A Poem About Helping Others

Martin Dejnicki
Today’s poem will be about helping others in need. Each day we come across many scenarios where we give a lending hand to individuals that we know well. This may be at home, work, or somewhere else.
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In most cases, helping someone out that we know is second nature to us. No matter how selfless the act may be, I’m sure subconsciously we are aware of the mutual benefits. We understand that people in our lives will reciprocate and help us when we need assistance as well.

That’s all fine and dandy. We’ve evolved to work as team members of groups and communities, over hundreds of thousands of years. We can say we’ve evolved to cooperate with others to maximize our chances of survival over the ages. Religions also teach us to cooperate and help others.

But what about people that we don’t know? I’m talking about strangers. I don’t think most of us would go as far with helping strangers as we do with family members and friends. I don’t know whether any of us would agree to help renovate a complete stranger’s kitchen (without compensation or a guaranteed favour).

Usually the most we will do is hold the door at a store for a stranger. Sometimes we’ll help boost a strangers car (if we have time). These little acts of kindness require very little effort on our part. So we don’t mind.

You may be thinking, where is this post going? Since today the poem is about helping others, I came up with a personal challenge or experiment for myself. Once each year, I will select a stranger at random (possibly at the grocery store or just from the street) and help this person with something. Something bigger than just holding the door or giving a boost. I’m talking about something that will make a more significant impact on that person’s life.

The act must be completely selfless. I can’t expect anything in return from the person I help (ever). Sure you may end up expanding your social circle, but don’t expect to. Since we all judge others within milliseconds of seeing them, I may need to select the fifth random person that I bump into at a store or on the street. The goal is to help a stranger out for the entire day. This act of kindness will not discriminate between rich and poor.

We’ll see how it goes. Now let’s write the poem. (Time is passing right now but only for me as I write the poem, for you it’s instant, aren’t you lucky, lol, enjoy)

Stranger Fifth

At early sunrise, she went for a stroll,

Anxiety struggling,

with her current goal.

Random stranger,

she must choose.

Even with, conflicting views.

Walking towards,

stranger Fifth,

Shall not judge,

Hussein or Smith.

The first passes,

he is fit.

Instant attraction,

she does admit.

Seconds later, jogs by,

Miss pretty,

A little jealous,

that’s a pity.

Third and fourth,

an older pair,

Changing diapers,

she could not bear.

No more judging,

next one she’ll assist,

If confused,

she will insist.

Fifth approaches,

she looks quite young,

Mission to help,

runs off her tongue.

Once convinced,

Fifth, begins to cry,

An act of kindness,

from where and why?

She helped Fifth,

the entire day,

Enjoyed the deed,

with zero pay.

Fifth just needed,

someone to talk,

and interrupt her

lonely walk.

by Martin Dejnicki

PUBLISHED: Oct 04, 2023
Written By
Martin Dejnicki
I enjoy writing simple rhyming poetry that people can easily share with their loved ones. I live in Toronto with my loving wife and two curious, adventure-seeking daughters.
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