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Have fun reading these original baby poems. Share them with a mother-to-be, family, friends, and all precious little babies in your life.
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Newborn Babies
Baby Boy Quotes
Baby Girl Quotes
Quotes for a Baby Shower
Cute Quotes
Baby Love Quotes
Funny Quotes About Babies
Congratulations on a New Baby
The Amazing Bond Between Mother and Baby
Baby Birthday Quotes
Sad Quotes about the Loss of a Baby
Inspirational Baby Quotes
Babies are the only human beings who are absolutely adorable, and don't know it. - Martin Dejnicki

A baby's smile has the power to freeze time and even conflicts among family members. - Martin Dejnicki

Innovation would sky rocket if we all possessed a baby's curiosity. - Martin Dejnicki

Babies are the ultimate sales force. They manage to attract the undivided attention of strangers without uttering a single word. - Martin Dejnicki

Babies make messes for a living. I'm convinced they hold majority shares of cleaning supply companies. - Martin Dejnicki

Babies are cute because their anti-cuteness genes are not active yet. For adults, these genes are active. For seniors, they're over-active. - Martin Dejnicki

Feel free to add these quotes to your baby scrapbook or even footprint/handprint crafts. You could also include them inside your cute baby greeting cards or even those baby picture slideshows. Just a few ideas.

Newborn Babies

These quotes about newborns may be shared with happy parents of both newborn baby girls and newborn baby boys.

Why do we sometimes say that newborn babies look like aliens, when we've never actually seen aliens before. - Martin Dejnicki

During birth, many babies listen to their very first cursing 101 lecture. "Shit, that hurts!" is often the first phrase they hear. - Martin Dejnicki

Holding a newborn baby is one of the most relaxing things you can do. It may even replace yoga and meditation. - Martin Dejnicki

Aww, was invented when the first newborn baby was observed. - Martin Dejnicki

The bond between a mother and her newborn baby is instant and stronger than steel. - Martin Dejnicki

Parents who are expecting a newborn baby feel super excited and anxious about their soon to arrive bundle of joy. So you may wish to share these quotes with them, or even create a few personalized baby sayings of your own.

Baby Boy Quotes

Share these baby boy quotes with mommies and daddies who have been blessed with a precious little baby boy.

Baby boys are curiously brave, as a result, many adventures they crave. - Martin Dejnicki

Baby boys are adorable in blue, just like puppies, they're always ready to chew. - Martin Dejnicki

Every great man started off as a playful baby boy. - Martin Dejnicki

Baby boys are not attracted to baby girls. They're attracted to dirt. - Martin Dejnicki

Every baby boy wants to grow strong like his dad. But first he will be as strong as his grandpa. - Martin Dejnicki

These quotes prove that it's a lot of fun having a baby son in your life. They are adventurous and curious little guys.

Baby Girl Quotes

These baby girl quotes remind us all how adorable and cute baby girls are. To their parents, they are precious little princesses.

Every baby girl is a princess in her parents eyes. - Martin Dejnicki

Baby girls are usually more calm and gentle than their blue counterparts. - Martin Dejnicki

A baby girl is a lady in the making. - Martin Dejnicki

Dear baby girl, your smile is so sweet. Whenever you laugh, for us that's a treat. - Martin Dejnicki

Baby girl, baby girl, I'll wipe all your tears, and cuddle you close, and dissolve all your fears. - Martin Dejnicki

Quotes for a Baby Shower

If you'd like, you could share these baby shower quotes with the mother-to-be on her baby shower.

We share your excitement dear mother-to-be, and we can't wait to see your precious little miracle. - Martin Dejnicki

It's a wonderful shower, hope you enjoy. Please let us know, if it's a girl or a boy. - Martin Dejnicki

A baby shower is a place where women celebrate life, motherhood, cute babies, and of course chocolate. - Martin Dejnicki

They all talk about cute things at baby showers. But why don't they warn us about the sleepless nights and the worrying syndrome? - Martin Dejnicki

Whether they like it or not, unborn babies get free front row tickets to their baby showers. Random women place their ears against the mother's tummy and wait patiently for the performance. This performance we speak of usually consists of either a kick or a fart. That's all the work it takes on the baby's part to receive a standing ovation and shouts of encore. For that reason, I think all mothers should eat plenty of broccoli prior to their baby shower.

Cute Quotes

Here's a couple cute baby quotes. Enjoy!

Beautiful baby with footprints so small, I promise you my little one, that you'll grow strong and tall. - Martin Dejnicki

Is there anything more beautiful in this world than watching a baby sleep? - Martin Dejnicki

A mother's singing voice was created to calm her baby and provide peace. - Martin Dejnicki

Mommies and daddies are the pillows that keep crawling babies on the right track. - Martin Dejnicki

Baby Love Quotes

We all love babies because they are just so lovable. Hope you life these baby love quotes, and remember to always love all those lovable babies in your life.

Babies are not only cute, but also extremely easy to love. - Martin Dejnicki

When a baby hugs you or gives you a kiss, you just know that both came from the heart. - Martin Dejnicki

To love babies is to love humanity. - Martin Dejnicki

Babies say, "I love you!" in so many ways. They say it through their cute little smiles, through their playfulness, in their eyes, and with their chubby little arms. They say it when they lean on your shoulder or sleep on your chest. - Martin Dejnicki

I love you dear baby, with my heart and my soul. To bring you worry free joy is my #1 goal. - Martin Dejnicki

Funny Quotes About Babies

These funny quotes were written to make you laugh. I hope you find them humorous and share them parents of young babies.

Why are adult farts disgusting, and baby farts cute? Isn't it pretty much the same gas but in different amounts? - Martin Dejnicki

Babies are allowed to get away with pretty much anything. They should work on Wall Street. - Martin Dejnicki

Babies never go out of style, and it doesn't matter what they're wearing. - Martin Dejnicki

Next time someone asks you if they could hold your baby, tell them they'll need to change the diaper first. - Martin Dejnicki

All babies believe they are the center of the universe and everything else exists to please their senses. Many babies continue to believe this into their senior years. - Martin Dejnicki

Congratulations on a New Baby

Congratulate parents of new babies with these cute quotes. I'm sure they will appreciate your thoughtful gesture.

Congratulations your baby's so cute! - Martin Dejnicki

Just want to wish you many wonderful adventures and exciting sleepless nights with your new bundle of joy. - Martin Dejnicki

Wishing you both lots of love and happiness with your newborn baby. - Martin Dejnicki

The importance of your own wants become a mere fraction of your newborn baby's wants and needs. - Martin Dejnicki

When a family is blessed with a new baby, the love in the home grows exponentially. - Martin Dejnicki

Enjoy the beautiful moments with your new little bundle of joy, before she turns into a large bundle of migraine in approximately 15 years. - Martin Dejnicki

The Amazing Bond Between Mother and Baby

The following mother and baby quotes are dedicated to the amazing bond that all mothers share with their babies.

The only bond on earth that is unbreakable is the one between a mother and her baby. - Martin Dejnicki

The cure for a startled baby is a mother's gentle touch. - Martin Dejnicki

*The love that a mother has for her baby is unconditional, lasts forever, and begins before birth * - Martin Dejnicki

My little cute baby, I love you so dearly, you are my world, my heart speaks sincerely. - Martin Dejnicki

No matter how old you become, you will always be my baby. - Martin Dejnicki

Baby Birthday Quotes

A baby's birthday is a very special occasion, especially when it's the first birthday. These baby birthday quotes are meant to be cute, funny, and entertaining.

Baby's are the only human beings who do not understand the monetary value of their birthday gifts. You would think that we'd have an opportunity to be super cheap. But their parents are watching. - Martin Dejnicki

Why do babies often prefer the wrapping paper over their birthday gifts? Well, it's colourful, makes noise, and it's easy to handle. - Martin Dejnicki

Babies are just like seniors in both the diaper department and when it comes to blowing out their birthday candles. Once is never enough. - Martin Dejnicki

Babies only get one shot at a birthday. When the second one rolls around, they're considered toddlers. - Martin Dejnicki

Laughter is the most important thing to feed babies on their birthday. - Martin Dejnicki

Babies don't get upset if you forget their birthdays. Just don't forget to give them hugs. - Martin Dejnicki

The most entertaining gift you could ever give a baby is wrapping paper. - Martin Dejnicki

When I was a baby, all I wanted for my first birthday was a ball. - Martin Dejnicki

Babies don't want nursery furniture or supplies for their birthdays. They want colourful toys. - Martin Dejnicki

My first birthday was wonderful. I had games, toys, cake, and lots of avid fans. But the thing I wanted the most was sleep, and I didn't get it until way past my bedtime. - Martin Dejnicki

Sad Quotes about the Loss of a Baby

I felt really sad when writing these quotes about the loss of a baby. I can't imagine the pain that a mother and father must feel when their baby passes away. I tried my best to express some of their emotions within these quotes.

Losing a baby is among the most unimaginable and painful experiences that a parent could ever experience. - Martin Dejnicki

The loss of a baby is a tragedy so deep, creates infinite tears, and the mother just weeps. - Martin Dejnicki

A large portion of a mothers heart is ripped out when her baby dies. - Martin Dejnicki

Whenever a baby passes away, so much potential is lost forever, beautiful moments never arrive, and many collective years are lost crying for the baby to return. - Martin Dejnicki

A mother's smile will never reach its past brilliance following the passing of her baby. - Martin Dejnicki

Inspirational Baby Quotes

Since babies possess the power to inspire all of us, I'd like to conclude this section with these inspirational quotes.

Babies are these little human beings that hold the future in their tiny little hands. - Martin Dejnicki

Puppies are cute. Kittens are cuter. Babies are cutest. - Martin Dejnicki

A baby's natural curiosity matches that of a renowned scientist and inventor. - Martin Dejnicki

Their baby is all the inspiration they shall ever need. - Martin Dejnicki

Feed them and they will grow. Teach them and they will learn. Love them, and they'll love you back. - Martin Dejnicki

Hope you had fun reading the baby quotes on this post, and don't forget to share them with parents, friends, and all the little bundles of joy in your life.



PUBLISHED: Oct 04, 2023
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Martin Dejnicki
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