Short Wedding Quotes

Hazel O'Connor

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Wedding quotes capture the essence of the bond between two hearts. They are a beautiful way to express the joy and commitment of a couple's special day.
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Love is the greatest adventure, beginning with 'I do.'


In the symphony of our hearts, marriage is the sweetest note.


Together is a beautiful place to be.


Marriage: the canvas where our dreams paint the future.


Two hearts entwined in a lifetime melody of love.


Weddings are not just a union of hearts, but of destinies.


Eternal love is saying yes to endless possibilities.


With each ring, a promise of a lifetime.


Every step down the aisle is a step towards forever.


The beauty of marriage is not seen but felt in the heart.


Where there is love, there is life's most beautiful promise.


Two lives, one journey, bound by the promise of love.


Marriage: A voyage of love, steered by the heart.


From this day forward, you shall not walk alone.


Life's sweetest melody begins with 'us.'


Hand in hand, heart to heart, on this day your adventure starts.


The art of marriage is painted with patience and passion.


A vow of love is the bridge to eternity.


May your love be as timeless as your wedding vows.


United in love, divided by none.


Grow old with me, the best is yet to be.


May your love story be as magical as this day.


Our wedding day: The prelude to our forever.


In the language of love, 'I do' says it all.


A shared 'yes' to a shared life.


Today's beautiful moments are tomorrow's precious memories.


A wedding is only the beginning of a beautiful story.


Love, entwined in a simple band of gold.


Love's journey begins with a single vow.


Hand in hand, today, tomorrow, forever.


Together is the best place to be, starting today.


The heart knows when the search is over. Today, ours rest easy.


Every 'I do' whispers a thousand unspoken promises.


May the love you share be as timeless as the rings you exchange.


Marriage: A masterpiece where love is the artist.


Under the wedding arch, love stands strong.


Two lives, one love, united in the harmony of marriage.


May this day mark the start of your forever after.


Start each day with a promise and end it with a kiss.


A new chapter of love is written with a 'yes.'


Together in love, united by a promise, strengthened by vows.


With every ring exchange, love’s echo resounds.


The horizon of love begins at 'I do.'


Every wedding ring holds a galaxy of memories.


Wedded bliss begins with a kiss and a promise.


Love seals its masterpiece with a kiss and a vow.


A simple 'yes' weaves a tapestry of love everlasting.


In the garden of destiny, marriage is the most beautiful flower.


The vow of love is eternal, as perpetual as the stars.


Begin your forever with faith, hope, and love.


Loving you is a vow renewed with every sunrise.


Marriage: where two stories merge into one grand adventure.


A wedding is but the entrance to love's boundless garden.


Together, may your hearts beat in the symphony of eternity.


Today's 'I do' is tomorrow's 'always.'


Our love, sealed on this day, is our forever promise.


May your life together be as sweet as your wedding cake.


When love and souls unite, the marriage of hearts commences.


Begin the journey of 'we' with the courage of 'I do.'


The shortest word for the greatest commitment is 'I do.'


The fabric of forever is woven with the threads of today's vows.


As you exchange rings, you weave an endless circle of love.


Your wedding vows: the chorus to your lifelong love song.


The beauty of a promise is that it lasts forever.


Marriage: where 'yours' and 'mine' blend into 'ours.'


Declare your love, seal it with a kiss, create a lifetime of bliss.


Wear your love like rings, unbroken and true.


In the embrace of vows, love finds its forever home.


May your unity in marriage be as unshakeable as a diamond.


To venture into marriage is to say to your love, "You are my home."


Love spoken in vows today, echoes through all your tomorrows.


May your shared dreams blossom with each passing day.


Marriage is love's journey, with each other at the helm.


Infinite love is professed in the finite words 'I do.'


Today you vow to navigate the tides of life together.


Wedding bands: the world's smallest handcuffs of love.


Your love story takes flight from the altar of commitment.


On your wedding day, your hearts dance to the rhythm of eternity.


As you tie the knot, may it bind you closer in love.


Say 'I do' and unlock the gates of your shared destiny.


In the glow of love, marriage is the flame that burns eternal.


A wedding is a brushstroke of color on the canvas of life.


Unite your souls, entwine your futures, begin your forever.


Today marks the beginning of a love written in the stars.


Let your rings be the symbol of an endless embrace.


In the promise of marriage, find the strength of togetherness.


Join hands, exchange rings, and embark on the journey of a lifetime.


May your wedding be the first page in a lifelong love story.


Your vows are the threads that weave your future together.


Let the promise of marriage be a beacon through life's storms.


Wear your love as a badge of honor from this moment henceforth.


In every shared smile and laughter, may your love shine.


PUBLISHED: Mar 06, 2024
Written By
Hazel O'Connor
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