Embracing Grief: A Collection of Poems on Love, Loss, and Healing

Layla Farsi

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Exploring the depths of loss and remembrance, these poems delve into the complex emotions of grief, offering solace through poignant words and rhymes. Each piece serves as a gentle companion through the journey of mourning and healing.
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Table of contents
The Embrace of Night
When Leaves Do Fall
Whispered Goodbyes
Gentle Farewell
Unspoken Echoes
Dance of the Leaves
Broken Silence
Forever Missed
A Candle's Flicker
Tidal Grief

The Embrace of Night

The sun dips low; the night clings tight,

As shadows play an endless fight,

The heart, it yearns for daylight's cheer,

But finds its solace in the night so near.

Stars, they whisper; the moon, it hears,

The tales of love drowned in tears,

In the embrace of the silent night,

Grief's heavy cloak feels light and right.

The darkness holds a quiet space,

For memories that time can't erase,

In every twinkling, distant light,

Love's soft echo fills the night.

When Leaves Do Fall

When leaves do fall and skies turn grey,

My thoughts meander, slip away,

To a time of laughter, less of pain,

Wishing you were here again.

Each fallen leaf a story told,

Of lives once warm, now ever cold,

The wind, it whispers soft your name,

My world without you not the same.

The seasons change, as do I,

Yet in my heart, your voice is nigh,

Though leaves do fall and skies stay grey,

In my soul, you forever stay.

Whispered Goodbyes

Whispered goodbyes on the breeze softly blow,

Carrying love where the willows do bow,

Each gentle gust a caress from the past,

Memories cherished, in my heart to last.

Your laughter echoes in the rustling leaves,

A symphony sweet, as my spirit grieves,

For every note sung is a tear I've shed,

A testament to the words left unsaid.

Nature cradles me with her tender sighs,

And in her beauty, your essence lies,

Till the end of time, when we meet again,

I'll find you in the whisper of the rain.

Gentle Farewell

The empty chair, the silent room,

Speak volumes of impending doom,

Gone is the one who gave it life,

Leaving behind both love and strife.

A photograph with eyes that smile,

Pausing grief for a little while,

A gentle reminder of days gone by,

And the harsh truth that all things die.

So here I sit amidst the gloom,

Recalling laughter, dispelling doom,

For in my heart, you softly tread,

A gentle farewell, unspoken, unsaid.

Unspoken Echoes

The chill of dawn, the mourning dove,

Carries the weight of lost love,

Its cry resonates with my heart’s plea,

For an echo of what used to be.

Surrounded by life's relentless flow,

Underneath, a current of sorrow slow,

Time moves on, relentless, fierce,

Yet silent echoes I still hear.

I linger where the shadows fall,

And listen for that distant call,

A voice once vibrant, full of life's glow,

In unspoken echoes, love does bestow.

Dance of the Leaves

In the dance of the leaves, I see your grace,

As they whirl and twirl, take their place,

In the story of us, a chapter closed,

Amidst autumn’s hues, our love exposed.

Each pirouette, a time we shared,

An intimate moment when we cared,

Now the leaves fall, as do my tears,

For the dance has ended with the years.

Yet in the sorrow, there is a trace,

Of the love we danced in sweet embrace,

For nature’s waltz is long and wide,

And in it, your spirit still resides.

Broken Silence

The silence isn't empty, as some might believe,

It's heavy with words that you had to leave,

Echoes of laughter, now a quiet sigh,

A world without you, questions of why.

The whispers of the past are all I hear,

They hold me close, they draw me near,

To the essence of you I cannot see,

In the silence, you speak to me.

Though tears may fall, they speak of love,

A gift you watch over from above,

And in the quiet, your voice I prize,

A gentle song amid broken cries.

Forever Missed

Each sunrise paints your picture in the sky,

A tapestry of colors, as clouds drift by,

But none so bright as your eyes once shone,

Now daybreak finds me cold and alone.

The songs of birds, a bittersweet sound,

Within their tunes, your voice is found,

A melody missed, now and forever,

A note that silence can never sever.

Though life must go on, it insists,

With each new day, you're forever missed,

And in the dawn’s tender rays of light,

I hold the love that feels so right.

A Candle's Flicker

A candle flickers in the night,

Its flame a battle, constant fight,

Against the darkness that descends,

Like grief that grips and never ends.

Eternal is the glow it braves,

Like a soul that loves and endlessly craves,

To spark the memories held dear,

A warmth against the chill of fear.

For though the wax will dwindle low,

The light remains with tender glow,

Just like the love that never flickers out,

A beacon of hope, amidst the doubt.

Tidal Grief

The tides retreat, the shores lay bare,

As if they feel the weight of care,

Each wave that breaks whispers your name,

In the ceaseless sea of grief and pain.

Footprints fade, washed by the sea,

Memories held ebb with a plea,

For time to pause, if just to trace,

The love that time cannot replace.

Yet in the sorrow, there is a gift,

As tides of grief slowly shift,

They leave behind a strength anew,

In the heart’s depths, love forever true.

PUBLISHED: Jan 27, 2024
Written By
Layla Farsi
Urban artist and city whisperer, I'm Layla — crafting narratives where street vibes and vivid imagery intertwine.
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