Quotes about Love and Marriage

Jessica Palmer
May these quotes find a cozy corner in your heart and perhaps even make you look at love and marriage through a different lens. Written by Me
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Love is the art of turning two lives into one masterpiece.  

Love is an invisible thread that binds two souls, even when they're miles apart.  

Marriage is a sacred space where love grows in the quiet moments.  

In the garden of marriage, love is the most beautiful bloom.  

Love and marriage are like the sun and the moon—different, yet destined to meet in the sky.  

Two hearts in love don't need words; they speak the language of the soul.  

In marriage, love is a treasure and time is the currency.  

Marriage is a lifelong conversation, filled with laughter, dreams, and love.  

In love, you find your better half; in marriage, you vow to be their better half.  

Marriage isn't about perfection; it's about building something beautiful out of imperfections.  

Love is the fuel, marriage is the journey, and a lifetime is the road ahead.  

Marriage is where love goes to become timeless.  

Love is finding that one person who understands your kind of crazy.  

In love, you dream together; in marriage, you build those dreams.  

When love blossoms, marriage becomes the tree that gives it shade.  

A great marriage isn't when the perfect couple comes together, but when an imperfect couple learns to enjoy their differences.  

Marriage is the eternal flame that love kindles.  

In marriage, you don't just marry the person you can live with; you marry the person you can't live without.  

Love is an endless adventure, and marriage is choosing your forever travel partner.  

Love is a melody, marriage is the symphony, and life is the stage.  

Marriage isn't a fairytale, but it's still my favorite love story.  

In marriage, every day is a chance to fall in love all over again.  

Love is about how much you love each other every single day.  

Marriage is the most beautiful thing that can happen to two people in love.  

Love might be a game, but marriage is the championship.  

Love is a single soul dwelling in two bodies, and marriage is its eternal home.  

Marriage is a promise to never give up on each other.  

Love finds you; marriage keeps you.  

In marriage, the little things are the big things.  

In love, we are poets; in marriage, we become architects.  

Love is passionate; marriage is patient. Both are essential.  

Love might make the world go 'round, but marriage makes the ride worthwhile.  

Marriage isn't a contract, it's a covenant of love.  

In marriage, you don't find love; you create it, nurture it, and celebrate it.  

When two people in love get married, they don't just exchange rings; they exchange futures.  

Love sets the heart on fire; marriage keeps it burning.  

In love, you discover who you want to be; in marriage, you decide who you are.  

Marriage isn't just a commitment to love but a commitment to life, together.  

Love makes life beautiful, marriage makes it meaningful.  

Love is the question; marriage is the answer.  

In marriage, every kiss, every touch, every glance is a reaffirmation of love.  

Love is the reason; marriage is the journey; lifelong companionship is the reward.  

In the arithmetic of love, one plus one equals one.  

Love changes us; marriage matures us.  

Love starts with a spark, marriage keeps the flame alive.  

Love may be blind, but marriage is an eye-opener.  

Love and marriage are not just about saying 'I do,' but proving 'I will.'  

Marriage is where 'forever' feels like home.  

PUBLISHED: Sep 01, 2023
Written By
Jessica Palmer
Nature enthusiast and poet, I find magic in every sunrise and solace in every sunset.
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