Poems about Home

Keisha Wallace
Home is where the heart is, isn't it?
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Table of contents
Unspoken Home
Home, Unfolding
Within Four Walls
Canvas of Life
Patterns and Shadows
Generations Beneath One Roof
Echoes of Familial Love
Legacy of the Hearth
Voices of Yesterday and Today
The Symphony of Kin
Shared Moments, Shared Lives

Unspoken Home

The walls absorb the years, every silent tear,

Every room a holder of shadows and light,

Floors bear the weight of footsteps, heavy, fleeting,

Spaces filled with the echo of daily fight.

Windows, transparent barriers to a world outside,

Yet framing the inside with a unique view,

Filtering sunsets and dawns, memories reside,

Changing with seasons, yet feelings remain true.

In the kitchen, smells and sounds mesh and meld,

Every scratch and stain a testament to time,

Where sustenance and stories are both held,

Emotions simmer, in a rhythm, without rhyme.

Corridors, often overlooked, connect the dots,

Leading to chambers of rest, play, and dreams,

Witnessing the change, from toddlers to tots,

Capturing life's many and varied streams.

The door, silent guardian of what's within,

Marking the border between here and there,

It’s seen hellos and goodbyes, thin and thin,

The boundary, yet open, always fair.

Home, not just a structure, but a sentiment,

Place where vulnerabilities can fully show,

Where we are truly our own element,

Where roots, unseen, continue to grow.

Home, Unfolding

The walls remember the laughter, past and present,

Where every shadow holds secrets, whispered late,

A tapestry of memories, woven by moments,

Eternal stories, in the confines of space.

Windows gaze outward, dreamers looking in,

Every pane reflects stories, tales of time,

Moonlight's dance on the floor, thin and thin,

Shadows of leaves play, a silent chime.

The kitchen, alive, with aromas and tales,

Morning coffee aroma, evening's stewed spice,

Gentle hands have worked, through storms and gales,

Crafting feasts of love, warmth without a price.

Hallways echoing footsteps, young and old,

Leading to rooms, where dreams are spun,

Silent witnesses to stories, often untold,

Of battles, both lost and won.

The door stands strong, guardian of souls within,

Greetings and farewells, the threshold of life,

A sentinel of time, amidst the world's din,

Embracing all, in joy and strife.

Home, a sanctuary, of love and pain,

More than bricks and beams, it's where we belong,

Through sunshine and rain, through loss and gain,

In its embrace, we are forever strong.

Within Four Walls

Echoes of footsteps, history's subtle trace,

Each corner holds moments, frozen in space,

The ceiling listens, to whispers below,

Windows reveal the world's ever-changing glow.

A kitchen alive with scents of the past,

Old recipes, new tales, shadows are cast,

Countertops bearing memories of feasts shared,

The heart of home, where souls are bared.

Stairs creak with age, bearing weight of years,

Each step, a journey, joys, hopes, fears,

Leading to rooms, sanctuaries of dreams,

Where moonlight spills, in gentle streams.

Corridors link stories, from end to end,

Silent guardians of time, memories blend,

Greeting every visitor, old and new,

Echoing tales, emotions felt, true.

The front door, standing both open and closed,

Witness to life's comings, goings, posed,

A sentinel, to all that’s held dear,

Guarding memories, every smile, tear.

In every nook, cranny, home's embrace is found,

Silent, loud, in between, life's profound,

Sanctuary of spirits, resting, awake,

Home, where memories sleep and hearts quake.

Canvas of Life

Painted walls capture moments, colors fade,

Yet stories remain, memories never trade,

Windows frame both sunrise and eventide's hue,

Reflecting life, old moments and new.

The lounge, where laughter has often erupted,

Hopes shared, dreams voiced, life’s tapestry constructed,

Furniture bearing imprints, of times gone by,

Echoing moments, sigh after sigh.

Bedrooms, quiet sanctuaries of peace and rest,

Where dreams are spun, and souls feel best,

Blankets tell tales of cold nights, warmth sought,

Each corner, a treasure, memories brought.

The attic, a keeper of forgotten tales,

Dusty, silent, time therein sails,

Boxes of yesteryears, dreams once chased,

Home's archive, where past is embraced.

Balconies see seasons, rains, snow, sun's blaze,

Morning coffees, evening gazes, life's phase,

Guardians of secrets, whispered to stars,

Nights of solace, healing life's scars.

Each brick, beam, tile, foundation's strong core,

Holds stories, memories, legends of yore,

Home, not just a space, but time's embrace,

Where life unfolds, at its own pace.

Patterns and Shadows

Wallpapers fading, revealing patterns of age,

Every tear, mark, hinting at a bygone stage,

Windows collecting droplets, from rain’s sweet kiss,

Each one a memory, of sorrow or bliss.

In the dining space, tales of feasts linger,

Echoes of toasts raised, by every finger,

Chairs remember the weight, of souls they've held,

Stories of hunger, both physical, quelled.

Libraries with books, adventures in pages,

Generations lost, in tales of sages,

Each spine a journey, to lands afar,

Home's silent portal, to every star.

Basements, often dark, hold secrets untold,

Echoes of times, both young and old,

Storage of memories, packed away,

Yet, part of home, in every way.

The garden blooms, with fragrances sweet,

Petals underfoot, nature’s treat,

Trees bearing witness, to seasons' dance,

Home extends, in every plant's trance.

Walls, floors, ceilings, in silence they stand,

Yet, speak loudly, in a language so grand,

Home, an anthology, of moments so vast,

Linking present, future, and the past.

Generations Beneath One Roof

In the living room, grandparents' tales unfold,

Stories of youth, of adventures bold,

Children listen, wide-eyed, to the lore,

Family history, legends of yore.

Kitchen scents mix with laughter and cries,

Mother's recipes, children's eager tries,

Dad's weekend breakfasts, a cherished tradition,

Home's heartbeats, family's loving condition.

Bedrooms, sanctuaries of young and old dreams,

Teenage diaries, toddler's sunbeams,

Whispers between siblings, secrets they share,

Bonding in moments, both fleeting and rare.

Hallways echo with footsteps of generations,

Echoes of first steps, and graduation celebrations,

Walls adorned with photos, lineage displayed,

Family's tapestry, over decades laid.

Backyard sees picnics, barbecues, and plays,

Family gatherings on sunny days,

Echoes of laughter, tears, and debate,

Home's open arms, where love doesn't abate.

In every corner, memories interlace,

Parents, children, in life's embrace,

Home isn't just walls, floors, or a dome,

It’s where family finds its truest home.

Echoes of Familial Love

Living spaces pulsate with animated chatter,

Parents teaching, kids' questions, what does matter?

Every evening, tales of the day relayed,

In the sanctuary where memories are made.

Kitchen brims with ancestral flavors and love,

Secret recipes, passed down from above,

The clatter of pans, the mixer’s song,

Family bonds, in these moments, grow strong.

Bedrooms resonate with lullabies of old,

Parents comforting, in their embrace they hold,

Children's giggles, parents' soft spoken word,

In the stillness, familial love is heard.

Corridors, silent witnesses to years gone by,

Baby's first steps, teen's first sigh,

Framed pictures tell tales, of joy and strife,

Narratives of a family's evolving life.

Gardens teem with legacies of touch,

Generations planting, the significance much,

Blooms nurtured with stories, shared under the tree,

Roots of family, growing wild and free.

Within these walls, love's symphony resounds,

Every brick holds heartbeats, love unbounds,

Home, not just shelter from life's stormy weather,

But where family's threads are woven together.

Legacy of the Hearth

In the living space, elders sit and muse,

Sharing wisdom, news, often with a ruse,

Children sprawl, engrossed in their own world,

Yet ears tuned to tales, as they're unfurled.

Kitchen witnesses generations sharing the craft,

Old hands guiding young, as dough is shafted,

Legacy of flavors, of family's culinary art,

Passed down, from heart to heart.

Bedrooms imbued with dreams, aspirations,

Parents hoping for their child's elevations,

Nightly rituals, stories, prayers, and more,

Family bonds, forever at the core.

Hallways resonate with familial echoes,

Anniversaries, birthdays, highs and lows,

The tapestry of life, intricately sewn,

With threads of love, in home it's shown.

Porch swings bear whispers of countless tales,

Of ancestors' journeys, their adventurous sails,

Evenings spent, under a starry dome,

Family's history, in the heart of home.

In every space, life's dance takes form,

In the warmth of family, hearts grow warm,

Home, where life's tapestry is intricately spun,

With threads of family, shining like the sun.

Voices of Yesterday and Today

Living room walls, resonating voices deep,

Ancestors' tales, promises we keep,

Children ask questions, the old respond,

Home, where past and present bond.

In the kitchen, hands young and aged mix,

Stories blend with recipes, a perfect fix,

From grandmother to child, traditions pass,

Time's flow marked, in the hourglass.

Bedrooms, havens of solace and thought,

Parents and children, lessons taught,

Whispers at bedtime, tales of old,

Dreams of the future, in trust, unfold.

Hallways bear marks, heights on the door frame,

Growth of generations, each with a name,

Echoes of laughter, joy, and sometimes pain,

In this family abode, love remains.

Terraces view the world, under the moon's gleam,

Place for family dreams, where stars seem,

Close enough to touch, to make a wish,

Home, life's ever-evolving dish.

Within this shelter, roots run profound,

Stories, memories, love, all around,

Home isn't just a place to reside,

It's where family pulses, side by side.

The Symphony of Kin

Soft murmurs in the lounge, tales retold,

Legacy of generations, family gold,

Children's laughter, parents' guiding tone,

Harmony of love, in every stone.

Kitchens alive, with aromas that beckon,

Family recipes, a legacy to reckon,

Generations gather, sharing the space,

Bonding over meals, a loving embrace.

Bedroom walls, guardians of dreams so vast,

Memories of childhood, shadows cast,

Parents comforting, tales of days gone by,

Underneath the same starry sky.

Corridors echoing steps, big and small,

Journey of life, captured on the wall,

Pictures of moments, smiles, and tears,

Chronicles of family, over the years.

Gardens bloom with the care of many hands,

Planting seeds, fulfilling life's plans,

Shared stories under the old oak tree,

Family's haven, as it's meant to be.

Foundation deep, walls standing tall,

Home, a witness to rise and fall,

Yet in its embrace, family finds strength,

Bound by love, through every length.

Shared Moments, Shared Lives

The lounge echoes with shared history,

Tales of triumph, mystery, and victory,

Every generation adds a chapter anew,

Home, where memories forever accrue.

Kitchens hold more than pots and pans,

Stories of ancestors, from distant lands,

Meals that tell tales, of times old,

Family recipes, more precious than gold.

Bedrooms keep secrets, of young and old,

Dreams dreamt, stories untold,

From crib to bed, life's journey traced,

In these chambers, memories embraced.

Hallways lined with photos, moments caught,

Family's journey, battles fought,

From first steps to walking the aisle,

Captured memories, making every heart smile.

In the garden, every flower, every tree,

Tells tales of family's legacy,

Blossoms nurtured, with stories and song,

In this home, hearts truly belong.

In the heart of the structure, love does reside,

Through challenges and joys, side by side,

Not just a house, but a living tome,

Family's story, in the embrace of home.

PUBLISHED: Sep 18, 2023
Written By
Keisha Wallace
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