Poems about Losing a Mother

Keisha Wallace
This year, I faced the heart-wrenching loss of my mother. The void she left behind is profound. These poems serve as my tribute, a testament to her enduring love and remarkable legacy. Her warmth, wisdom, and unparalleled love will forever remain etched in my heart.
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In the Silence of Her Absence

In whispered winds, I hear her song,

Her laughter, light, and love so strong.

Yet, the world feels cold, so vastly vast,

Since the day her journey passed.

The scent of her, in the air so free,

A hint of jasmine, a touch of tea.

In moments quiet, her voice I seek,

A gentle murmur, a whisper meek.

Time moves on, its relentless pace,

Yet, in shadows, I see her face.

The world may change, turn dark and gray,

Her memory, though, won't fade away.

Her wisdom lingers, in every choice,

Guided by the memory of her voice.

In every lesson, in tears and cheer,

In the silence, I feel her near.

Love eternal, beyond the sky,

Even in absence, it doesn’t die.

For in the quiet, the void, the space,

Lies the echo of her embrace.

Shadows of Memories, Echoes of Love

Her embrace, a comfort, always near,

Yet now, I grasp at shadows here.

Echoes of her voice, a lullaby’s trace,

Gone, but etched in memory's embrace.

In every corner, in every room,

Her presence lingers, dispelling gloom.

Moments captured, in frames and time,

In melodies, in silent rhyme.

Her laughter, resonating still,

A joyous note, a loving thrill.

Gone from sight, but never from heart,

A bond that death cannot part.

In dreams, she visits, gentle and kind,

A soothing presence, in the restless mind.

Each morning's wake, a bittersweet find,

Her shadow remains, love intertwined.

Though years may pass, and life moves on,

Her essence remains, never truly gone.

For in the heart, where memories reside,

Her love endures, forever tied.

When Stars Weep for a Mother's Glow

Night’s stars shimmer, reflecting tears,

For a mother's warmth, lost through the years.

Yet in every gleam, in the sky so high,

Her love shines on, an eternal sigh.

Above the world, where dreams take flight,

She is the beacon, the guiding light.

Each twinkling star, a memory we share,

A silent testament to a love so rare.

In the vast cosmos, amidst the dark,

She's the melody, the nightingale's lark.

Singing songs of love, both old and new,

Reminding me of times when her love was true.

When constellations weave stories of old,

I see her tales, brightly and bold.

In every starry night, in every celestial glow,

Is a mother’s love, forever to show.

And as dawn breaks, and stars take leave,

In their absence, I silently grieve.

But with faith I know, as nights anew,

She'll be watching, in the sky so blue.

Leaves Fall, Her Love Remains

Autumn trees shed their golden attire,

Like moments we shared, memories to inspire.

Though leaves may vanish, be blown away,

Her love’s roots hold, forever to stay.

Beneath the rustle, her stories lie,

Of days gone by, under the sky.

Each fallen leaf, a chapter closed,

Yet, her narrative, beautifully composed.

Winter may come, with its chilly embrace,

Yet, I feel her warmth, her tender grace.

For even when nature seems at its end,

Thoughts of her, my heart will mend.

Then spring returns, with life anew,

Blossoms bloom, in every hue.

Much like her love, which never did wane,

Through seasons of joy, and torrents of rain.

In the cycle of life, as years roll by,

Her essence remains, never to die.

Though leaves may fall, and seasons change,

Her eternal love, will never estrange.

Her Legacy in Every Dawn

Sunrise paints the world anew,

Yet, in its hues, I seek her view.

For every dawn, every morning's embrace,

Holds a hint of her grace, a familiar face.

Golden rays break the horizon's line,

Whispers of her touch, subtly divine.

Each new day, with its promise so vast,

Brings memories of her, shadows cast.

In the song of birds, greeting the morn,

I hear her voice, softly reborn.

In the dew on grass, in the world’s yawn,

Is a reflection of her, in every dawn.

Midday approaches, and the sun climbs high,

Yet in its warmth, her memory won't die.

For she is the morning, the start of the day,

Guiding my path, showing the way.

As dusk approaches, and daylight is gone,

The legacy of her love lingers on.

For in every sunrise, in every new morn,

Her spirit remains, eternally reborn.

Echoes of Yesterday, Hopes for Tomorrow

Lost in memories, her laughter rings,

The joy and comfort a mother brings.

While she’s gone, in heart she stays,

Guiding tomorrow with yesterdays.

In photographs, her smile remains,

A testament to love, through joys and pains.

Each frame a window, a glimpse into past,

Moments with her, forever to last.

Nights when sorrow may cloud my view,

Dreams of her make the world anew.

Whispers of love, tales of old,

With her spirit, I remain bold.

Tomorrows come, as they surely will,

Yet with her echoes, time stands still.

Hopes for the future, colored with past,

With memories of her, ever vast.

Even in absence, her presence is felt,

In the cards life has dealt.

For in every challenge, in sorrow and glee,

Her echoes guide, setting me free.

Her Footprints in the Sands of Time

On life’s shores, waves may erase,

The marks she left, the loving trace.

Yet in my heart, her footprints remain,

Through joy and sorrow, love and pain.

Beaches stretch, endless and wide,

Much like her love, never to subside.

Each grain of sand, each ebbing tide,

Reminds me of her, forever by my side.

Tides come and go, as they always do,

Yet her footprints, remain true.

Guiding pathways, through life's vast sea,

Her eternal steps, leading me.

As sunsets paint the sky with hue,

Golden footprints come into view.

Her journey, a testament, strong and fine,

Eternal marks in the sands of time.

Though waves may wash the shores anew,

Her imprints on my heart are true.

For in life's journey, come rain or shine,

Her footprints guide, forever mine.

The Silent Melody of Her Presence

A world without her, a silent tune,

A night without stars, a sunless noon.

But in the quiet, I feel her near,

Her love’s melody, forever clear.

In the rustling leaves, in the gentle breeze,

In the humming of bees, in the tall trees.

Every sound, every silent note,

Is a song she sang, a tune she wrote.

Days drift by, in hushed refrain,

Yet her melody eases the pain.

In every chorus, in every song,

Her presence lingers, all life long.

The world may change, years may pass,

Yet her melody remains, unsurpassed.

For in every beat, in rhythms dense,

Resides the silent melody of her presence.

Echoes of love, notes of yore,

Her song plays on, forever more.

In the world's vast symphonic expanse,

Her silent melody, forever enchants.

Beneath the Veil of the Night's Embrace

Moonlight’s glow, a mother’s touch,

Soft and gentle, missed so much.

Beneath the veil of the night’s embrace,

I find solace, a fleeting trace.

Stars above, like her eyes so deep,

Guarding dreams, watching over sleep.

In the stillness, when the world’s at peace,

Her memories surge, bringing sweet release.

The nightingale sings, a lullaby true,

Reminding of nights, just me and you.

Underneath blankets of stars so vast,

Moments with her, forever to last.

The cool night breeze, a touch so mild,

Feels like her hand, cradling her child.

In the night’s depth, where shadows play,

Her love shines bright, keeping the dark at bay.

As dawn approaches, the night to cease,

Her embrace lingers, offering peace.

For even in the moon’s gentle wane,

In the night’s embrace, her love remains.

In Every Tear, A Memory Resides

Tears fall, each a tale to tell,

Of love, of loss, a final farewell.

But in each droplet, shimmering bright,

Is her love, her warmth, her eternal light.

Painful goodbyes, heart heavy and sore,

Yet every tear, reveals even more.

Of days filled with laughter, nights spent close,

Each teardrop, a memory, a love verbose.

Glistening on cheeks, like morning dew,

Tears speak of times, both old and new.

Of lessons taught, of songs sung,

Of battles fought, of victories won.

As rivers of sorrow flow from the eyes,

In every tear, a piece of her lies.

For even in grief, even in slide,

In every tear, she’s by my side.

Time may heal, tears may fade,

Yet, memories of her will never trade.

For in every emotion, every tear’s tide,

In every drop, her memory resides.

PUBLISHED: Oct 23, 2023
Written By
Keisha Wallace
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