Thanksgiving Quotes

Keisha Wallace
As families gather and leaves turn golden, Thanksgiving offers a time to reflect on our blessings and express gratitude. It's a season steeped in tradition, warmth, and the joy of sharing.
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Thanksgiving: a moment to count blessings, not calories.


In the heart of gratitude, we find the feast of love.


Let our hearts be as full as our plates this Thanksgiving.


Harvest the power of appreciation this Thanksgiving.


Thanksgiving: when we gather to give thanks and get full.


Gather with grateful hearts.


Pass the turkey, spread the joy.


Not just a day, but a way of life: Thanksgiving.


A thankful heart is a magnet for miracles.


May your stuffing be tasty and your turkey plump.


Celebrate the abundance in simplicity.


Thanksgiving: A time for family, food, and gratitude.


Fill your home with thanks and giving.


Gobble till you wobble, then give thanks.


On this day, we become rich, counting our blessings.


Feast on love and sip on gratitude this Thanksgiving.


Every day is a day for thanksgiving when your heart is open to gratitude.


Let's be thankful for the peace and bounty we enjoy.


Life is better when you're thankful.


A grateful heart is the meal that always satisfies.


The secret ingredient is always gratitude.


Thanksgiving: where gratefulness and fullness meet.


Feasting on gratitude nourishes the soul.


Gratitude turns what we have into enough.


Keep the thanks in Thanksgiving this year.


Sharing the harvest, multiplying joy.


Loving, sharing, and giving—Thanksgiving's true living.


Give thanks and give back, for that's the true spirit of Thanksgiving.


Stuff your turkey with love and gratitude this season.


May your heart be as full as your dinner plate.


Praise the autumn season with a grateful heart.


Today, remember that every day is worth being thankful for.


Tables laden with food, hearts laden with thankfulness.


Beyond the feast, lies the spirit of thankfulness.


Our hearts echo with the joy of thanksgiving.


Thanksgiving is a melody of gratefulness that the heart hums.


May the gift of thanksgiving bring warmth to your home.


Find the magic in the moments and give thanks for them all.


Thanksgiving: the time to turn harvest into hope.


May your grateful heart find its reflection in those around you.


Let's stuff our hearts with gratitude and our bellies with turkey.


Be the pumpkin pie in someone's Thanksgiving—sweet and full of spice.


Life's a feast to be thankful for.


The warmth of gratitude kindles the soul's fire.


Thanks begets giving; it's the cycle of goodness.


Gratitude paints life in brighter colors.


Make every day Thanksgiving in your heart.


Eat, thank, love.


On this day, let us feast with family and flourish in goodwill.


Savor the joy of simple blessings this Thanksgiving.


Gratitude: the ingredient that truly seasons every meal.


May your Thanksgiving be stuffed with joy and covered in happiness.


Thanksgiving: celebrating life's harvest with hearts harvested in love.


Toast to the richness of relationships and the wealth of gratefulness.


In the symphony of life, may thankfulness be your loudest note.


Pie and gratitude: the best parts of Thanksgiving.


May the colors of the autumn leaves reflect the spectrum of our gratitude.


On Thanksgiving, every heart whispers “thank you.”


Appreciate every bite, cherish every sight on this day of gratitude.


When we share in gratitude, we live in abundance.


Give thanks with your full heart, even when your plate isn’t as full.


A single day of thanks can't contain the gratitude of a lifetime.


Let's talk turkey and all the blessings we cherish.


May your pumpkin pie be as sweet as the moments you're thankful for.


A heart of gratitude is the centerpiece of a great Thanksgiving.


Feast, family, and friends—the triple Fs of Thanksgiving.


The bounty on the table reflects the bounty in our hearts.


Thanksgiving is the day we harvest our year-round blessings.


Turn the page of strife, write thankfulness into your life.


Spread the tablecloth of love, sprinkle with gratitude, enjoy the feast of togetherness.


When we count blessings, we multiply happiness.


Gather, not just the harvest, but also love this Thanksgiving.


Today, gratitude gets the main seat at the table.


Hold gratitude like a cherished guest at every feast.


Thankfulness is the heart's memory, may yours be filled this Thanksgiving.


Gratitude ties generations together with heartstrings.


May your cornucopia overflow with the wealth of gratitude.


Let gratitude be the song that the season sings.


Toast to the bounty and beauty of life on Thanksgiving.


Harbor gratitude and sail through life with joy.


A slice of thanks with every Thanksgiving blessing.


Echoes of thanks drift through the fall air, touching hearts with warmth.


Thanksgiving is not just about the food on the table, but the love around it.


The best seasoning of a Thanksgiving meal is the presence of loved ones.


May the gratefulness you share today light up all your tomorrows.


Celebrate gratitude like it's the only feast that matters.


Cheers to the moments that turn into memories with the magic of thanks.


Even the smallest thanks is a great toast to life's feast.


Let's warm our hearts with the glow of gratitude this Thanksgiving.


Thanksgiving shines a light on the small corners of our everyday joy.


Embrace the season of family, friends, and heartfelt thanks.


When we give from a place of thanks, we give from a place of love.


Gather 'round the table of contentment this Thanksgiving.


May your blessings be as plentiful as autumn leaves.


Thanksgiving: the art of turning what we have into more than enough.


The simple act of gratitude can transform an ordinary day into Thanksgiving.


Wishing you a harvest of blessings, good health, and good times.


PUBLISHED: Feb 28, 2024
Written By
Keisha Wallace
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