Baby Shower Poems

Martin Dejnicki
This post features a nice little variety of baby shower poems. You'll find some for invites, for favors, to go along with those adorable baby gifts, and even a thank you poem.
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Baby Shower Invitation Poems
A Baby Shower Thank You Poem from the Baby
A Baby Shower Thank You Poem from the Mother-to-be
Baby Shower Poem for Girls
Baby Shower Poem for Boys
Baby Shower Favor Poem
Funny Baby Shower Poem

Baby showers give women the opportunity to support the mother-to-be by celebrating her unborn baby. It's always a good idea to pool money to give really useful gifts like one of these Graco double strollers that my sister Anna gave to her best friend when she was expecting twins.

These verses are meant to illustrate this magical party with both words from the heart and a bunch from the nursery.

There's always excitement in the air at these events, and the gifts are super cute and adorable. Another super useful gift is one of these reliable and safe Britax convertible car seats.

If you're attending a baby shower in the next few days or weeks, one of these verses will certainly help compliment your gift. Oh, and don't forget to have lots of fun.

Tribe of Bubbly Ladies

A tribe of bubbly ladies,

with mutual excitement they meet.

Her unborn precious baby,

they just can't wait to greet.

Offer emotional support,

and things she will surely need.

Tips through experiences,

and stuff that they read.

During a baby shower,

in her joys they all share.

Express their warm wishes,

and show that they care.

To her concerns and tummy,

they offer an ear.

Listen with empathy,

and remove any fear.

Laughter and smiles,

with gossip consume.

They focus on mommy,

and her growing womb.

Her tribe of bubbly ladies,

are those who truly understand.

That it takes 9 long months,

to create life that is grand.

by Martin Dejnicki

That was a pretty general shower poem. Let's look at another one that is a bit different. This next one talks about a bunch of different things that a mother-to-be will need and may want for her upcoming bundle of joy.

So basically, this verse will feature a lot of different baby products. You may want to include it inside the baby shower card that you choose to pick up or make yourself. Oh, and one more thing - it's meant to be really cute.

Shower Gifts

Baby shower gifts,

will aid in her quest.

With both stress and joy,

on top of her chest.

A cute swaddle blanket,

her newborn shall need.

Bottle warmers help,

when it's time to feed.

A front carrier is great,

when mommy's running around.

Baby monitors alert,

when there's fussing or sound.

Quality Graco infant car seats,

offer safety on the road.

An extra laundry basket,

for that non-stop washing mode.

There are plenty of Graco jogging strollers,

with features and style.

Think of cargo space,

and mommy shall smile.

A simple diaper bin,

is an absolute must.

A BPA-free bottle,

she can certainly trust.

How about a pacifier,

or a fluffy bath towel.

Scent free baby wipes,

will help clean up the bowel.

For all the tools of the trade,

Diaper bags are quite cool.

Colorful bibs,

will help with the drool.

This is obviously,

just the tip of the list.

Every single gift,

will certainly assist.

by Martin Dejnicki

Well, I hope that baby shower poem gave you some gift ideas. There are many useful products guests may choose from, and the baby registry makes it a lot easier.

If you think about it, the guest of honor (mommy-to-be) is usually around 32 weeks, and the last thing she needs is to worry about her shower.

That's why her close friends/family are the ones who need to organize the party. They are the ones who are responsible for the game ideas, theme selection, catering, invitations, cake etc…

Planning a baby shower takes a bit of work. That's why it's important to get a few people involved to spread the work load, especially since everyone is also busy with their everyday lives.

Baby Shower Invitation Poems

Feel free to use one of these rhyming shower invitation poems for those shower invites that you may be responsible for creating and mailing out.

Beautiful Baby

There's a beautiful baby,

right on the way.

We're cheerfully excited,

to cuddle and play.

Precious sweet baby,

will bring joy to the earth.

Let's gather some gifts,

prior to birth.

A shower is planned,

and we've set a date.

You're obviously invited,

we know it'll be great.

Pure pregnancy talk,

our conversations shall sing.

For our dear guest of honor,

happiness we'll bring.

There's a beautiful baby,

right on the way.

Our love and support,

we'll join and display.

by Martin Dejnicki

That was a fairly straight forward and simple invitation poem. The next one is slightly different because you may personalize it by adding the date, place, and time. So it may not be as cute as the first one, but it will certainly help get the message across.

Baby Shower Time

Come and join us,

in her joys we'll share.

Through our smiles,

we'll show that we care.

In all our minds,

it's baby shower time.

Mommy looks like,

she needs this rhyme.

(insert location),

is the chosen place.

We'll show her love,

with each embrace.

(insert date) at (insert time),

is the time and date.

Please come hungry,

and don't be late.

This baby shower,

in our minds shall remain.

Our collective excitement,

is so hard to contain.

We're looking forward,

to seeing you there.

Do I have time,

to still do my hair?

by Martin Dejnicki

That one seemed to cover all the necessary basic info (except the baby registry). Now the question is - will you be serving a lot of food or just hors d'oeuvres? Because in the 4th stanza, it's mentioned to arrive hungry. You may wish to replace that line with, "we'll be serving hors d'oeuvres". That way the guests will know not to skip any meals beforehand.

A Baby Shower Thank You Poem from the Baby

Now here's a little thank you poem from the unborn baby that is meant to be super duper cute. Hope you like it:)

My Heart

For your support and kind gift,

I give thanks from my heart.

It was a wonderful party,

right from the start.

I couldn't see much,

but through mommy I could feel.

The love that you brought,

was precious and real.

I'm patiently waiting,

and soon I'll be due.

I hear life is really beautiful,

and I'm sure that it's true.

You made mommy happy,

I certainly agree.

She sent your petals of joy,

through her soul into me.

When I finally arrive,

I'll have cute things to wear.

And all the accessories,

because you just care.

My thanks and sweet love,

inside the favor I've placed.

If you look real closely,

to my heart it's been traced.

by Martin Dejnicki

I think every guest would love to receive something like that. You may want to attach it to the baby shower favor. That would be really adorable.

A Baby Shower Thank You Poem from the Mother-to-be

The next baby shower thank you poem is an opportunity for the mother-to-be (guest of honour) to show her appreciation and gratitude to all the guests and organizers.

You've Made it FUNtastic!

This day has been magical, m

y sheer joy I've expressed.

With the most amazing moments,

my heart has been blessed.

My appreciation and gratitude,

please allow me to extend.

With sweet warm thanks,

I just wish to send.

You've helped make my shower,

a "FUNntastic" success.

It certainly reduced,

my anxiety and stress.

Your support and gift,

was generous and kind.

Dear friends like you,

are not easy to find.

Thank you so much,

from my heart and my soul.

You've definitely played,

a significant role.

by Martin Dejnicki

All mothers-to-be are the centers of attention at their baby showers. They're also very grateful for all the support and variety of baby gifts that will come to great use.

Often times they're also overwhelmed with joy and happiness during the party, and they don't get a chance to fully "say" how they feel. But I guess they express it non-verbally through their facial expressions and body language. Well, I hoping the above thank you poem helps them say how they feel using words.

Baby Shower Poem for Girls

This next verse was written to be shared with all those mommies-to-be out there that are expecting a baby girl very soon.

Baby Girl

A fun girly shower,

for a sweet baby girl.

When she opens her eyes,

they'll glow like pearl.

Imaginations have joined,

about her mutually think.

They're picturing how cute,

she will look in all pink.

Right from the beginning,

she will turn many heads.

All the baby boys,

will jump out of their beds.

This precious little girl,

will have a future that's bright.

We'll shower her with love,

and teach her what's right.

Dear mommy-to-be,

you've certainly been blessed.

Before your little lady arrives,

you must relax and just rest.

by Martin Dejnicki

A baby shower for a baby girl will surely contain plenty of pink gifts. If you're attending one soon, make sure you have lots of fun.

Baby Shower Poem for Boys

The previous one was for girls but the next verse is for all those moms expecting a baby boy.

Cute Baby Boy

A cute baby boy,

is right on his way.

This is already,

my ninety-ninth yay!

So many of us,

are cheerfully excited.

I'm way beyond happy,

I'm extremely delighted.

Your cute baby boy,

will be ready to play.

You are his mommy,

and this is your day.

Wishing you a happy pregnancy,

and a comfortable birth.

I can't wait to see,

your precious on earth.

Your cute baby boy,

will shine like a star.

In a few short years,

he'll be driving your car.

A cute baby boy,

is right on his way.

This is already,

my one hundredth yay!

by Martin Dejnicki

I don't mean to scare all the moms-to-be out there with the second last stanza. I'm sure they don't want to be thinking about their baby boys growing up so fast and driving their cars. But in reality, from birth, it's only 16 years away. Saving up money for his college education is another stressful thought. I didn't want to stress them out with a comment about that, lol.

Baby Shower Favor Poem

Feel free to include or attach this baby shower favor poem to your unique shower favors. This poem was written to match any favor, whether it's a rubber ducky candle, cupcake towel favor, or cute scented button shaped soap. Enjoy!

This Favor

I hope you find,

this favor quite sweet.

It's just a little,

memorable treat.

May it remind you,

of the fun that we had.

It turned out great,

I'm super glad.

This favor represents,

that my baby is near.

My heart and my soul,

are filled with pure cheer.

Just want to thank you,

your gift was real kind.

You brought me your smile,

it's engraved in my mind.

by Martin Dejnicki

The above short favor poem talks about the favor itself, the moms excitement, success of the party, and also includes a little thank you towards the end. I didn't want to make it too long so that it may be easily attached to any favor (without taking away too much attention from the favor).

Funny Baby Shower Poem

I think the best way to finish the baby shower section is through laughter. Enjoy the following funny baby shower poem that talks about some of the fun games that are played at showers.

Shower Games

Laughter and smiles,

is the root of each game.

How many baby items,

can you really name?

Baby pictures of guests,

now let's try to guess.

The funniest looks,

cheerfully express.

Don't say diaper,

or you'll lose your pin.

While blindfold diapering,

with experience you'll win.

Use a straw with a pacifier,

and pass with great care.

In the baby name game,

you must openly share.

There are plenty of games,

like kids you may play.

It's gonna be,

a wonderful day.

by Martin Dejnicki

If you're the guest of honor at your baby shower, I just want to wish you all the best, a great time, and a healthy baby. However, if you're attending a shower anytime soon, hope you have lots of fun at the party. Oh, and enjoy sharing one of these baby shower poems with that special mommy-to-be.

PUBLISHED: Sep 30, 2023
Written By
Martin Dejnicki
I enjoy writing simple rhyming poetry that people can easily share with their loved ones. I live in Toronto with my loving wife and two curious, adventure-seeking daughters.
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