5 Heartfelt Funeral Poems to Honor and Remember Loved Ones

Keisha Wallace

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The content comprises five unique poems crafted for a funeral setting, each expressing themes of remembrance, love, and the enduring nature of the spirit after death. "A Gentle Goodbye" speaks to the lasting impact of the departed and the solace found in memories. "Evening’s Sorrow" reflects on the mingling of grief and hope as we remember a life well-lived. "Whispers of Forever" captures the eternal connection we maintain with loved ones who have passed away. "Parting’s Promise" offers comfort in the idea that the influence of the departed continues to guide us. Lastly, "Unseen Wings" conveys the notion that love transcends physical presence and remains a guiding force even after someone has left the earthly realm. Each poem follows an ABCB rhyming scheme and aims to provide solace and reflection for those mourning a loss.
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Table of contents
A Gentle Goodbye
Evening’s Sorrow
Whispers of Forever
Parting’s Promise
Unseen Wings

A Gentle Goodbye

Within the silent, solemn halls,

The echo of a life well spent.

The hands of time so gently pause

To honor one whose days were lent.

We gather here in somber hush,

Our hearts entwined in silent prayer.

The memories like rivers rush,

To show the impact that was theirs.

Through whispers of the mourning crowd,

We feel the weight of love’s strong tie.

Each tear a testament aloud,

For one whose spirit never dies.

We say goodbye, not with goodbyes,

But with the promise to endure.

Their legacy within us lies,

In love that’s ever strong and pure.

So rest now in the quiet shade,

Beneath the sky’s vast, starry view.

A gentle goodbye has been made,

We’ll hold you close in all we do.

Evening’s Sorrow

The twilight comes with softer tread,

And whispers low of one now gone.

A tapestry of life, well-led,

Beneath the gentle dusk till dawn.

We stand in shadows, hearts bereft,

Yet midst the sorrow, there’s a light.

For in our souls, their love is kept,

A beacon burning through the night.

Their laughter echoes in the breeze,

A symphony of joy once shared.

Though they depart, they still shall please

Our souls with times that we all cared.

In evening’s sorrow, stars align,

As heaven opens, wide and deep.

For one whose life did brightly shine,

Now in the arms of peace shall sleep.

Though you are gone, our love shall stay,

Within our hearts, you'll find your keep.

Until that distant, breaking day,

We’ll meet again, no more to weep.

Whispers of Forever

A chapter ends, the pages turn,

A life’s tale reaches twilight’s eve.

Yet in our hearts a candle burns,

For one we love, we softly grieve.

The grand design of fate unveils,

We trace the steps once walked in stride.

Though death’s whisper softly sails,

In love, our souls are still allied.

Their essence lingers, fragrant rose,

In whispers of the gentle breeze.

Their warmth surrounds, in calm repose,

In rustling leaves of verdant trees.

As skies alight with morning’s bloom,

We cherish all that they bestowed.

Beyond the reach of earthly gloom,

In hearts, their memory abode.

With every dawn’s resplendent ray,

In every night’s reflective gleam.

Our thoughts to them, will gently stray,

In whispers of the endless dream.

Parting’s Promise

They walked in grace, and left a trail,

Of kindly deeds, amidst the gloom.

Now as we part, with hearts so frail,

We face the echo of the room.

Their voice now silent, yet it calls,

A gentle breeze through pines above.

Though parted by life’s somber walls,

Undimmed remains our cherished love.

In every raindrop’s gentle fall,

In every sunrise, bold and bright.

Their spirit lives, it touches all,

A beacon in the lonely night.

Though tears will fall, and hearts will ache,

This parting holds a promise true.

In every path that we may take,

Their light will guide us, fresh and new.

For in the end, love never parts,

It’s woven in the soul’s deep loom.

A tapestry of countless hearts,

That beats beyond the quiet tomb.

Unseen Wings

The final notes have now been played,

On earthly stage, the curtain draws.

Yet on unseen wings, love’s not swayed,

For in our hearts, it gives no pause.

A journey on to realms unknown,

Beyond the scope of time and space.

In every tear that we have sown,

Is etched the memory of their grace.

Amongst the stars, their spirit flies,

A shining light that never wanes.

Each whispered thought, each tearful sighs,

Becomes the love that still sustains.

We stand in grief, yet also pride,

For one who’s lived with truth and care.

Their legacy, not to be denied,

In every moment that we share.

So let us raise our voice and sing,

Of love that lasts, though out of sight.

On unseen wings, it will take wing,

And lift us through the darkest night.

PUBLISHED: Nov 18, 2023
Written By
Keisha Wallace
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