Poems about Music

Elijah Mitchell
Check out my not so general music poems :P
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Table of contents
The Melody of Stars
Digital Harmonics
The Chords of Destiny
The Folklore of Gaming
Symphony of the Mind
The Physics of Sound
The Chemistry of Melodies
The Aesthetics of Noise
Beat of the Battlefield
The Sirens of Code
The Metronome of Memory
Vibrations of the Virtual
The Silent Playlist
The Riddles of Rhythm
Echoes of Eternity

The Melody of Stars

In night skies, stars play notes,

A cosmic score that freely floats.

Galaxies turn, a cosmic beat,

Space-time's rhythm, a dance so sweet.

The moon ascends, a silver clef,

In night's great song, it takes a breath.

While quasars pulse and black holes hum,

The universe sings where we're from.

Through stardust mist, I hear the tune,

A melody set by sun and moon.

Each planet's spin, a note so true,

The music of the cosmos, too.

Orion strums his stellar lyre,

Each string a trail of astral fire.

While far away in cosmic bars,

Andromeda plays on spiral guitars.

In silent void, a quiet plea,

The cosmos hums in perfect key.

Each nebula, a cosmic chord,

In the great symphony, we're all aboard.

Through telescope or naked eye,

The stars above compose the sky.

A music score that never ends,

A cosmic band of astral friends.

Digital Harmonics

In binary beats, I find my muse,

A digital symphony, I can't refuse.

Bits and bytes, a rhythmic flow,

A melody only hackers know.

Through tangled wires and neon glow,

Electrons dance in rhythmic show.

Each circuit board, a stage so grand,

Where transistors form a lively band.

In silicon groves, a hidden tune,

A secret song that's played at noon.

From motherboard to RAM so free,

Each component hums in harmony.

LED lights, a vivid show,

They flash in time to tempo's flow.

While hard drives spin like vinyl discs,

A modern tune, with an ancient twist.

Through firewalls and coded gates,

Music lives in digital states.

Each algorithm, a melody,

In the complex song of technology.

In zeroes, ones, a hidden art,

The music of a digital heart.

With every click and beep we hear,

A symphony in the coding sphere.

The Chords of Destiny

In every life, a hidden song,

A melody where we all belong.

Through quests and trials, notes take flight,

The music of our epic plight.

Each heartbeat, a percussion beat,

Life's ups and downs, a rhythmic feat.

In every laugh or tear that falls,

We hear the song that inward calls.

While walking through a gaming maze,

Or drifting in a cosmic haze,

The soundtracks of our lives take form,

In every calm and every storm.

A treasure chest or lover's kiss,

Each a note in life's abyss.

Through every win or harsh defeat,

Our lives compose a song complete.

From pixel realms to worlds so grand,

Music bridges the gaps like sand.

It fills the voids and heals the tears,

A universal language that everyone hears.

As destiny's chords begin to play,

I find the tune that leads my way.

In every life, a hidden key,

A song of what's meant to be.

The Jazz of Time

Through time's great loop, I hear a note,

A jazzy rhythm that freely floats.

From past to future, the music sways,

A tune that lasts through all my days.

Clock hands move, a metronome,

They keep the beat of my life's tome.

While time may twist or even bend,

Music's the constant, till the end.

Each era's style, a different tone,

From jazz to pop, how we've grown.

Yet, in the end, it's all the same,

A universal song, a timeless game.

In time machines or smoky bars,

Music's played from Earth to stars.

No matter where or when you're from,

You'll find the beat of a distant drum.

As black holes sing their lonely tune,

A melody that bends the moon.

I find in time, a constant jazz,

A syncopated rhythm that forever has.

Through all the loops and bends of time,

A jazzy note that's so sublime.

From past to future, night to noon,

Time's great jazz will never swoon.

The Folklore of Gaming

In pixel woods, a folklore told,

Of heroes brave and treasures gold.

Through quests and fights, a song we hear,

A melody that draws us near.

Each dungeon crawl, a musical feat,

Where dragon roars and rhythms meet.

The clash of swords, a high-pitched note,

In every quest, music's the boat.

From chiptune bops to epic scores,

Gaming's folklore forever pours.

In each level or daunting raid,

Music's the wingman that never fades.

While saving princess or breaking spell,

In every tale, music dwells.

It tells the story of our fight,

A soundtrack for our endless night.

From retro games to realms anew,

Music's the thread that ties the crew.

Through trials and fights, it's always there,

A symphonic aide that's beyond compare.

In gaming's world, a truth's revealed,

Music's the power we never yield.

From boss fights to a peaceful glen,

It's the folklore told again and again.

Symphony of the Mind

In neural pathways, a tune's composed,

A symphony that's never opposed.

Through thoughts and dreams, the music flows,

A melody only the mind knows.

Each neuron fires, a note so clear,

In the brain's concert, it draws near.

While synapses bridge the gap so wide,

Music's the ferry on which they ride.

In REM sleep or deep in thought,

A hidden tune that's never bought.

From logic gates to abstract art,

Music's the beat of the thinking heart.

Through algorithms or poems penned,

In every thought, music's a friend.

It's the echo in the mental hall,

A universal tune that entrances all.

While minds may differ, some complex,

Music's the code we all annex.

In every ponder or cerebral find,

It's the symphony of the thinking mind.

From abstract math to coded line,

In every mind, music's divine.

It's the language that we all share,

A tune that lives in the mental air.

The Physics of Sound

In vibrating strings, a theory told,

Of universes young and old.

Through quantum leaps, the notes arise,

A music born in physics' skies.

Each atom dances, a rhythmic show,

In the physics of sound, they steal the show.

From tiny quarks to stars so grand,

Music's the pulse of both sea and land.

In waveforms clear or spectral light,

The physics of sound is pure delight.

It explains the notes both low and high,

And how they soar through both ground and sky.

From Doppler shifts to sonic booms,

In physics' halls, music blooms.

It's the echo in the cosmic sea,

A vibrational tale that sets us free.

While math equations may define,

The way that notes form a line.

In the end, it's pure emotion,

A sonic wave in a boundless ocean.

From Newton's laws to strings' vibrations,

Music's part of all creations.

In every equation or theorem found,

Lies the physics of the universal sound.

The Chemistry of Melodies

In molecules, a harmony,

A balanced state that's always free.

Through chemical bonds, the tunes emerge,

A melody that loves to surge.

Each element, a note so pure,

In chemistry's song, they're the lure.

While reactions form a complex beat,

The melodies are far from incomplete.

In acid baths or alkaline,

The chemistry of tunes align.

From periodic tables to DNA,

Music's the molecule that's here to stay.

Through test tubes filled or beakers clean,

In every mix, a song's serene.

While chemicals may clash or blend,

Music's the substance with no end.

In complex chains or simple parts,

Chemistry's music for the hearts.

It's the balance in the molecular dance,

A tune that's part of every chance.

From H2O to complex strands,

Music flows through chemical lands.

It's the constant in the volatile sea,

The chemistry of both you and me.

The Aesthetics of Noise

In random noise, an art form clear,

A different tune for those who hear.

Through static buzz or white noise hum,

An abstract beat for some to strum.

Each glitch or pop, a note unplanned,

In noise's realm, it takes a stand.

While some may hear a jarring sound,

Others find where art is found.

Through error codes or cosmic hiss,

In noise's grip, something we miss.

It's the chaos in the ordered space,

A tune that's from a different place.

From broken strings to feedback loop,

In noise's realm, we find a group.

Of listeners who seek the new,

A different beat that's far from few.

While many seek a melody,

Others find in noise a symphony.

It's the oddity in the mundane,

A unique tune that's far from plain.

From cosmic rays to static screens,

Noise has its own set of scenes.

It's the art form that's always poised,

In the aesthetics of random noise.

Beat of the Battlefield

In every war, a drumbeat sounds,

A rhythm felt through battlegrounds.

In virtual fights or starship duels,

Music's the fuel that breaks the rules.

Each missile fired, a bass note deep,

A soundtrack for the leaps we leap.

While plasma beams form treble clefs,

In battles won or tragic deaths.

From pixel forts to cosmic planes,

Music soars through every vein.

It fills the gaps where words can't reach,

A universal tongue that loves to teach.

In respawn zones or foreign land,

The battle's beat helps us withstand.

It keeps us firm, when we might yield,

The unsung hero of every battlefield.

While aim and skill are vital too,

Music's the force that sees us through.

It calms the nerves, and lifts the mood,

In every fight, it's our soul food.

From quest to quest, through peace and strife,

The battle's beat is life's drumline.

In every conflict, big or small,

It's music that's the soul of all.

The Sirens of Code

Through lines of code, a siren's call,

A melody that ensnares us all.

In hidden loops or scripted scenes,

Music's the key to coded dreams.

Each function runs, a chorus sung,

In every line, a melody strung.

While algorithms build the verse,

Music's the core of the coder's universe.

From Python scripts to JavaScript,

Music's the pulse we can't resist.

It's the backdrop to each coded page,

The silent hymn of the digital age.

Through compiled notes or debugged chords,

In every script, music affords.

A balance found in logic gates,

It's the song that never hesitates.

While code may break or systems crash,

Music's the constant in the hash.

It's the serenade in every click,

The rhythm that makes our engines tick.

From open-source to walled-off code,

Music's the constant on every road.

It's the siren's call we gladly heed,

In every line, a seed of need.

The Metronome of Memory

In every past, a beat persists,

A metronome that still exists.

From childhood tunes to love's first song,

It's the rhythm where memories belong.

Each flashback, a harmonic thread,

In the tapestry of tunes we've led.

While some may fade, others stay,

The soundtrack to our life's array.

From the first note of a lullaby,

To epic scores that make us cry,

The metronome of memory ticks,

In every life, a mix of picks.

Through schoolyard games or college days,

Music's the hue in memory's blaze.

It colors the past, both bitter and sweet,

A time capsule that's far from neat.

While memories may wane or soar,

Music's the key to what came before.

It unlocks the past, a treasure chest,

Of harmonies we've loved the best.

From nostalgic songs to tunes just heard,

Music's the keeper of every word.

It's the metronome that marks our time,

The silent guardian of our life's rhyme.

Vibrations of the Virtual

In virtual realms, a pulse is felt,

A rhythmic vibe where all cards are dealt.

From pixel worlds to augmented space,

Music's the bridge in every place.

Each avatars dance, a groove in sync,

In every world, it's the missing link.

While VR goggles may hide our eyes,

Music's the constant under digital skies.

From social hubs to solo quests,

Music's the soul that never rests.

It fills the air of every room,

The endless loop that conquers gloom.

Through chatrooms filled or lobbies bare,

In every space, music's there.

It's the friend that's always by our side,

The sonic mate on every virtual ride.

While some seek loot or digital fame,

Music's the constant in every game.

It's the ambient sound in a world so vast,

The virtual pulse that's sure to last.

From MMOs to simple chats,

Music's the norm, and that is that.

It's the lifeblood of the virtual sea,

The vibrations that set our spirits free.

The Silent Playlist

In quietude, a playlist grows,

A silent song that nobody knows.

From inner thoughts to dreams at night,

It's the music heard when out of sight.

Each whispering wind, a gentle track,

In silence's grip, there's no looking back.

While some find noise in every gap,

Others hear the music in silence's lap.

From meditations to silent walks,

Music's the thread in unspoken talks.

It's the internal hum we can't dismiss,

The background score to inner bliss.

Through moments still or peaceful glares,

In every pause, music's there.

It's the respite in the daily grind,

The tranquil tune for the peaceful mind.

While silence may seem void of sound,

In every gap, a tune is found.

It's the song that's felt but never heard,

The melody that needs no word.

From quiet nights to dawn's first light,

Music's the keeper of silent might.

It's the eternal hymn in the tranquil sea,

The silent playlist for you and me.

 The Riddles of Rhythm

In every beat, a riddle told,

A cryptic code that's pure as gold.

From drum's first hit to piano's end,

It's the cipher that we all defend.

Each rhythmic clue, a piece of lore,

In the vast puzzle of sounds galore.

While some may seek a simple beat,

Others find riddles that are far from neat.

From syncopated jazz to electronic trance,

Music's the puzzle that makes us dance.

It's the enigma in the daily norm,

The complex pattern

 in every form.

Through coded lyrics or hidden themes,

In every beat, a riddle teems.

It's the mystery that we yearn to solve,

The rhythmic question that makes us evolve.

While some hear notes, we hear a quest,

A rhythmic game that's never at rest.

It's the conundrum that fuels our days,

The sonic maze in which we blaze.

From cryptic hints to clues laid bare,

Music's the riddle that fills the air.

It's the eternal game we long to play,

The riddles of rhythm that lead the way.

Echoes of Eternity

In cosmic scale, a note's released,

A single tone that never ceased.

From star's first light to black hole's end,

It's the universal tune that transcends.

Each galaxy sings, a cosmic chord,

In the vast symphony, they can't be ignored.

While planets form a complex line,

Music's the truth in space's design.

From cosmic microwave to dark matter,

Music's the code in every chatter.

It's the ancient hum that fills the void,

The endless song that's never destroyed.

Through pulsars quick or quasars slow,

In every wave, music's the glow.

It's the constant in the chaotic dance,

The cosmic rhythm that's left to chance.

While some seek gods or theories grand,

Music's the pulse of every land.

It's the ancient echo in the cosmic sea,

The universal note that sets us free.

From Big Bang's start to universe's end,

Music's the thread on which we depend.

It's the eternal song that's always near,

The echoes of eternity we hold dear.

by Elijah

PUBLISHED: Aug 30, 2023
Written By
Elijah Mitchell
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