Love Poems for Him (long distance relationship)

Keisha Wallace
For those who feel the ache of distance, yet find solace in love's timeless embrace...
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Table of contents
Echoes Across the Miles
Uncharted Territories
Whispers in the Wind
The Waiting Game
Connected Constellations
Echoing Heartbeats
Endless Horizons
Dreams Beyond the Miles
Love's Unwavering Beacon

Echoes Across the Miles

Dedicated to the enduring power of love, despite the vastness between.

Miles apart yet close in heart, always,

Each sunrise I wish for your warm gaze.

Every night, dreaming of our next meet,

The moments when our two worlds sweetly greet.

Your voice on the line, a distant embrace,

Love's melody sings, bridging time and space.

In the quiet, I hear our song play,

Rekindling memories, keeping loneliness at bay.

Stars above us, sharing the same sky,

Their twinkling reminds me of the love, nigh.

Even when distance tests our bond's might,

Our love's flame burns ever so bright.

Your messages, like whispers in the night,

Pull me close, making everything right.

Though oceans and continents keep us apart,

Nothing can sever our intertwined heart.

In dreams, I trace your face so dear,

Wishing for the day you're finally here.

The thought of your touch, a distant dream,

Yet, love flows strong, like a silent stream.

Miles can't measure the love that we share,

For in our hearts, we're always right there.

Every sunrise and every silent night,

You're with me, my beacon, my light.

One day, distance will be but a story,

We'll share our lives, bask in shared glory.

Till then, my love, hold on to this truth,

Our love is timeless, vibrant, and couth.

For every mile between you and me,

Strengthens the bond, as love's decree.

Uncharted Territories

Dedicated to the love that knows no bounds, bridging vast expanses.

The map of my heart has you centered,

Yet miles apart, our days are unentered.

Your voice, a beacon across vast seas,

Guides me, comforts, brings me to my knees.

Every heartbeat echoes your name so clear,

Distance fades when I feel you near.

Though screens separate our gaze, our touch,

Our souls connect, missing you so much.

Time zones may dictate our calls, our sleep,

But in dreams, it's you I always keep.

I cherish every memory, each shared tale,

Our love's ship set to sail, without fail.

Letters penned, filled with love and hope,

Help bridge the gap, help me cope.

Each word, a testament to our love's might,

Guiding us through, like stars in the night.

The wait is long, and nights are cold,

But our story, the greatest ever told.

When loneliness tries to creep and sway,

I remember our love, and it keeps it at bay.

The promise of a future, where distance is past,

Keeps me going, holding on steadfast.

Though miles apart, in heart we're one,

Our love story has only just begun.

With every sunrise, my love grows more,

Anticipating the day when there's no shore,

Separating us, keeping us apart,

Longing for that fresh start.

Till then, remember this simple rhyme,

Our love is strong, defeating even time.

Whispers in the Wind

Dedicated to the silent conversations between two hearts longing to be reunited.

Every breeze that brushes my cheek,

Carries secrets of you, of the love I seek.

Each rustle, each whisper of the trees,

Echoes your voice, puts my heart at ease.

Though separated by many a mile,

Your thought brings back that radiant smile.

The wind tells tales of our shared dreams,

Of moonlit nights and sunlight beams.

Though you're far, in nature I find,

Traces of you, easing my mind.

The warmth of the sun, the cool of the rain,

In each, your presence, easing my pain.

In quiet nights, beneath the star's gleam,

I close my eyes, get lost in a dream.

A world where distance doesn't exist,

Where every moment, by you, I'm kissed.

Though it's a dream, it feels so real,

It's in those dreams, you I feel.

The songs of birds, the murmur of streams,

All sing of our love, of hopeful dreams.

For every moment we are kept apart,

Adds depth, resilience to our heart.

Embracing the challenge, the joy, the strife,

For the reward is a shared life.

One day, the winds will not need to convey,

Whispers of love, for by your side I'll stay.

Till that day comes, I hold on to the creed,

That love will guide us, fulfill every need.

So, when you feel a breeze, gentle and kind,

Know it carries my love, our souls intertwined.

The Waiting Game

Dedicated to the patience and anticipation of finally being together.

Counting days, marking calendars in ink,

Each night, to the same star, I'd wink.

Hoping, wishing for the time to fly,

Till the day we don't have to say goodbye.

Across the miles, our spirits intertwine,

I'm waiting for the day I can call you mine.

Screens divide, yet hearts connect deep,

In dreams, it's you I meet and keep.

Words exchanged, laughter shared from afar,

Yet close in dreams, under the same star.

Anticipating that embrace, that touch so sweet,

Till then, with words, our souls discreetly meet.

The universe tests with distance and time,

Yet, in rhythm, our hearts chime.

Echoes of love, across the vast divide,

Patiently waiting, side by side.

Every message, every call is a sweet refrain,

A melody to soothe the heart's longing pain.

Promises sealed with virtual kisses blown,

Our bond, despite the miles, has only grown.

Every sunset, a day less to wait,

Every dawn, closer to changing our fate.

For the love that endures, grows strong,

Surely won't be kept waiting long.

The horizon may keep us physically apart,

But never can it divide our heart.

For love knows no boundaries, no space,

With every heartbeat, I'm in your embrace.

Holding onto memories, hopes, dreams we spin,

Till the day our forever will begin.

Connected Constellations

Dedicated to the stars that watch over us and keep our love alive.

Night's canvas painted with shimmering dots,

Guiding my heart to the place it seeks lots.

Though worlds apart, under the same sky we lay,

Dreaming of a time, the distance fades away.

Stars twinkle, knowing our secret pact,

Guarding our dreams, a love intact.

Orion to Ursa, constellations do the dance,

Yet my eyes find the star of our romance.

Glowing bright, our love's celestial guide,

Bridging the gap, the worlds divide.

In those stars, our tales softly narrate,

A love story, written by fate.

Every star, a memory, a moment shared,

Even apart, the love is declared.

Gazing up, sending wishes so high,

Dreaming of the moment, no more goodbye.

Galaxies apart, yet in the night's embrace,

I find you, and my heart finds its place.

The moon, a silent witness to our song,

Hums along, stringing our hearts along.

Night after night, to the stars I confide,

The dreams, the hopes, and love inside.

Glowing trails, our love's radiant beams,

Connecting us, in dreams it seems.

In the cosmic dance, our souls partake,

Gravity of love, a bond it won't break.

Hoping, waiting for the cosmic align,

For the day, in real, your hand's in mine.

Till then, to the stars above I'll pray,

For love's light to guide our way.

Echoing Heartbeats

Dedicated to the silent rhythm that keeps our love alive.

In silent nights, heartbeats are loud,

Echoing love, clear and proud.

Though distance keeps us apart,

Rhythms match, heart to heart.

Every beat, a song of love, so clear,

Whispering, "Soon, my love, I'll be near."

Tunes of memories, dances of dreams,

Every pulse, love in streams.

Miles away, yet so close in heart,

With every beat, a fresh start.

For love endures, grows with every pulse,

Overcoming hurdles, every convulse.

Cherished moments, shared laughter, tears,

Fueling the heart, overcoming fears.

Echoing promises, whispered so sweet,

Heartbeats synchronize, every time they meet.

Though worlds apart, the rhythm's the same,

Love's silent song, calling out your name.

In the hush of night, when all is still,

Love's rhythm is the only thrill.

Keeping hope, fueling the desire,

With every beat, love sets the heart on fire.

Listening to the silent song it plays,

Waiting for the day, no more delays.

Chasing dreams, holding onto the past,

In the hope of a future vast.

For love's beat is persistent, never to tire,

Burning, glowing, an eternal fire.

Till the day distance is but a fleeting trance,

Till the day love finds its chance.

Endless Horizons

Dedicated to the vast spaces that cannot contain our love.

Endless horizons, stretching miles between,

Yet, in thoughts, by my side, you've been.

Every sunrise I watch, I think of you,

Every sunset, dreams of days anew.

Miles are just numbers, love knows no bound,

In every heartbeat, your love I've found.


 deep, mountains high, keep us apart,

Yet, love flows ceaselessly, heart to heart.

Dreams of a time, when horizons we'd share,

Hand in hand, love in the open air.

Till then, in imagination's embrace we meet,

Where horizons end, and hearts beat.

Endless roads, paths yet to tread,

Guided by love, by you I'm led.

Though vast plains keep us apart,

Journey of love, together we start.

For every mile, strengthens our bond's core,

Makes us yearn for each other more.

Skyline paints stories of days to come,

Of shared horizons, beats of the same drum.

Though now, in different worlds we stand,

Dreaming of footprints on the same sand.

Distance is but a test of our might,

Love's horizon, ever so bright.

Gazing afar, to where the earth meets sky,

Sending love, on the wings of a sigh.

For horizons might keep us apart today,

But love's journey will find a way.

Till then, to the endless skies I plea,

Bring my love closer to me.

Dreams Beyond the Miles

Dedicated to the nighttime visions that keep us close.

Night falls, dreams take flight, soar high,

In them, no goodbyes, just a sigh.

Though separated by vast stretches and seas,

In dreams, together, as close as can be.

Every slumber, a journey anew,

Dreaming my way, straight to you.

Starry realms, our secret meeting place,

Lost in love's timeless embrace.

Distance fades, barriers break in sleep's guise,

There, in dreams, love never says goodbyes.

Holding onto the night, wishes so true,

In every dream, I find you.

Moonlit dances, strolls under starry dome,

Dreams make up for the miles we roam.

Every night, a rendezvous so sweet,

In dreams, love's challenges we beat.

Till the day we need not dream apart,

I'll find you nightly, close to my heart.

Miles might separate in daylight's beam,

But not in the realm of dream.

For every night, to you I fly,

Love's wings, the starry sky.

Until the day dreams turn to real sights,

Holding onto love's dreamy nights.

Love's Unwavering Beacon

Dedicated to the unwavering light of love guiding us.

Lighthouse of love, guiding me to you,

Through stormy nights, its beam breaks through.

Though oceans vast, waves high and steep,

Love's beacon strong, promises to keep.

Guiding light, through the darkest phase,

Leading straight to where my heart stays.

Miles might challenge, tides might rise,

Yet love's beacon never belies.

Shining bright, piercing through the gloom,

Illuminating the path, dispelling doom.

Every pulse, a reminder so clear,

Love's beacon, drawing us near.

Navigating life's tumultuous sea,

Love's unwavering light is the key.

Though shores apart, in different bays,

Love's beacon ensures we don't lose our ways.

Constant, steady, its beam does shine,

Guiding my heart, to intertwine with thine.

Endless nights, when hope seems to wane,

Love's beacon rekindles the flame.

For though distance may play its part,

Can't dim the beacon of the heart.

So, till the day we're together, even,

I'll follow the beacon, love's call to heaven.

PUBLISHED: Sep 20, 2023
Written By
Keisha Wallace
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