Heartfelt Obituary Poems: A Tribute to Lost Loved Ones Through Verse

Layla Farsi

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A collection of heartfelt obituary poems that capture the essence of love, memory, and the eternal impact of those we've lost. These verses offer comfort and remembrance in times of grief.
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Table of contents
A Gentle Wave Goodbye
Unseen, Not Gone
Lessons Left Behind
Whispered on the Breeze
Eternal Seasons
Peaceful Journey
Eternal Embrace
Endless Echo
Garden of the Soul
Farewell Verse

A Gentle Wave Goodbye

You sailed through life, a graceful boat,

Upon the waves of love afloat.

A gentle soul, kind and true,

In skies of gray or deepest blue.

With every tide, you gave your heart,

In every role, you played your part.

But now the seas have calmed their roar,

And you're at peace, forevermore.

We stand ashore, eyes toward the light,

As you drift off, into the night.

Our sorrow deep, but oh our pride,

In loving you, a gentle wave goodbye.

Unseen, Not Gone

The sun sets, stars appear above,

In their patterns, I find your love.

Your legacy's a beacon bright,

Guiding us through the hardest night.

Though you're not seen, you're here with me,

In whispered wind, in rustling tree.

Your laughter's echo, heart's refrain,

In pouring joy, in falling rain.

Life’s tapestry, your threads still weave,

In strands of memories we cleave.

Unseen, not gone, you still live on,

In dawn's first light, in dusk’s last song.

Lessons Left Behind

Your life a book, its chapters closed,

Stories of love, in time exposed.

A path you walked, with steps so kind,

Lessons left for us to find.

Each word you said, a seed you sowed,

In the hearts of those you've known.

Grow they will, these seeds of time,

In actions bold, in words sublime.

Now we read with tear-filled eyes,

The tales you penned 'neath open skies.

Forever here, in lines you leave,

Lessons taught, for us to believe.

Whispered on the Breeze

Your voice, a soft and tender breeze,

That rustles through the autumn leaves.

In every whisper, every sigh,

We hear your soul's sweet lullaby.

Now the wind, your gentle touch,

Reminds us that you gave so much.

A presence felt, though out of sight,

Like morning dew in new daylight.

We'll cherish every breath of wind,

A message from a cherished friend.

We close our eyes, feel you near,

In whispered love that we still hear.

Eternal Seasons

Spring's first bloom, your spirit's birth,

Summer sun, your warmth and mirth.

Fall's crisp air, your steady change,

Winter's peace, your quiet range.

Like seasons cycle, years do pass,

Your memories in our hearts amass.

In nature's beauty, you remain,

A part of life's eternal chain.

Each leaf that falls will rise anew,

As will our thoughts, when we think of you.

Through the cycle, love's still gleams,

In our hearts, through eternal seasons.

Peaceful Journey

In silent slumber, now you rest,

With calmest seas to sail abreast.

An odyssey that's just begun,

Beneath the watch of setting sun.

May gentle winds guide your way,

To lands where angels serenely play.

And there, in heavens vast and wide,

You'll find your peace, with love inside.

Our goodbyes untold, our hearts in tow,

We bless your journey as you go.

In tranquil dreams, on crested wave,

We’ll meet again, beyond the grave.

Eternal Embrace

Not just a name on cold, hard stone,

But a life, a love, so fully grown.

A story ended, but impact vast,

Memory's embrace that will forever last.

Words unspoken, a final peace,

A sacred silence, a sweet release.

Yet in this hush, your life's embrace,

Speaks volumes of your loving grace.

Enfolded now in tender care,

Heaven’s light, so crisp and fair.

While here below, you're missed, adored,

In our hearts, you're ever stored.

Endless Echo

Your footsteps echo in the hall,

No longer there, but touching all.

A ripple through our lives you made,

In love, in kindness, it won't fade.

In every corner, every space,

Your energy we still embrace.

Though silent now your laughter rings,

In our hearts, it still sings.

The echo of your days well spent,

In memories, we find content.

Forever danced, your life's sweet echo,

In the love that we’ll forever bask in, though.

Garden of the Soul

The petals fall, but your garden grows,

In hearts of those you’ve loved, it shows.

Each bloom a tale of life well-lived,

Of joy received, of love you've given.

Though physical forms may wilt and fade,

Within us, your essence is forever laid.

A vibrant force, a fierce allure,

Your spirit lives on, pure and sure.

For as we tend this inner field,

Your beauty's harvest we’ll always yield.

In our care, your garden's soul

Blossoms bright, forever whole.

Farewell Verse

The curtain falls, the play is done,

Applause is owed for battles won.

A life's performance, act by act,

Full of love, a powerful pact.

In memory's audience we all sit,

Recalling every life's skit.

The joy and sorrow both in verse,

As we gather to gently rehearse.

Now we bid a final bow,

With gratitude, our hearts avow.

Your final exit, stage's last light,

Farewell, dear soul, to endless night.

PUBLISHED: Jan 27, 2024
Written By
Layla Farsi
Urban artist and city whisperer, I'm Layla — crafting narratives where street vibes and vivid imagery intertwine.
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