Sad Love Poems

Keisha Wallace
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Table of contents
Tears Painted on a Canvas
Echoing Silence in Empty Halls
Dying Embers in Love's Twilight
Broken Sonnet of Forgotten Whispers
Petals Falling in Slow Despair
The Symphony of Silent Goodbyes
Cracked Mirror Reflecting Sorrow
Ghostly Dance of Shadows Past
Wilted Roses in Love's Graveyard
Sailing Ships on Tearful Seas

Tears Painted on a Canvas

In the gallery of my heart,

Tears drop like art,

Love that once glowed, vibrant, bright,

Now sullied in hues of lonely night,

Canvas of memories, sadness imparts.

A brushstroke of pain, a palette of sighs,

Every tear, a color that vies,

A masterpiece born from the ache,

In every shade, my heartbreak,

A painting hung in silent goodbyes.

Easel of hope, now stands bare,

Colors faded, beyond repair,

In the gallery, silence reigns,

Art of sorrow, love's remains,

In each frame, echoes of despair.

Portraits of laughter turned to cries,

Love's demise in tear-streaked eyes,

On the canvas, pain takes flight,

In a symphony of endless night,

A silent plea beneath the skies.

In the gallery, my heart lies still,

A collection of love, pain, and ill-will,

Tears painted on canvas, frozen in time,

In every memory, a mountain to climb,

Love's artwork, my heart to instill.

Echoing Silence in Empty Halls

In the halls where laughter danced,

Echoes now, in silence, glanced,

Whispers of a love now mute,

A melody turned aching flute,

Loneliness, in shadows, advanced.

Footsteps echo in empty space,

Love's memory I can't erase,

Silent screams, unspoken words,

In every echo, pain is heard,

In solitude, a mournful grace.

Once a symphony, now a dirge,

In silence, our hearts emerge,

Lonely halls, of joy bereft,

In echoes, only silence left,

Our love song, to silence, we urge.

A ghostly waltz in vacant rooms,

Love's requiem in quiet looms,

In the echoes, our love declines,

In silent halls, sadness intertwines,

A symphony of heartbreak blooms.

In empty halls, echoes play,

A sad refrain of love's dismay,

Silent voices, haunting still,

In the quiet, our past distill,

Love's echo, fading away.

Dying Embers in Love's Twilight

Flickering flames, once ablaze,

Now whispers of yesterdays,

In the twilight, shadows play,

Love's embers fade away,

In the ash, my heart sways.

Smoldering coals, in silence scream,

A love lost, like a forgotten dream,

In the hearth, darkness grows,

Once a fire, now sorrow flows,

In the twilight, love's final scheme.

Dying embers, a sad glow,

A love story, now laid low,

In the ashes, memories stir,

Silent whispers, as we were,

In the twilight, heartaches grow.

In the cold, flames die out,

In the silence, echoes of doubt,

Love's fire, once wild and free,

Now smoky trails of a memory,

In the twilight, shadows flout.

Embers cold in love's demise,

In the twilight, a heart sighs,

Dying flames, in ashes lay,

A love lost in the twilight's gray,

In the embers, our goodbye.

Broken Sonnet of Forgotten Whispers

Once whispered words, sweet and kind,

Now ghosts in the corridors of the mind,

A sonnet broken, stanzas torn,

In each syllable, a heart forlorn,

In silent verses, love we find.

A poem of love, now incomplete,

In every line, a quiet defeat,

Words unspoken, a silence loud,

In broken verses, sorrow shroud,

In the sonnet, our hearts deplete.

Forgotten whispers in empty air,

A sonnet broken, beyond repair,

In silence, our verses break,

In every pause, a heartache,

In the quiet, a love affair.

Each word, a tear in the ink,

In the sonnet's silence, we sink,

Verses of love, now turned sad,

In every line, a memory clad,

In broken stanzas, our hearts link.

A sonnet fractured, love's demise,

In silent whispers, a heart complies,

Broken verses, a love distraught,

In every word, a battle fought,

In the sonnet, our love lies.

Petals Falling in Slow Despair

Petals fall in slow despair,

Once bloomed love, now stripped bare,

Each descent, a tale untold,

In fragrant sorrow, memories fold,

Wilting whispers in the air.

In the garden, love decays,

Petals falling in a hazy daze,

Each one a silent plea,

In their fall, our love's decree,

A symphony of muted grays.

Beneath the tree, where love was sworn,

Petals fall, by breezes torn,

In each flutter, a silent cry,

In their descent, our love's goodbye,

A garden of memories, forlorn.

Petals scatter, love's demise,

In their fall, a heart's sighs,

In the garden, echoes our grief,

Each fallen petal, a stolen leaf,

In their silence, love defies.

In slow despair, petals grace,

The ground where love left no trace,

In their fall, a story unfolds,

Of love lost, and memories bold,

In each petal, a tear's embrace.

The Symphony of Silent Goodbyes

Notes of love, now flat and low,

A symphony of silence begins to grow,

Strings quiver with a mournful sigh,

In the final bow, echoes die,

The music fades in the afterglow.

In silence, our love song drowns,

A symphony of goodbyes, in tears it clowns,

Each note, a memory lost,

In the silence, a heavy cost,

In muted music, love breaks down.

The orchestra, once full and loud,

Now whispers of a love disavowed,

In silent melodies, heartbreak speaks,

In every pause, a tear leaks,

A symphony of silence, in sorrow, bowed.

A silent concerto, love's demise,

In every note, a heart complies,

In the quiet, our love fades,

A symphony of silence invades,

In muted music, a part of us dies.

In silence, our symphony ends,

A quiet goodbye, as the curtain descends,

In the hush, echoes of a love song,

In silent goodbyes, where we went wrong,

A symphony of silence, our hearts it sends.

Cracked Mirror Reflecting Sorrow

In the mirror, cracks align,

Reflecting love that once was mine,

Each fissure, a story of pain,

A love lost, never to gain,

In shattered glass, tears intertwine.

Reflections distorted, love's illusion,

In every crack, a sad conclusion,

A face, once joyous, now distraught,

In shattered reflections, love is sought,

In the mirror, a silent fusion.

Broken shards, memories reflect,

A love fractured, a heart suspect,

In the mirror, our love's decline,

In every crack, a silent sign,

A reflection of love, imperfect.

In shattered glass, our love's demise,

In every fragment, a heart complies,

Cracked mirror, reflecting sorrow,

In every shard, a lost tomorrow,

In the reflection, our love lies.

In the mirror, a story unfolds,

Of love lost, and memories bold,

In every crack, a tear is shed,

In shattered reflections, love is led,

In the mirror, our story is told.

Ghostly Dance of Shadows Past

In the ballroom of memories, shadows cast,

Dancing ghosts of a love miscast,

Each step, a lingering regret,

In the waltz, our sad silhouettes,

A haunting tune that forever lasts.

A ghostly dance, memories sway,

In shadows past, our love's dismay,

Each twirl, a tear in disguise,

In the dance, a heart complies,

In the shadows, our love's decay.

Silent music, a haunting melody,

In the dance, a memory's felony,

Ghosts waltzing in a silent room,

In every step, echoes of doom,

A dance of shadows, love's elegy.

In the ballroom, shadows dance,

A ghostly waltz, a lost romance,

In every twirl, a silent plea,

In the shadows, our love's decree,

A haunting dance, a trance-like stance.

In the dance, shadows fade,

A ghostly waltz, a masquerade,

In the silence, our love's last bow,

In the shadows, a final vow,

A dance of ghosts, in memory's glade.

Wilted Roses in Love's Graveyard

In the graveyard of love, roses wilt,

Petals of promise, guilt and guilt,

Beneath the soil, dreams lay cold,

In every thorn, a story told,

Love's epitaph, in tears, is spilt.

Wilted roses, a love deceased,

In the graveyard, our vows released,

Each fallen petal, a silent cry,

In the earth, our love's goodbye,

A garden of sorrow, pain increased.

Tombstones of memories, stand tall,

In the graveyard, shadows fall,

Wilted roses, in silence speak,

Of a love lost, a future bleak,

In the graveyard, love's downfall.

In silence, roses wilt and fade,

In the graveyard, memories cascade,

Each thorn, a prick of pain,

In every petal, love's disdain,

In the graveyard, our love is laid.

Wilted roses, a sad display,

In love's graveyard, we lost our way,

In every thorn, a silent plea,

In wilted petals, our love's decree,

In the graveyard, love's decay.

Sailing Ships on Tearful Seas

Ships sail on a sea of tears,

Carrying love lost over the years,

Waves of sorrow, endless and wide,

In the ocean of longing, hopes abide,

A voyage through the deepest fears.

Sailing ships, a sad procession,

On tearful seas, a love's confession,

Each wave, a memory's crest,

In the ocean, a heart's quest,

A voyage of love, a silent lesson.

Tearful seas, a love's demise,

In every wave, a heart complies,

Sailing ships, in sorrow drift,

On tearful seas, memories lift,

A voyage of silence, under the skies.

On tearful seas, ships set sail,

Carrying stories of love's travail,

Each wave, a tear that's shed,

In the ocean, our love is led,

A voyage of heartbreak, a woeful tale.

Sailing ships, on tearful seas,

Carrying whispers of love's decrees,

In the waves, memories sway,

On the ocean, love's dismay,

A voyage of sorrow, in silent pleas.

PUBLISHED: Nov 02, 2023
Written By
Keisha Wallace
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