Poems about Dreams

Layla Farsi


In the quiet of night, as the city sleeps, I journey through dreams, where LA's whispers become tales, and every alleyway holds a story yet to be told..
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Table of contents
City Slumber
Whispers of the Night
Brushstrokes of Dreams
Silent Echoes
Urban Fantasies
Midnight Ballet
Bridges to Tomorrow
Night's Mosaic
Tides of the Mind
Starry Hopes
Shadow Play
Infinite Possibilities
Dreamcatcher's Lullaby
A Palette of Dreams

City Slumber

In the city that never sleeps,

Dreams cascade down neon-lit streets,

Each alley a vision, every corner a sigh,

Where urban hopes touch the sky.

Taxicabs rush with stories untold,

Passersby brave, daring, and bold,

Dreams interwoven with traffic's hum,

To the beat of the city's drum.

Above, the skyline stands tall and grand,

Guardian of dreams, over the land,

Echoing aspirations, the city's song,

Amidst the hustle where dreams belong.

Under the moon's soft, gentle glow,

Dreamers dream, letting their thoughts flow,

On rooftops, balconies, places unseen,

The city embraces dreams, evergreen.

As dawn approaches, the city stirs,

But its dreams remain, as the day concurs,

In every nook, every cranny, every lee,

Dreams live on in the city's spree.

Whispers of the Night

Dreams speak in hushed tones,

A secret language, all their own,

Whispers of the heart, calls of the soul,

Night’s tender tales, making us whole.

As stars twinkle in the vast expanse,

Dreams waltz in a celestial dance,

Glimmers of past, present, a hopeful trance,

In the theater of night, dreams enhance.

The wind carries dreams, far and wide,

Over mountains, seas, to the other side,

Whispering secrets, desires confide,

In the realm of sleep, dreams reside.

Shadows play, as dreams take flight,

Unfurling stories, basking in moonlight,

Echoes of laughter, tears, and delight,

Night's embrace holds them tight.

As dawn breaks, whispers start to wane,

But in our hearts, dreams remain,

Ever-present, never in vain,

Night's whispers, our eternal gain.

Brushstrokes of Dreams

In the canvas of night, dreams gleam,

Painted with thoughts, hopes, and esteem,

Each stroke a wish, each hue a desire,

Setting the night's tapestry afire.

Colors blend, creating tales anew,

Shades of joy, sorrow, and hues so true,

With every brushstroke, emotions flare,

Dreams crafted with artistry rare.

Gallery of the mind, open and vast,

Exhibiting dreams, from the first to the last,

Portraits of love, landscapes of fear,

Every dream, an art piece dear.

Under the watchful gaze of starry beams,

Artists, we become in our dreams,

Sculpting futures, sketching the past,

In the gallery where dreams are cast.

As morning light starts to stream,

The canvas fades, but not the dream,

For in our hearts, art does gleam,

Forever alive, in every dream's theme.


Between reality and the surreal,

Dreams weave their ethereal reel,

Floating on silver clouds, so light,

Dancing gracefully through the night.

In this realm, time stands still,

As dreams bend to the dreamer's will,

Landscapes shift, stories unfold,

In this domain, both young and old.

Mountains of hope, rivers of dread,

Skies painted with shades unsaid,

In this dreamscape, emotions swirl,

A tapestry woven with every twirl.

Creatures of fancy, places unseen,

Where the line blurs between dream and being,

In this dance, reality takes a bow,

To the dreamer's world, here and now.

But as dawn's light begins to creep,

The dreamscape starts its descent deep,

Yet, in our hearts, it forever stays,

A realm we visit, in night's embrace.

Silent Echoes

Dreams are the echoes of day's refrain,

Silent, yet screaming, joy and pain,

Shadows of memories, traces of the past,

Linger long after dawn's cast.

In the quiet, dreams reverberate,

Moments of love, times of hate,

Echoes that speak, tales retold,

Of fiery passions and hearts cold.

In the stillness, we hear their call,

Whispers of rise and tales of fall,

The laughter of youth, the sigh of age,

On the vast stage where dreams engage.

They resonate, a symphony so pure,

Of moments fleeting, but sure,

A reflection of life, its highs and lows,

Where the river of memory flows.

Yet, as sunlight breaks the spell,

The echoes retreat, but never quell,

In the chambers of our mind, they stay,

Silent echoes, never far away.

Urban Fantasies

Skyscrapers tall, streets that gleam,

The city paints its own dream,

A fusion of past, present, profound,

Where dreams and reality are unbound.

Neon lights craft tales so vivid,

Of urban legends, love unrequited,

In alleys dark, fantasies play,

Stories that the city has to say.

The hum of cars, the tram's bell ring,

Each a note in the dream the city sings,

Of heroes, villains, the everyday,

In the city's dream, they all have a say.

Rooftops touch the dreamy sky,

Where fantasies soar, ambitions fly,

Above the noise, in the quiet so deep,

The city dreams, even as it doesn't sleep.

But as the morning's first ray gleams,

The urban fantasy starts to unseam,

Yet, in every brick, every stone's face,

Lives the dream of the urban space.

Midnight Ballet

Dreams pirouette in the mind's ballet,

Twirling, leaping, fading away,

Graceful tales of what might be,

In the dance of possibility.

Under the spotlight of the moon's glow,

Dreams perform, putting up a show,

With every spin, a story's born,

To the rhythm of night, they adorn.

In the quiet, the stage is set,

For dreams, memories, and love’s duet,

Dancing to heartbeats, soft and slow,

In the ballet of midnight's shadow.

Dancers of hope, of fear, of delight,

Glide gracefully in the embrace of the night,

Each footstep, a memory, a sigh, a plea,

In the endless waltz of fantasy.

But as dawn approaches, curtains fall,

The ballet ends, but not the call,

For in our hearts, the dance remains,

The midnight ballet, with all its gains.

Bridges to Tomorrow

Dreams are bridges, sturdy and long,

Linking today to a future song,

Spanning doubts, fears, the unknown,

Guiding us to horizons shown.

Arches of hope, paths of desire,

Lit by passion's undying fire,

Crossing rivers of tears and glee,

Bridges of dreams, setting spirits free.

Above the abyss of uncertainty wide,

Dreams provide a secure stride,

A journey to what lies ahead,

Where aspirations and visions are led.

Some bridges wobble, others stand firm,

Yet, each holds a lesson, a term,

In the voyage from night to day,

Dreams illuminate the way.

Yet, as the sun climbs the morrow,

The bridges fade, but leave no sorrow,

For in our journey, every span,

Marks the dreams of every man.

Night's Mosaic

Dreams tessellate the night's mosaic,

Vivid, fragmented, and so archaic,

Each piece a story, a wish, a yearn,

As the wheels of imagination churn.

Tiles of memory, grout of hope,

Crafting a vast nocturnal scope,

Patterns emerge, tales intertwine,

In the mosaic, dreams shine.

Colors splash, stories converge,

As night's artisans passionately urge,

Each fragment a thought, a dance, a play,

Piecing together in a unique array.

Amid the silence, the artwork grows,

With every dreamer's highs and lows,

A masterpiece, ever-changing, never done,

Under the watchful eyes of the moon and sun.

Yet, as dawn's first light does breach,

The mosaic's tales start to leach,

But in our souls, they find a place,

Night's mosaic, a timeless embrace.

Tides of the Mind

Like waves on a silent shore,

Dreams ebb, flow, forever more,

Rising with hope, crashing with doubt,

The ocean of the mind, vast and stout.

Tidal forces of joy and despair,

Shape the shores, here and there,

Every dream, a ripple, a tide,

In the vast ocean where thoughts reside.

Moonlit desires pull the waves high,

While shadows of fears make them sigh,

Yet, in the dance of push and pull,

The ocean remains beautiful and full.

Crests of happiness, troughs of woe,

In the rhythmic dance, dreams grow,

Reflecting the cosmos, the sky so wide,

In the endless seas of the mind's tide.

Yet, as the sun warms the sea's embrace,

The tides retreat, leaving a trace,

For in every wave, every foam's spray,

Lies a dream, leading the way.

Starry Hopes

Dreams are the stars in night's expanse,

Glittering promises, a celestial dance,

Each twinkle a wish, each shimmer a plea,

Lighting the path of what's to be.

In the vastness, dreams take their flight,

Navigating the dark, guided by starlight,

Constellations of hopes, galaxies of desire,

Fueling the heart's undying fire.

Comets streak, meteor showers rain,

Every dream, a universe's gain,

From the distant nebulae to the Milky Way,

Dreams shine brightest in night's array.

But as dawn breaks, stars fade from view,

Yet, in our hearts, their light remains true,

For every dream, every starry scope,

Illuminates a universe of hope.

Shadow Play

Dreams cast shadows, dark and deep,

On the walls of mind, as we sleep,

Silhouettes of what's lost, what's to find,

A theatre of thoughts, of every kind.

Puppets dance, tales unfold,

In the spotlight of memories retold,

Shadows of joy, grief, and play,

All have a role in the dream's array.

The flame of desire creates the shade,

Of dreams pursued, dreams delayed,

In this shadow play, emotions surge,

To the rhythm of the subconscious urge.

Yet, as the morning sun does climb,

Shadows fade, till another time,

But in the recesses of our mind's bay,

Lingers the magic of the shadow play.

Infinite Possibilities

Dreams are doors to realms unknown,

To worlds where seeds of thought are sown,

Infinite corridors, endless halls,

Where every dreamer's spirit calls.

Beyond each door, a story awaits,

Of uncharted lands, of countless fates,

Where time is fluid, boundaries blur,

In the dance of the dreamer's spur.

Through these portals, we roam free,

Exploring every possibility,

Of love, adventure, hopes unbound,

In the dreamscape where all is found.

But as we wake, doors may close,

Yet the essence of the dream still flows,

For in our hearts, in our mind's galleries,

Lie infinite doors to endless possibilities.

Dreamcatcher's Lullaby

Dreams flutter like fragile butterflies,

Caught in the net of moonlit skies,

Safeguarded from the dawn's first light,

By the dreamcatcher’s silent might.

Woven with care, with threads so fine,

Catching dreams, both yours and mine,

In its embrace, nightmares sway,

Transformed by the lullaby's gentle play.

Feathers sway, beads glisten,

As the dreamcatcher listens,

To every hope, every nocturnal song,

Shielding dreams all night long.

Yet, as morning rays start to ply,

Dreams are released, set free to fly,

But in the dreamcatcher's gentle tie,

Lies the lullaby of dreams gone by.

A Palette of Dreams

Dreams paint the night in vivid shades,

Blends of memories, hopes, and charades,

A spectrum of feelings, raw and real,

The artistry of emotions we feel.

With brushes of thought, canvases vast,

Dreams create futures, echo the past,

Hues of love, tints of despair,

All find a place, with care to spare.

Strokes of genius, splatters of fear,

Merge in the artwork of the seer,

Where every color, every line,

Tells a tale, uniquely thine.

But as the dawn's first light gleams,

The palette rests, ending its schemes,

Yet in our hearts, colors stay,

The masterpiece of dreams' foray.

PUBLISHED: Oct 19, 2023


Written By
Layla Farsi
Urban artist and city whisperer, I'm Layla — crafting narratives where street vibes and vivid imagery intertwine.
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Martin Dejnicki
Oct 20, 2023
Hey Layla, these poems are lovely. My favorite is 'Bridges to Tomorrow' https://wordswan.com/author/layla-farsi/poems-about-dreams?s=bridges-to-tomorrow
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