Birthday Poems for Friends

Martin Dejnicki
Remembering all our friends' birthdays is often a challenge. Doesn't it seem like it's someone's birthday pretty much every week? Well, I'm not complaining, because I love parties/gatherings.
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Dear Sweet Friend
Wishing You
A Sweet Birthday Card Poem for a Friend
A Special Birthday Poem for a Best Friend
A Funny Birthday Poem for a Friend

Have you ever posted a nice birthday poem on one of your friend's Facebook Walls? I try to do it all the time, and they always love it.

Well, I hope you enjoy sharing the following birthday poems with your friends, and hopefully it results in lots of huge smiles:)

Anita and I are attending a friends 30th surprise birthday party this evening.

We just need to decide which verse to share with her.

We have already picked up a funny birthday card, so maybe we'll just add that funny one titled, "Truth".

Dear Sweet Friend

Dear Sweet Friend

Happy birthday,

my dear sweet friend.

A big old hug,

I'm excited to send.

Let's celebrate,

your life and your age.

Take a quick glance,

since you're right on stage.

We've carved our memories,

on interesting rocks.

During countless adventures,

and uplifting talks.

On this birthday I wish you,

but only the best.

Continuous laughter,

is my only request.

Happy birthday,

my dear sweet friend.

My love and support,

forever I'll lend.

by Martin Dejnicki

That was a simple and easy flowing poem that you may wish to share with any virtually any one of your friends.

Alright, let's take a look at another general birthday poem (for friends of course!).

Wishing You

Wishing You

These birthday wishes,

with each letter and word.

The goal is quite simple,

for my heart to be heard.

You've been my friend,

and much more than good.

Through both ups and downs,

together we've stood.

Rooted in strength,

our friendship belongs.

The memories we've made,

we could turn into songs.

A few things I wish,

on this birthday of yours.

Like happy expressions,

when you open those doors.

For your body and mind,

I wish you good health.

Because without it,

we'll never find wealth.

May your birthdays always,

be humble and true.

I'm looking forward,

to spend it with you.

by Martin Dejnicki

I think that was my favorite birthday verse. When I was writing it, I was just thinking of a few simple things that bring me joy on my birthday. Great company with family and friends and good health top my list. Spending a few hours with the people I love is the most important thing to me.

A Sweet Birthday Card Poem for a Friend

So you've picked the perfect birthday card for your friend, am I right?

You could always write a few personal wishes on the right inner page, and include the following birthday card poem on the left side. But it's totally up to you.


When I found this card,

you entered my mind.

I thought of our friendship,

that's cheerful and kind.

If this card is a gesture,

then I wish to expand.

Since today is your birthday,

I hope that it's grand.

My true happiness,

with you I will share.

Our bond is unique,

splendid and rare.

May today's moments,

eternity last.

Let's talk about,

our future and past.

May these wishes today,

be never confined.

Each day of the year,

they'll remain in your mind.

But I truly wish,

this card had no end.

Just like my feelings,

for you my dear friend.

by Martin Dejnicki

I think that a birthday is a wonderful opportunity to take the time and wish a good friend an amazing year. If you think about it, a birthday may be considered as a fresh start.

Sometimes I'll ask a friend what his or her plans are for the rest of the year. By plans, I'm broadly asking, about their goals, dreams, expectations, etc..

I usually get the same generic answer from most of them, which is, "same old!". But then I challenge them to really think it through. More often than not, these friends of mine, come up with very interesting answers. Try it on your friends!

A Special Birthday Poem for a Best Friend

The next birthday poem is meant to be extra special since it's only supposed to be shared with best friends.

Your Birthday

The days to your birthday,

I've been patiently counting down.

Now show off your excitement,

and don't dare sport a frown.

You're a wonderful friend,

my mind and heart knows.

It's not every day,

that friends are this close.

Since it's your birthday,

I've been thinking of you.

The bond that we share,

is like a beautiful view.

I shall compare it,

to the mountains and skies.

I see no limits,

when I look through my eyes.

May sweet happy days,

bless you and always be around.

They're richer and more abundant,

than all the gold in the ground.

We shall celebrate your birthday,

and our friendship as well.

There are many more things,

I just can't wait to tell.

by Martin Dejnicki

Best friends are usually really close. They share their biggest secrets and pretty much anything else that enters their minds (at any given moment).

Just like the last stanza hints at, best friends talk a lot amongst one another, and often can't wait to tell each other the latest news or gossip. Good advice is also something that best friends share over coffee or a glass of milk (depending on their age).

A Funny Birthday Poem for a Friend

Here's a funny birthday poem that you may want to share with a friend. I've tried to make it as humorous and hilarious or as silly as possible. Enjoy!


I know it's your birthday,

I'm ready to cheer.

Just remember that aging,

like the plague you should fear.

No matter how young,

you may actually feel.

From another lost year,

you shall never quite heal.

This old rusty poem,

is not meant to depress.

Just get rid of your mirrors,

to minimize stress.

As you get older,

please try to avoid.

That "furniture" business,

where ghosts are employed.

Once you start aging,

it will definitely show.

Even a turtle,

will think that you're slow.

Happy birthday dear friend,

you still have plenty of youth.

Only the last phrase,

lacks any truth.

by Martin Dejnicki

Well, I hope you get an opportunity to share some these birthday poems with your good friends. Enjoy the party!

PUBLISHED: Oct 04, 2023
Written By
Martin Dejnicki
I enjoy writing simple rhyming poetry that people can easily share with their loved ones. I live in Toronto with my loving wife and two curious, adventure-seeking daughters.
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