

Yet valleys, a golden glow,

Transition time, seasons meet,

Every sight, a treat so sweet,

Nature’s spectacular show.

Hayrides, laughter, joy spreads,

Over hills and riverbeds,

Children play, spirits high,

Under the vast autumn sky,

As daylight treads.

Woolen mittens, hats adorned,

Against the chill, we're warned,

Yet fall's beauty, undeterred,

In every sound, every word,

Its essence, in us, is stored.

Gazing up, heavens vast,

Thinking of autumns past,

Nostalgia, memories intertwine,

In this season, they shine,

Fall's spell, forever cast.

Golden Hues Rise

Whispers of gold, amber swirls,

Crisp winds bring autumn's twirls,

Nature's canvas, rich and bold,

Stories of fall, untold,

Leaves dance, in brisk air unfurl.

Trees shed their vibrant pride,

To the ground, they gently glide,

Every corner, colors hide,

Nature's grand, spectacular ride,

In autumn's embrace, we confide.

Squirrels rush, winter nears,

The forest dresses, then it clears,

Harvest moon, brightly peers,

Whistling winds, the heart hears,

Fall's symphony, music to ears.

Pumpkins rest, in fields vast,

Echoes of summer, now in past,

Warm days, no longer last,

Winter’s shadow, growing fast,

Yet, fall's beauty, unsurpassed.

Hats and scarves, become trend,

Warm drinks, with friends we blend,

To fall’s magic, we attend,

A season of change, it sends,

Autumn memories, never end.

In this season, spirits lift,

Nature gives, a precious gift,

Golden days, so swift,

Soon snow will drift,

But fall's charm, remains adrift.

Whispers of the Orchard

Apple trees, heavy with fruit,

Red and gold, absolute,

Harvest time, resolute,

Baskets full, branches shoot,

Fall's bounty, in pursuit.

Cider scents, fill the air,

Warm spices, beyond compare,

Frosty mornings, trees laid bare,

Yet orchards, have tales to share,

Of autumn, and its gentle care.

Leaves crunch, underfoot so soft,

Up above, birds aloft,

Migrating, to climates oft,

Southward bound, in skies so loft,

Autumn's call, heard so oft.

Pie and tart, baked delights,

Warm ovens, on cold nights,

Golden crusts, and apple bites,

Fall’s flavor, ignites sights,

Orchard dreams, reach new heights.

Picking apples, family fun,

Underneath, the autumn sun,

Day is done, work is done,

Harvest season, has begun,

Orchard's whispers, to everyone.

In the quiet, trees stand tall,

Whispering secrets, of the fall,

Each apple, a story's call,

Orchard's embrace, does enthrall,

Autumn's touch, does befall.

The Gentle Fade

Autumn paints, with a brush,

Quiet, serene, evening hush,

Colors bold, in a rush,

Nature's transition, gentle push,

Fall's embrace, a heart's crush.

Golden fields, ripe and ready,

Air turns cool, calm and steady,

Days shorten, nights heady,

Autumn's pace, always eddy,

Fall’s arrival, always medley.

Mountains glow, with autumn fire,

Colorful quilt, nature's attire,

Each leaf, a song's lyre,

Playing notes, of fall's choir,

Beauty that never does tire.

Rivers reflect, colors bright,

Mornings kissed, by frosty light,

Nature prepares, for winter's fight,

But for now, a delightful sight,

Autumn days, pure delight.

Sunset's glow, more profound,

Casting gold, all around,

Every sight, every sound,

Speaks of autumn, unbound,

Nature's beauty, all around.

With each leaf, that does fall,

Nature answers, a primal call,

Transitioning towards, winter's thrall,

Yet, in this moment, all small,

Autumn's grace, does enthrall.

Misty Morning’s Secret

Mist rises, dawn's early light,

Fall’s embrace, pure and bright,

Whispers secrets, out of sight,

Mornings cool, days just right,

Autumn's dance, sheer delight.

Trees shimmer, in misty haze,

Golden leaves, set ablaze,

Autumn mornings, always amaze,

With their gentle, calming phase,

Fall's beauty, always stays.

Dewdrops on, spider's web,

Nature's art, its ebb,

Misty morns, beauty's pleb,

Glistening jewels, on each thread,

Autumn secrets, silently spread.

Foggy fields, mysteries hold,

Stories of fall, untold,

Colors bright, and bold,

Autumn's touch, so old,

Yet, its charm, never sold.

Mist unveils, day's surprise,

Nature wakes, sun does rise,

Autumn's beauty, never lies,

Each morning, a new prize,

Fall's wonder, in the skies.

With every misty morn,

A new autumn day, is born,

Nature's beauty, so forlorn,

Yet, in its heart, is worn,

Fall's promise, like a horn.

Twilight's Autumn Glow

Evening falls, colors blend,

Twilight's magic, does send,

Day's end, around the bend,

Autumn's touch, does mend,

Nature's beauty, without end.

Stars emerge, one by one,

Day is done, night begun,

Autumn's song, never done,

Whispering tales, under the sun,

Of fall's joys, and fun.

Moon rises, in clear sky,

Casting glow, from up high,

Autumn nights, sigh by sigh,

Nature's lullaby, by and by,

Whispering secrets, oh so shy.

Crisp air, carries scent,

Of leaves, and earth’s vent,

Autumn's aroma, always lent,

Nature's gift, always sent,

Fall’s fragrance, always pent.

Night's embrace, so profound,

Silence, the only sound,

Autumn's beauty, all around,

Nature's love, unbound,

In fall's glow, we are found.

As night deepens, stars shine,

In autumn's embrace, so fine,

Nature's art, so divine,

Every moment, a sign,

Of fall's magic, pure line.

PUBLISHED: Oct 16, 2023
Written By
Elijah Mitchell
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