A Poem About Money

Martin Dejnicki
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Today’s poem is about money. It’s one of the major components that our society wouldn’t be able to function without. I think all of us will be able to relate to this poem simply because we all depend on money for survival.


Money is something,

that we all desire.

We need buckets full,

to comfortably retire.

The value of money,

through the years may change.

Those currency markets,

are often quite strange.

We need money,

to simply survive.

The more we can make,

the nicer our drive.

Money is important,

but let’s not get obsessed.

Think constantly about profits,

and you’ll never get rest.

We need money to pay,

for services and goods.

Otherwise, we’d be back,

in the caves and the woods.

The money we save,

we should surely invest,

The trick in these times,

to find somewhere it’s best.

by Martin Dejnicki

The topic of money is something that we may all talk about, since it’s a big part of our everyday lives. There are countless experts in this field that flood the financial industry with investment advice and predictions.

If you would take out any type of monetary currency out of your pocket right now, what would you see? What does this piece of paper represent?

Sure it represents something that we all need in our daily lives to survive. But how and why has it ended up in our possession?

For me the answer is – Value!

In order for us to collect or accumulate or receive money from others, we need to create some kind of value for others. If we work for a company, we create value for our bosses, who package the value that they received from us and move up the chain to their bosses until it reaches the end users who pay money for the goods and services that may have begun with you.

I see this like a filtration process. As an example let’s say a week of work at our jobs enables us to create $20,000 worth of some kind of product. If we owned the company and once we paid all our expenses off like machinery, electricity, packaging, etc… we would come out with $15,000 in our pockets.

However, in most companies, we’re just a piece of the puzzle or pyramid. So that $20,000 of initial value that we create is given to our boss, who takes a piece for his role, and who gives the rest to his boss and it’s also shared with other important departments like marketing and R&D. So at the end of the day you may receive $1000 from your $20,000 of value that you created in a week and that is sold to the end user for $20,000.

That’s why I’m a big fan of small businesses, where the filtration process between the person creating the value and the end consumer is very short. Ideally, you’d want to be involved in a small enterprise that is able to create significant value for a large number of end consumers with minimal resources. For me that’s very elegant and sexy.

Unfortunately, in most cases only large companies are able to create large amounts of value of a large market due to their extensive network of resources. But you need to be careful with these giants of industry. They’re often over bloated with conflicting levels of management and they innovate and adapt at the pace of snails.

For those reasons, I’ll continue to stick with small and efficient, innovation based enterprises.

PUBLISHED: Sep 30, 2023
Written By
Martin Dejnicki
I enjoy writing simple rhyming poetry that people can easily share with their loved ones. I live in Toronto with my loving wife and two curious, adventure-seeking daughters.
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