Christmas Poems

Keisha Wallace


Celebrate with joyous Christmas cheer!
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Table of contents
Snowflakes Dance on Christmas Eve
Gifts Beneath the Evergreen Whisper
Memories Stitched in Yuletide Glow
Midnight Carols and Starlit Skies
Reindeer Tracks and Childhood Dreams
Mistletoe Moments and Frosty Nights
Angels’ Hymns in Winter’s Silence
Tidings of Joy in Snowy Thicket
Holly’s Kiss on the Winter Breeze
Festive Wishes in Every Snowfall

Snowflakes Dance on Christmas Eve

Glimmering lights, the town's serene,

On Christmas Eve, a festive scene.

Snowflakes dance, each one unique,

Whispers of joy, as children speak.

Houses adorned in twinkling gleam,

Stories retold, in fireside dream.

Voices raised in songs so dear,

Welcoming the end of the year.

Around the tree, hands interlace,

Celebrating love, in every face.

Gathered close, we all believe,

In the magic that's Christmas Eve.

Moments cherished, hearts so light,

Underneath the starry night.

Christmas promises, hopes anew,

Binding us in love so true.

Gifts Beneath the Evergreen Whisper

Golden bells chime, their sound so sweet,

Stockings hung neat, presents at feet.

Under the tree, wrapped mysteries lie,

Hopes and dreams, under winter's sky.

Merriment fills the air, joyous delight,

Carols echo, into the night.

Shadows play on walls so near,

As families gather, holding dear.

Paper torn, ribbons unfurled,

Gifts of love, for the world.

Embraces warm, laughter free,

This is what Christmas means to me.

Morning's first light, a day reborn,

Grateful hearts on Christmas morn.

Together we share, this day so tender,

Gifts of the heart, always remember.

Memories Stitched in Yuletide Glow

Candles flicker, casting a glow,

Memories stitched, in times we know.

Warm cocoa mugs, family embrace,

Christmas ties us, in loving grace.

Snowmen stand, with hats askew,

Children's giggles, pure and true.

Windows frosted, with nature's lace,

Capturing moments, in perfect pace.

Ornaments dangle, stories they hold,

Silver and gold, tales retold.

Past and present, seamlessly blend,

Christmas spirit, without end.

In the quiet, a prayer ascends high,

Gratitude felt, under the sky.

For all we have, and memories flow,

Bound by the yuletide glow.

Midnight Carols and Starlit Skies

Silent night, stars shimmer above,

Caroling voices, singing of love.

Cold air cuts, but hearts are warm,

For on this night, a savior was born.

Shepherds watch, their flocks by night,

Wise men follow, a guiding light.

In a manger, a child's cry,

Hope for the world, the reason why.

Families gather, near and far,

Under the brilliance of the North Star.

Voices harmonize, songs old and new,

Celebrating the season, joy coming through.

Hopes renewed, as carols rise,

Echoing under the winter skies.

Peace and love, the world does see,

All because of a holy decree.

Reindeer Tracks and Childhood Dreams

Snow-covered rooftops, children gleam,

Awaiting the magic, in their dreams.

Reindeer tracks, a tale to believe,

The magic of Christmas, we all receive.

Sleigh bells ring, across the night,

Santa's journey, pure delight.

Down the chimney, presents laid,

For all the good, throughout the days.

Cookies bitten, milk glass drained,

Proof of his visit, joy uncontained.

Eyes wide open, morning's first gleam,

Unwrapping wishes, living the dream.

Cherished traditions, old and new,

Binding generations, through and through.

In every track, in dreams it seems,

Lies the wonder of Christmas dreams.

Mistletoe Moments and Frosty Nights

Under mistletoe, secrets are shared,

Laughter and love, openly bared.

Frost paints windows, nature's art,

Christmas kindles, a glowing heart.

Snowflakes settle, on tree branches low,

Setting the world in a luminous glow.

Cherished memories, come alive,

As winter's song begins to thrive.

Hands held close, breath seen in the air,

Magic moments, beyond compare.

Friends and family, come together tight,

Celebrating love, in the frosty night.

As the clock ticks, midnight nears,

We hold our loved ones, banish fears.

For in this season, love takes flight,

In mistletoe moments, and frosty nights.

Angels’ Hymns in Winter’s Silence

Angelic voices, from heavens afar,

Guiding us to the Bethlehem star.

Peace on Earth, goodwill to men,

Christmas brings us together again.

Feathers of snow, descend so light,

Covering the world, in pure white.

Echoes of hymns, in chapels small,

Proclaiming the greatest love of all.

By the hearth, stories unfold,

Of shepherds, kings, and prophecies told.

In every corner, love does enhance,

As angels invite us, to join their dance.

Families gather, near and wide,

In the warmth of love, they confide.

For in every hymn, and silent glance,

Resides the spirit of Christmas's dance.

Tidings of Joy in Snowy Thicket

Beyond the door, a world painted white,

Crunching steps, in pure delight.

Families gather, tales retold,

Christmas stories, never old.

In the forest, trees stand tall,

Guarding secrets, from the fall.

Birds take flight, in graceful arc,

Leaving traces, in the snowy park.

Gloved hands hold, snowballs tight,

Laughter echoes, pure delight.

In the thicket, joy does play,

As children craft a snowman today.

Nights draw in, moonlight's glow,

Reflecting off the untouched snow.

Gathered around, by warmth we sit,

Sharing tales, as candles are lit.

The world silent, but for the breeze,

Carrying carols through barren trees.

In every step, in every ticket,

Rejoices the joy of a snowy thicket.

Holly’s Kiss on the Winter Breeze

Stars twinkle, in the vast expanse,

Setting the night in a radiant dance.

Beneath the holly, promises kept,

Whispered words, as the world slept.

Pine and fir, stand proud and tall,

Glistening under the snowfall.

Amidst the green, red berries gleam,

Painting a perfect Christmas dream.

Frosty patterns, on windowpanes,

Reveal stories of festive lanes.

Gathered close, hearts feel at ease,

Caressed by the holly's winter breeze.

As night deepens, and winds do cease,

Dreams are woven in peaceful fleece.

For every gesture, every gentle tease,

Is holly's kiss on the winter breeze.

Festive Wishes in Every Snowfall

Cocoa mugs, steam rising high,

Warmth shared, under the sky.

Around the table, hands entwined,

Thankful moments, perfectly designed.

Snow blankets, the world outside,

Creating a serene countryside.

Villages alight, with festive flair,

Joy and love, filling the air.

Carriages ride, on snow-clad streets,

Greeting neighbors, with merry meets.

In every flake, that softly falls,

Are silent wishes, that nature calls.

Gentle snow, as night does stall,

Blanketing the world in a peaceful thrall.

In the hush, in the quiet sprawl,

Echo festive wishes, to enthrall.

PUBLISHED: Oct 18, 2023


Written By
Keisha Wallace
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Aretha Johnson
Oct 22, 2023
Beautiful Christmas poems Keisha, love them!
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