Poems for Dad

Jessica Palmer
Have you ever wondered where you draw your strength, who guides you through life's winding trails, or who planted the seeds of wisdom in your soul? For me, that person has always been my dad. Love u pops
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Table of contents
The Oak of Our Family
The Guiding Star
Nature's Symphony
Father’s Day on the Trail
Eternal Spring
The Harbor in My Storm
Dad, My First Campfire
The Keeper of Time
The Art of Fatherhood
Dad’s Garden

The Oak of Our Family

This poem is inspired by my father, who has always been the strong and steady force in my life, much like an oak tree in the forest.

Beneath the sturdy oak, we find our place,  

Shaded by leaves woven with love and grace.  

You are that oak, Dad, steadfast and true,  

A sanctuary under skies ever-blue.

Roots deep as morals, values tried and tested,  

With limbs of wisdom, where our dreams are nested.  

Through storms and sunshine, you stand so tall,  

The pillar of strength for one and all.

Your bark tells stories of years gone by,  

Of lessons learned under an open sky.  

And as the seasons cycle in their turn,  

It's from you, Dad, life’s greatest truths we learn.

In autumn's dusk or spring's new dawn,  

Your love's the current we float upon.  

O Dad, you are the oak, strong and grand,  

The heart and soul of our small, joyous band.

The Guiding Star

Inspired by how my father has always been my guiding light, I think of him as a star that shows me the way in the darkest of nights.

My North Star, Dad, you light my way,  

Your brilliance turns my night to day.  

In the forest of life, through thick and thin,  

You're the guiding light that dwells within.

A constant in a changing sky,  

Your love, an answer to each 'why?'  

You lead the way through trails unknown,  

A beacon to where I have grown.

When lost, I simply look above,  

And there you are, my star, my love.  

Shining down with fatherly gleam,  

The lodestar of my every dream.

Though miles may lie between our sight,  

Your luminance fills each lonely night.  

O Dad, my guide, my endless star,  

I'm grateful for the love you are.

Nature's Symphony

My father is a man of few words, but his silence often communicates more than any speech. This poem is a tribute to the unspoken love and life lessons he has bestowed upon me.

Dad, you're the hush in the whispering trees,  

The wisdom that comes on a soft-spoken breeze.  

In stillness, you teach; in quiet, you speak,  

A symphony played on a mountaintop peak.

The lull of the lake, the rustle of leaves,  

In you, the wisdom of eons I believe.  

Though words are few, your love resounds,  

A serene melody in nature’s playgrounds.

You teach us the art of living well,  

Each action a note, more than words can tell.  

The rustling leaves, the ocean's roar,  

In your silence, Dad, we find so much more.

In twilight’s hush or dawn's first light,  

Your love's the anthem of our collective fight.  

Quiet yet profound, like a river's flow,  

You are the serenade of our life, you know.

Father’s Day on the Trail

Written after a memorable hiking trip with my father, this poem reflects the lessons he taught me, not through lectures, but through shared experiences in nature.

On mountain trails, you showed the way,  

Each footstep an echo on Father’s Day.  

In every rock and every bend,  

You taught life lessons, my dearest friend.

Gazing at skies, both old and new,  

The best of life I’ve learned from you.  

In panoramic views and hidden streams,  

You've sculpted the landscape of my dreams.

With each ascent and each descent,  

Time with you, Dad, is love well-spent.  

On rocky paths or smooth terrain,  

Your guidance alleviates any pain.

So, here's to you, Dad, and our love unfurled,  

A love that climbs the highest peaks of the world.  

In every valley, on every crest,  

Your wisdom, Dad, is simply the best.

Eternal Spring

This poem is a tribute to my father's eternally youthful spirit, which has always reminded me of spring—full of life, new beginnings, and unending love.

In the garden of my life, you are the spring,  

The first blossom, the bird’s initial wing.  

Your laughter, the melody of a stream's flow,  

Your wisdom, the seed from which I grow.

From your sunlight, I gather my hue,  

A kaleidoscope of colors, forever anew.  

With each dawn, your love unfolds,  

A tale in my heart forever told.

Through seasons of sorrow and joyous ring,  

You remain my eternal, unwavering spring.  

A fountain of love, of care, so grand,  

Dad, you are the spring in my life's land.

With the rebirth of each spring's new morn,  

I see the day your love was born.  

My perennial spring, my father dear,  

Your essence is the season I hold near.

The Harbor in My Storm

Inspired by a particularly challenging time in my life, this poem is an ode to my father, who has always been my safe haven during life’s tempests.

When tempests rage and winds blow wild,  

You're my harbor, Dad, since I was a child.  

In the ocean of life, so deep and vast,  

Your love's the anchor, steadfast and cast.

Through squalls and tides, high and low,  

Your guidance shows me where to go.  

When life’s gales try to blow me off course,  

You're the lighthouse that shows no remorse.

You are the calm in every storm,  

The warmth in every shape and form.  

With you, Dad, I’m never forlorn,  

Your love's the port where I was born.

Safe in your harbor, I’ve come to see,  

The strength in me reflects the strength in thee.  

My sanctuary in life's roaring swarm,  

Dad, you are the harbor in my storm.

Dad, My First Campfire

Every campfire we've shared has been a classroom of life lessons. This poem encapsulates the warmth and wisdom my father imparted during those magical evenings.

In the twilight of memory and time,  

You, Dad, are my first campfire’s chime.  

A dance of flames, a symphony of stars,  

A lesson in life, devoid of bars.

You taught me how to kindle the glow,  

A flicker of love that continues to grow.  

In the embers of your eyes, I found my worth,  

Your love, the fire that warms my hearth.

With each spark, you've set me free,  

Ignited my soul, let me

 simply be.  

In the hearth of your love, there's always room,  

A glowing ember in life's dark gloom.

So thank you, Dad, for flames that soar,  

For the fiery love I can’t ignore.  

In the campfires to come, in love's grand empire,  

Dad, you'll always be my first, my eternal fire.

The Keeper of Time

My father has always been fascinated by the passage of time, perhaps because he cherishes each moment so deeply. This poem is for him, the keeper of our family’s time.

You're the hourglass through which I see,  

The keeper of time, and life's decree.  

With each grain that slips on through,  

I see a lesson I've learned from you.

Like rings in trees or stones in a stream,  

You mark the moments of our shared dream.  

You're the compass and the clock,  

In your love, Dad, I find my rock.

From you, I've learned how brief is a day,  

How priceless the moments that slip away.  

Through seasons and cycles, you've shown to me,  

The worth of each minute, how sacred it can be.

For you, my Dad, the keeper of time,  

I pen these simple, heartfelt rhymes.  

With love that ages, yet never declines,  

You're the timeless watch in these lives of mine.

The Art of Fatherhood

My father has an artist’s soul, crafting his love and lessons as if they were works of art. This poem aims to capture that beautiful process.

In the studio of life, you’re the finest art,  

A masterpiece, Dad, right from the start.  

With each stroke of love and hue of care,  

You've painted my world beyond compare.

You've mixed the colors of wisdom and might,  

Highlighted my life in the most perfect light.  

Each canvas you touch turns into gold,  

A gallery of love stories forever told.

In the portrait of our family, you stand,  

A sculptor who shapes us with a tender hand.  

With every line, curve, and form,  

You’ve created a love that's out of the norm.

So here's to you, Dad, and your art so fine,  

The masterpiece I’m proud to call mine.  

You've sketched in my soul a love so good,  

You're the Picasso of the art of fatherhood.

Dad’s Garden

The last poem is a reflection of the spiritual garden my father has nurtured within me. His love and teachings have helped cultivate my inner world, making it as vibrant and rich as any physical garden.

In the garden of my soul, you’ve tilled the soil,  

Planted seeds of love with endless toil.  

Each bud you've nurtured, each vine you've grown,  

Crafts the spiritual harvest I call my own.

With water of wisdom and sunlight of grace,  

You've made my soul a sacred place.  

Each bloom is a lesson, each thorn a test,  

In the garden you've grown, I am truly blessed.

Among orchids of love and daffodils of care,  

Your nurturing hands have been always there.  

Through seasons of change and life's varying theme,  

You are the gardener of my eternal dream.

So in every flower, in each tree's bark,  

I see your essence, I feel your spark.  

Dad, you're the gardener of my heart’s terrain,  

In each sprout of love, you forever remain.

PUBLISHED: Aug 31, 2023
Written By
Jessica Palmer
Nature enthusiast and poet, I find magic in every sunrise and solace in every sunset.
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