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Martin Dejnicki
Hope you enjoy sharing the various baby poems featured on this post. You may wish to frame your favorite baby verse and share it with that beautiful baby in your life.
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Table of contents
My Precious Baby
Adorable Baby
My Sleeping Baby
Baby Tricks
Cutie Patootie
Curious and Fun
Newborn Joy
My Baby Daughter
My Baby Son
The First Time

The first poem below talks about some of the emotions that a mother feels towards her baby.

The bond between a mother and her baby is remarkable, and that's the theme behind the poem.

I think it would be really thoughtful to share it with a close friend or relative who has a baby girl or boy. I'm sure she will truly appreciate the nice gesture. I may share it with my sister, who has a 14 month old baby boy.

My Precious Baby

My precious baby,

I love you so much.

Promise to protect you,

with my soft tender touch.

You mean everything to me,

if only you knew.

A moment without you,

and I instantly feel blue.

My precious baby,

I'll watch you just grow.

We'll play lots of games,

and I'll tickle your toe.

As your loving mother,

I feel much more than blessed.

In life I wish you happiness,

and only the best.

My precious baby,

I will always be here.

Promise to protect you,

you have nothing to fear.

By Martin Dejnicki

Adorable Baby

Adorable baby,

cuddly and sweet.

Cute chubby hands,

and bubbly feet.

You're a beautiful,

bundle of joy.

Let's have some fun,

you choose the toy.

That little yawn means,

you need a nap.

Mommy will hold you,

in her arms she will wrap.

Once you wake up,

you'll be ready to go.

and your curious ways,

with tiny fingers you'll show.

In your baby language,

many stories you tell.

About that bouncy ball,

and that colorful bell.

Adorable baby,

cuddly and sweet.

Being around you,

is a wonderful treat.

By Martin Dejnicki

The above baby verses talk about how truly adorable babies are.

They're not only adorable physically speaking.

But it's cute how they try to move around, and mumble random sounds (baby language).

Entertaining babies can also be a lot of fun. They like colorful things and toys or objects that make noise (anything interesting will captivate their imaginations).

Hope you enjoy sharing that last poem with an adorable baby, and don't forget to have fun with that tiny bundle of joy. Whether on a crisp morning walk with your precious baby or on a road trip as your baby sleeps in her comfy and safe Britax infant car seat.

The next baby poem talks about putting a baby to sleep. It's often a very tiring process for parents, but it's all worth it in the end.

You may wish to read this poem to your baby prior to a nap or bedtime.

My Sleeping Baby

My love for you,

is cuddly and deep.

Beautiful baby,

please drift off to sleep.

I'll comfort and calm you,

with a warm gentle bath.

Nestle you closely,

onto the mellowing path.

Teddy-bear snuggle,

but first we must feed.

A nice peaceful story,

I promise to read.

Safely swaddled,

will help you sleep tight.

When it is dark,

you are my light.

Soft gentle lullabies,

gladly I'll sing.

My sleeping baby,

pure joy you just bring.

I'll make sure you're snuggled,

with nice dreams and your tummy.

You are my world,

and I am your mummy.

By Martin Dejnicki

Well, I hope you enjoyed those sleep related baby verses, and best of luck with getting your baby to sleep. I'm sure you'll need it. One trick many parents use is go for a car ride as their baby falls asleep in a comfortable Graco convertible car seat.

Let's switch things up a little bit and write a funny baby poem. I can't guarantee anything, except that I'll try my very best to make it funny. Here it goes:

Baby Tricks

He entered cautiously,

into his baby's domain.

She had a smirk on her face,

and a very large brain.

Suddenly he tripped,

on one of her toys.

She giggled and smiled,

his fall brought her joys.

He tried to duck,

but it was simply too late.

His hair covered in oatmeal,

from her pink pretty plate.

He reached for her,

but she was too quick.

She crawled under the crib,

another cool trick.

He followed, she yelled,

and he hit his head.

He became dizzy,

his forehead was red.

Moments later,

he was out cold,

and slept like a baby,

but one that is old.

By Martin Dejnicki

I had a lot of fun writing and visualizing that one. I can just see a father walking into his baby girl's room and being playfully attacked by her. You may wish to switch a few words around in that poem so that it relates to a boy (if you need one for a boy).

The next poem may be shared with a super cute baby girl. It talks about a baby girl who everyone calls, "Cutie Patootie".

Cutie Patootie

A cute baby girl,

came to this earth.

The miracle happened,

right after birth.

"Cutie Patootie!"

they all seem to say.

She always smiles,

and just wants to play.

Strangers just stare,

they're always in awe.

Ask to take pictures,

or simply just draw.

Makes others around her,

happy as well.

Her joy and enthusiasm,

you could easily tell.

Cutie Patootie,

loves to explore.

But when she's tired,

she has a very cute snore.

This baby girl,

has so much love to share.

What a - "Cutie Patootie!"

she's precious and rare.

By Martin Dejnicki

After reading that poem, it reminds me how adorably cute my baby niece looked when she was a baby. I should find those videos and watch them with the family.

Well I hope you cherish every moment with all the cute baby girls in your life, because they will grow up really fast.

Alright, let's take a look at a poem that was written for a baby boy. I'm sure it will remind you of that special baby boy in your life. Enjoy!

Curious and Fun

Little baby boy,

naturally curious and fun.

We know you can't wait,

to go play in the sun.

Soon your cute face,

will be covered in dirt,

You look so happy,

in your baby blue shirt.

Maybe your nickname,

will be - "Bundle of Noise".

An interesting combination,

is your imagination and toys.

I know you will grow,

to be honest and true.

But at this moment,

you laugh when we moo..

You're preciously cute,

and adorably small.

But the love that you share,

is naturally tall.

Little baby boy,

naturally curious and fun.

Your adventures in life,

have only begun.

By Martin Dejnicki

Does that poem describe how fun and wonderful little baby boys are?

It's certainly a blessing to have a baby boy in your life. For those of us who don't (or not yet), there's always relatives or friends, and of course all those funny baby boy videos on

The next poem may be shared with a newborn baby (or the baby's parents if the baby can't read at birth).

Newborn Joy

Welcome newborn baby,

our planet is earth.

You're the ultimate reward,

from a long painful birth.

Now that you're here,

with joy we are thrilled.

A beautiful life,

with you we shall build.

Feel free to be curious,

but no need to be scared.

You will be spoiled,

and thoughtfully cared.

Don't worry precious one,

we will tend to your cries.

Everything will be explained,

once you open your eyes.

You're tremendously cute,

adorable and sweet.

The rest of the family,

soon you will meet.

We all hope you're excited,

with being brand new.

You're our newborn joy,

and with our hearts we love you.

By Martin Dejnicki

Holding a precious newborn baby is the most amazing feeling. You're basically holding a tiny miracle that will grow and develop into a full grown human being. It's just amazing how life begins from such a vulnerable and tiny state.

Next time a friend or family member gives birth; you may want to include the newborn baby poem along with the flowers. Your thoughtfulness will be truly appreciated. I know my wife would be so happy to receive something like that.

Personally, I recommend Singing to Me, which is a website that contains cute audio lullabies, and Lil' Fingers, which is a wonderful website that features beautiful storybooks and activities for toddlers.

If you are lucky enough to have a baby daughter in your life, then you will love the next poem. You could even frame it and hang it up inside her nursery.

My Baby Daughter

My baby daughter,

I love you so dearly.

You belong in my arms,

to cherish sincerely.

I remember the moment,

when you were just born.

My world became stunning,

as you enhanced with adorn.

I could not wish for,

a more special gift.

When I feel down,

my soul you just lift.

Each moment with you,

I savour and taste.

Not even a second,

I'm willing to waste.

You look so pretty,

with that dress and those shoes.

When we go shopping,

just give me some clues.

My baby daughter,

you've had a wonderful start.

I shall love you forever,

deep in my heart.

By Martin Dejnicki

Now that poem was about the special bond shared between a mother and her baby daughter. Feel free to share it with a new mom.

The previous poem was about a baby daughter, so naturally, the next one is about a baby son. Hope you like it.

My Baby Son

My baby son,

brought me peace

My love for him,

will only increase.

His little feelings,

I immediately sense.

Whenever he cries,

my heart feels so tense.

I know exactly,

what he tries to say.

I know when he's hungry,

or just wants to play.

I will guide and teach him,

for many more years.

Support and encourage him,

to conquer his fears.

He will always be,

my precious baby boy.

Whenever I see him,

I'll be filled with pure joy.

By Martin Dejnicki

That was a very cute baby boy poem. The last one is among my favorite poems in this section. It talks about the amazing bond between a mother and her baby, which begins during pregnancy.

The First Time

I nourished you carefully,

inside my womb.

Nine months later,

you were ready to bloom.

The first thing I heard,

were your priceless cries.

Consumed in happiness,

was my heart and my eyes.

The first time I held you,

gently and close.

I kissed your forehead,

and little cute nose.

The first time we went home,

we looked like a team.

It was a beautiful day,

like from a dream.

The first time you laughed,

I smiled with glee.

Because I knew,

you were happy and free.

The first time you said - Mama,

the most magical word.

That's all my friends,

for a whole month just heard.

The first time I said - "I love you",

you were still in my womb.

I was so excited,

preparing your room.

By Martin Dejnicki

Thank you for taking the time to read the rhyming baby poetry featured on this page.

I hope you share these baby poems with your friends, family, and of course all those wonderful babies in life.

Feel free to include these verses inside greeting cards such as announcement or baby congratulation cards. I also think they will be nice additions to baby nursery scrapbooks and keepsakes (handprint & footprint).

The easiest way to share them is probably through email or on Facebook. Enjoy loving that precious baby in your life.

PUBLISHED: Oct 09, 2023
Written By
Martin Dejnicki
I enjoy writing simple rhyming poetry that people can easily share with their loved ones. I live in Toronto with my loving wife and two curious, adventure-seeking daughters.
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