Poems about Change

Layla Farsi
Change is beautiful.
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Table of contents
Evolution of the Silent Streets
Shadows of Yesterday's Horizon
Dancing on the Edge of Dawn
In the Wake of Time's Tide
Beneath the Canopy of Change
Glimpses of a World Reshaped
On the Cusp of Something More
Between Past Hues and Future Tints
Navigating the Labyrinth of Alteration
Unraveling the Tapestry Rewoven

Evolution of the Silent Streets

In the heartbeat of the city's core,

Change stirs, ever impossible to ignore,

Brick by brick, old gives way to new,

Stories retold, perspectives shifting in hue.

The city's pulse, a rhythm ever-changing,

To the beat of time, constantly rearranging,

Skyscrapers rise, old houses fall,

Yet the spirit of change encompasses all.

Past and present, a dance intertwined,

As the streets echo tales, time designed,

Buildings may crumble, streets may bend,

But the essence of change will never end.

Neon lights flash a tale so vast,

Of futures to come and shadows cast,

Yet amidst all the change, one thing is true,

The soul of the city will always renew.

Shadows of Yesterday's Horizon

As the sun dips behind what was,

Tomorrow's promise begins its buzz,

The horizon shifts with time's embrace,

Changing our journey, altering our pace.

Yesterday's silhouette begins to fade,

As the dawn of new memories are made,

With each sunset and each new morn,

A canvas of change is reborn.

Glimmers of what once stood strong,

Now sing a different, evolving song,

Horizons stretch, expand and grow,

Guided by the change's perpetual flow.

The sky, a testament, bold and clear,

Of time passing, year by year,

Yet in its vastness, change we see,

A promise of what’s yet to be.

Dancing on the Edge of Dawn

In the twilight between night and morn,

Change is the promise silently sworn,

With each new day, a fresh start awaits,

Opening unknown doors, closing past gates.

Shadows of the night start to wane,

As the promise of dawn begins its reign,

In this dance, change takes the lead,

Guiding us where we might not heed.

Twirling, leaping, in time's embrace,

Change offers both haste and grace,

The night may end, the day may start,

But change forever remains at heart.

With every dawn, a new story spun,

A testament to battles won,

For in this dance, both old and new,

Change remains life's constant hue.

In the Wake of Time's Tide

Rivers bend, paths diverge wide,

Change is the ever-constant guide,

As waters carve valleys, shape the land,

We too evolve, with destiny's hand.

Rippling reflections of skies above,

Whisper tales of push and shove,

With each current, each ebb and flow,

The power of change continues to grow.

Where waters once were, now may be land,

Such is the power of change's command,

Mountains erode, seas may rise,

Under the watchful, ever-changing skies.

Yet with resilience, life does contend,

Adapting, surviving, until the end,

For amidst the tides that rise and fall,

Change remains the master of all.

Beneath the Canopy of Change

Under skies ever-changing in range,

Life moves, in patterns strange,

Yet with each shift, growth is clear,

Change is the force we should hold dear.

Clouds drift, casting shadows below,

Marking time's relentless forward throw,

Days turn to nights, seasons rotate,

In this cycle, change dictates fate.

Leaves may fall, snow might cover,

Yet life persists, always to discover,

New beginnings, endings too,

All under the canopy's shifting hue.

Nature's dance, graceful and free,

Is a testament to change's decree,

For in each moment, each sun and rain,

Life adapts, embracing change's reign.

Glimpses of a World Reshaped

With every moment, landscapes are draped,

In cloaks of change, seamlessly taped,

Mountains rise, valleys sink low,

As change dictates the world we know.

Continents drift, tectonic plates shift,

Creating chasms, causing rift,

Yet in every movement, subtle or grand,

Change sculpts the world with a masterful hand.

Deserts bloom, forests recede,

Nature's response to every deed,

Yet amidst the shifting sands and trees,

Resilience is the world's decree.

Oceans swell, glaciers retreat,

In the dance of warmth and cold they meet,

And as they mold the world's vast scape,

It’s change’s signature they replicate.

In the grand theater of earth and sky,

Change is the director, never shy,

Crafting scenes, both old and new,

In the ever-evolving world we view.

On the Cusp of Something More

Standing at tomorrow's door,

Change beckons, offering lore,

With each decision, step, glance,

We're molded by change's endless dance.

Horizons broaden, perspectives shift,

As we sail on time's vast drift,

Journeys evolve, destinations alter,

With change as the unwavering falter.

Old ways fade, innovations rise,

In the ever-turning wheel of surprise,

Yet in each transformation, subtle or vast,

Echoes of the past are cast.

Dreams morph, visions adapt,

In the realm of change, we're entrapped,

Yet there's beauty in this fluid state,

Where possibilities endlessly conflate.

Guided by the compass of fate,

We navigate change, early or late,

Embracing its rhythms, highs and lows,

For it's the force that forever grows.

Between Past Hues and Future Tints

From memories' colors to tomorrow's hints,

Change bridges the gap, never stint,

A chameleon, adapting, ever so free,

Crafting the world as it's meant to be.

Tapestries of time, interwoven threads,

Capture tales of paths we've treads,

Yet with every weave, twist, and turn,

Change’s lessons we continually learn.

Sunsets morph into radiant dawns,

As change plays on life's vast lawns,

With every hue, shade, and tint,

Change paints life without a hint.

Gazing upon the canvas wide,

Change is the brush, the sweeping tide,

Blending past, present, soon to be,

In the masterpiece we daily see.

Life’s maze constantly in rotation,

Paths redrawn, a continual foundation,

Every turn, twist, brings a new scene,

Change, the architect, crafting what's been.

Walls shift, doorways appear,

As we navigate change, far and near,

In this labyrinth, endless and vast,

Echoes of futures and shadows of past.

With each step, a new route unfolds,

Crafted by tales time upholds,

Yet in the heart of this intricate maze,

Change lights the torch, sets the blaze.

Guiding us through dark and light,

Change ensures our path is right,

For even in moments of doubt and fear,

Change’s direction is ever clear.

Unraveling the Tapestry Rewoven

Threads of time, intertwined, chosen,

Change weaves patterns, bold and unbroken,

In the fabric of existence, designs emerge,

Celebrating the beauty of life's constant surge.

Motifs evolve, patterns realign,

As change dictates each intertwine,

With every pull, tug, and stitch,

Life's tapestry becomes rich.

Ancient tales blend with new lore,

As change sews, never a bore,

Creating a mosaic, vibrant and grand,

A testament to time's ever-changing hand.

With every thread, silver or gold,

Stories of change are continually told,

For in this tapestry, vast and wide,

Change is the weaver, ever beside.

PUBLISHED: Oct 24, 2023
Written By
Layla Farsi
Urban artist and city whisperer, I'm Layla — crafting narratives where street vibes and vivid imagery intertwine.
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