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Hazel O'Connor

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Embrace the midweek humor with these lighthearted quips that capture the essence of Wednesday's unique charm. From the coffee-fueled struggles to the anticipation of the weekend, enjoy a chuckle on hump day.
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Wednesday is the middle child of the week – it might get less attention, but secretly it's everyone's favorite.


Wednesday: When the caffeine from Monday and the promises of Friday collide.


On Wednesdays, we wear a frown, 'cause the weekend's still not around.


If Monday were a haircut, Wednesday would be the awkward growing-out phase that you just have to deal with.


It's Wacky Wednesday. Be prepared for the unexpected, like your socks actually matching.


By Wednesday, my spirit animal is a sloth with a cup of coffee begging for Friday.


Wednesday's to-do list: 1. Survive 2. Five more minutes of snooze 3. Coffee 4. Is it Friday yet?


If Wednesday came with a fast-forward button, we'd all be weekend warriors.


Halfway through the week and I'm already 95% done with this week's energy supply.


Wednesday, the hump day so full of aspirations – for the past weekend or the upcoming one, pick your struggle.


Wednesday whispers sweet promises of the weekend, then laughs at your tired face.


They say good things come to those who wait, but I've never seen anyone more impatient than a person waiting for it to be Friday on a Wednesday.


On Wednesdays, my coffee is just a vessel for my denial that it's not yet the weekend.


Today has been cancel-Wednesday-worthy but unfortunately, life hasn't approved my request yet.


Keep calm and pretend it’s not Wednesday.


Wednesday: the day you can almost start to taste the weekend but it's still kind of tastes like work.


Why is it called 'hump day' when most of the week's uphill battle seems to start after it?


If Wednesday were an ice cream flavor, it'd be vanilla with a chance of sprinkles if you work hard enough.


Wednesday's child is full of woe, probably because they just realized there are two more days till Friday.


On Wednesdays, we're all the kind of tired that not even coffee can fix... but we try anyway.


Let's have a moment of silence for all the plans we make on Wednesdays and then ignore on the weekend.


Wednesday is the universe's way of checking if you're paying attention to your weekly ambitions or just daydreaming about the weekend.


Motivational Wednesday is an oxymoron.


Somewhere between 'Top of the morning' and 'It's five o'clock somewhere,' lies Wednesday.


They named it 'hump day,' but my only hump is the mountain of work I didn't do on Monday and Tuesday.


Wednesday's motto: Too close to Monday for a party, too far from Friday for comfort.


Wednesday is like a math problem. Add the irritation, subtract the sleep, divide the happiness, and multiply the problems. Happy Wednesday!


Welcome to Wednesday! Join me in the 'pretending to work while really checking the calendar for the next public holiday' club.


I told myself I'd be productive this Wednesday. Unfortunately, I spoke to myself in my sleep.


Wednesdays are like that second push on a swing – it takes you higher, but you're not quite sure if you're excited or scared.


Today is Wednesday, which perfectly rhymes with 'meh' and that's no coincidence.


There are two types of Wednesday people: those who count down to Friday and those who are still overthinking Monday.


If days of the week were TV shows, Wednesday would be the unpopular spin-off that somehow got three seasons.


Some people call it Hump Day. I call it 'The Little Weekend' that could!


Wednesday: Not as depressing as Monday, but you're still a vast plain of boredom away from the weekend oasis.


If Wednesday were a fish, I'd throw it back and ask for a Friday.


It’s Wednesday! You can almost, sort of, kind of, pretty much... see the weekend from here.


One small positive thought this Wednesday morning can change the entire outcome of your horrible, unbearable day!


Wednesday – when everybody overcompensates for being lazy on Monday by pretending to be super busy.


Wednesday: the day you begin to wonder if the spell that turns work into wine has been invented yet.


It's Wednesday – are we over Monday yet or just under Thursday?


Now serving: A fresh batch of Wednesday with a side of 'why isn't it Friday yet?'


Even my computer seems to have caught the Wednesday blues – it just asked me if it could start the weekend early.


Wednesday: A friendly reminder from your weekly calendar that you're still not close enough to smell the weekend.


Alarm clocks are the natural predators of Wednesdays; they both remind you that you're in the thick of the week.


Every Wednesday I have a party. And by 'party,' I mean I watch cat videos until my pizza arrives.


On Wednesdays, my desk is a magical place where coffee disappears and I suddenly understand the meaning of 'against all odds.'


Wednesday: the day you can spell 'weekend' without getting your hopes up too high.


Just think, on Wednesday, your coffee is shocked you've made it halfway through the week too!


Wednesday, also known as 'The Great Divider,' between the optimists and pessimists of 'nearly-Friday'.


Wednesday: Still not Friday. But keep it classy, we've got standards here in the mid-week!


Wednesday is the ‘Reply All’ of days: nobody really likes it, but we just can’t seem to avoid it.


On Wednesdays, I channel my inner camel—pretending to be at ease in the work-desert, while secretly longing for the weekend oasis.


Face every Wednesday with determination... or at least the determination to make it through to Thursday.


Wednesday wisdom: If you can't make it good, at least make it through lunchtime.


Wednesday: the day when even your supercomputer brain starts typing 'TGIF' in emails by mistake.


Wednesdays are like cookies, it's all in how you mix the ingredients: a teaspoon of hope, a cup of hard work, and a pinch of manic laughter.


As I sip my Wednesday morning coffee, I remind myself that 'Almost Friday' is not a recognized holiday... yet.


Wednesday: when all hope for Monday being productive dies and all anticipation for Friday fun begins.


Wednesday's planning tip: organize your weekend like you mean it. Oops, I meant your work. Definitely your work.


Behind every successful person is a substantial amount of Wednesday coffee.


Wednesday: The day when your workplace might surprise you with a meeting that should've been an email or, even better, a Friday.


A wise man once said nothing – probably because it was Wednesday and he was too overwhelmed with work to talk.


Here's to Wednesday, the day that’s just far enough into the week to make you start thinking about how you're going to escape early on Friday.


The only workout some people do on Wednesday is running... late.


Why aim for the stars this Wednesday when you can lie on the couch and watch shows about them instead?


Wednesday: The day to remember all the things I didn't get done on Tuesday and push them off until Thursday.


Happy Wednesday! May your coffee kick in before reality does.


Never underestimate a Wednesday; it’s a silent warrior, fighting to get you closer to the weekend.


Wednesday: not quite a youngster, not fully mature. It's the awkward teen of weekdays.


Shout-out to all the silent heroes of Wednesday, trying hard not to fall asleep at their desks. You're the real MVPs.


On Wednesdays we fuel our souls with dreams of the weekend and our bodies with an unnatural amount of caffeine.


Wednesday: when you need to remind yourself that 'at least it’s not Monday.' Repeat until convinced.


Hang in there. It’s almost, sorta, kinda, close to, just about, nearly the weekend. But first, Wednesday.


Welcome to Wednesday, the day where wishes of productivity go to die.


If Wednesday had a face, I would give it a sympathetic nod while pouring another cup of coffee.


On Wednesdays we might not have fun, but we sure do have a lot of ‘next week I’ll be organized’ talk.


If Wednesday were a superhero, it'd be called The Procrastinator: promising to save the world... later.


For everyone thinking about skipping Wednesday, remember it's frowned upon to miss the main event in the week's reality show.


Every Wednesday I give 100% at work: 13% Monday, 22% Tuesday, 26% Wednesday, 25% Thursday, and 14% Friday.


Wednesday's like the bouncer of the week – it's tough getting by, but once you do, the party's just ahead.


Wednesday: where hope peaks and energy valleys.


If Wednesday were a drink, it'd be a flat soda – disappointing at first, but you'll drink it anyway because you need the sugar rush.


Who needs a Wednesday pep talk? Anyone? No, we all just need naps. Understood.


When someone says 'Happy Wednesday!' I can’t help but wonder, did they have extra coffee or am I missing something?


Wednesday advice: Eat like it's a weekend brunch and work like... umm, do they have to go together?


Just think, in a few short days, it will be ‘Throwback Thursday’, and you can reminisce about this wonderful Wednesday!


Wednesdays are like that friend who says they're on their way but actually hasn't left their house yet.


Yes, Wednesday, you're important too. You're like the turn signal of weekdays – often overlooked but essential for direction.


Dear Wednesday, can you fast forward to Friday? Asking for a friend.


Wednesday: the day you can’t say “better days are coming” without sounding like a motivational poster.


Keep calm, it's only Wednesday. We still have two days to screw it up more.


On Wednesdays, we not only wear pink, but we also wear that "I can survive this week" attitude.


Brace yourselves, Wednesday is here and it brought extra work as a souvenir from Monday!


Each Wednesday brings a promise: that the weekend is one day closer and your coffee will taste one day stronger.


If each day were a cookie, Wednesday would be the raisin one you eat thinking it was chocolate chip.


PUBLISHED: Mar 06, 2024
Written By
Hazel O'Connor
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