Exploring the Essence of Home: A Collection of Heartwarming Poems

Keisha Wallace

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The anthology explores the concept of home through a series of eight poems, each with four stanzas. The poems delve into various elements that make up a home, such as the warmth of the hearth, the sanctuary of the soul, the memories framed by windows, the history behind doorways, the strength found in the foundations, the stories told by walls, the journeys represented by staircases, and the tranquility offered by ceilings. Each poem uses vivid imagery and emotional depth to convey the essence of what home represents—a place of comfort, memories, and personal history.
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Table of contents
A Hearth's Embrace
Sanctuary Of The Soul
Windows To The Past
Doorway To Yesterday
Roots Beneath The Floors
Walls Adorned With Time
Stairway Of Shared Journeys
Ceiling Of Quiet Thoughts

Home, a tapestry woven of memories and moments, stands as the silent witness to our lives' unfolding. Within these walls, we find solace, strength, laughter, and tears. Each poem herein explores a facet of this sanctuary we simply call 'home'.

A Hearth's Embrace

In silent warmth the flames do dance,

Embers glow, the heart's romance.

Walls absorb the laughter's trace,

Preserving love within this space.

Each creaking board tells tales untold,

Of little feet when nights grew cold.

A hearth's embrace, a gentle chase,

Of flickering dreams through time and space.

Here shadows play on life's vast screen,

Familiar scenes, in light unseen.

Mirth and sorrow, both enlace,

Within the heart of home's embrace.

So gather 'round where stories bloom,

Within the hearth, there's always room.

For hearts to mingle, interlace,

In the warm glow of fireplace.

Sanctuary Of The Soul

Between these walls of whispered love,

A sanctuary from above.

A nest where weary wings can rest,

And troubled souls feel truly blessed.

Corners filled with dreams and sighs,

Vaulted ceilings, open skies.

With every creak, a story's fold,

Within these rooms where lives unfold.

A garden blooming, scents that lure,

Each blossom tells a narrative pure.

Life's complexity, here, we decode,

In this sacred, safe abode.

Return each day, to silence's gold,

Within these walls, our tales retold.

Every echo, a memory's hold,

Our sanctuary of the soul.

Windows To The Past

Glass panes hold the morning's blush,

On sills, time's tender, silent hush.

Gazing out, the world's vast span,

Yet reflecting on the life of man.

Frames that border endless stories,

Sunrise glows and evening's glories.

Whispering winds, a child's laugh,

Each window a photograph.

Seasons watched through glistening screens,

Life flows by in shifting scenes.

Windows holding tears and smiles,

Guardians of our homes' aisles.

Through the looking glass, we find,

Reflections of our own combined.

In every pane, both new and past,

Windows frame our stories vast.

Doorway To Yesterday

Upon the threshold, history waits,

Wooden guardian of countless fates.

Hinges carry the weight of years,

Swinging between joys and fears.

A portal to the days gone by,

Welcoming with a silent sigh.

Every entrance, a return,

For every exit, hearts still yearn.

Fingerprints on the frame's edge,

Each a pledge, a signed hedge.

Memories etched in every groove,

In every close, lives move.

Crossing into the realm of now,

Reliving moments, time allows.

A door swings to the days unfurled,

Linking us to our own world.

Roots Beneath The Floors

Below the boards, the roots entwine,

Foundation deep, origin divine.

In silent growth, they firmly grip,

Supporting life on this homeward trip.

The earth below, a bed of strength,

From it our home's pillar's length.

Solid ground, security's source,

Underfoot, a guiding force.

Step by step, with silent tread,

Above a network, unseen thread.

Each stride resounds with whispered lore,

Within these roots, we explore.

Our lineage in timber's veins,

Generations' love contains.

Secured within Earth's gentle floors,

Our roots run deep through wooden doors.

Walls Adorned With Time

Painted surfaces, layers hide,

Stories clinging to each side.

Faded wallpaper, life's design,

Each mark a whisper of the line.

Pictures hanging, moments still,

Captured joys, the frames fill.

Stains of art from children's play,

Memories that won't decay.

Walls that harbor secrets kept,

Through every night as children slept.

Marks of passage, tales untold,

Layers of life that gently fold.

Within these confines safe and prime,

Walls that stand the test of time.

Laden with history's clime,

Adorned with the tapestry of time.

Stairway Of Shared Journeys

Rising twist of wood and rail,

Each step a chapter of the tale.

Promenades of souls ascending,

In every rise and bend, blending.

Scuffs and scrapes from feet that roamed,

On this path, stories have bloomed.

Laughter bouncing step to step,

Stairway of promises kept.

Skips of joy, plods of sorrow,

Yesterday's climb becomes tomorrow.

Echoes of a distant call,

Within the rise and fall.

Connecting floors, a lifeline's span,

A trail of life since it began.

In every tread, the journeys we've borne,

On stairs of oak, our memories worn.

Ceiling Of Quiet Thoughts

Overhead, the silent keeper,

Guardian of the sleeper.

Watcher of the thoughts that race,

Within the mind's embedded lace.

Canvassed whispers, soft and light,

Cracks and beams in restful night.

Shelter from the wild uproar,

Ceiling muffled, peace does store.

Lantern's glow, a halo's spread,

Casting shadows that softly tread.

Tranquility's overhead quilt,

Where dreams and solace are rebuilt.

Remembering the roof's embrace,

Protecting love within this place.

Beneath the expanse of tranquil thoughts,

Our home's ceiling, with comfort fraught.

PUBLISHED: Dec 26, 2023
Written By
Keisha Wallace
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