Birthday Poems for Moms

Martin Dejnicki
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A Birthday Card Poem for Mom
Funny Birthday Poem for Mom
Daughter to Mother Birthday Poem
A Birthday Poem for a Deceased Mother

How about we start this post off with a cute happy birthday poem for mom? Our mothers are extremely loving and caring individuals, who would do anything for us.

The least we could do is make our moms smile with joy.

They do so much for us throughout the year, by always being there for us.

With the following verses, each of us has an opportunity to thank that special lady in our lives, who has raised us, and has loved us from day one.

You don't need to spend a lot of money. Instead you could use your creativity and create a wonderful celebration that focuses on your mom.

Happy Birthday Mom

Happy birthday mom,

my heart I shall give.

With joy and a smile,

you've taught me to live.

With you as my mother,

I have been blessed.

You work so hard,

and deserve lots of rest.

Happy birthday mom,

may your day be real kind.

Family and friends,

cheerful memories remind.

My simple and dear wish,

is for your happiness to last.

Lead by our experiences,

that we shared in the past.

Happy birthday mom,

I love you so dearly.

My love is eternal,

and I mean this sincerely.

by Martin Dejnicki

That was meant to be a simple poem for mom which talks about wishing her happiness on her birthday and beyond.

Personally, I think that's among the most sincerest things we could say to our moms. That we love them and we want them to be happy.

A Birthday Card Poem for Mom

Here's a nice little birthday card poem that you may want to share with your wonderful mom on her birthday. Hope she likes it. It will be a very nice/unique addition to that sweet greeting card.

Love & Care

This simple birthday card,

I'm meaning to share.

With my beautiful mom,

who I love and I care.

This lady I speak of,

is truly amazing.

She put her heart and her soul,

into loving and raising.

Today is her birthday,

and I'm so happy to spend.

Precious sweet moments,

with my mother and friend.

She always thinks of others,

no matter their age.

But today I'll make sure,

she's the focus on stage.

I thought of a gift,

for her birthday this year.

My love and support,

with hugs that are dear.

This simple birthday card,

I'm meaning to share.

With my beautiful mom,

who I love and I care.

by Martin Dejnicki

I'm sure that any mom would love to receive a sentimental birthday poem like the one above. I'm thinking of sharing it with my mom on her birthday next January.

Funny Birthday Poem for Mom

This next verse is a funny birthday poem for mom that is intended to make your mom smile and laugh.


These birthday wishes,

you clearly deserve.

Relax in your chair,

and simply observe.

Family and friends,

will sadly approach.

Pity those wrinkles,

about aging they'll coach.

Even the dog,

shall drop his old head.

The wisdom of aging,

there's no need to spread.

But this is your day,

so let's forfeit the gloom.

Make sure it's clean,

go pick up a broom.

Whatever happens,

just try to enjoy.

You need some creams,

not a book, nor a toy.

But since you're my mom,

I take it all back.

Please take your meds,

or you may actually attack.

by Martin Dejnicki

Just please make sure your mom has a very good sense of humour if you decide to share this verse with her.

Daughter to Mother Birthday Poem

Most mothers and their daughters share a very special relationship. The next poem is an attempt to express that special bond they share and may be given to any mom from her daughter.

My Loving Mother

Today is your birthday,

I'm so happy to say.

My wishes and love,

I'd like to convey.

For being your daughter,

I'm much more than glad.

With you in my life,

I rarely get sad.

Only good things,

I hope dearly for you.

May all your sweet dreams,

continue to come true.

But first let's have dinner,

and openly talk.

It brings me great peace,

when together we walk.

I'm so happy to celebrate,

your birthday with you.

My love will never end,

and shall always be true.

by Martin Dejnicki

At the park that I jog at, I often see mothers and their daughters walking and chatting. It seems like they always have something to talk about. They share advice and are completely open with one another. That just reinforces the strength of their relationships.

A Birthday Poem for Mom from Her Son

This birthday poem may be given to a mother by her loving son. When I was brainstorming the ideas for this poem I simply thought of a few things that I would personally like to say to my mom on her birthday.

Helpful and Kind

My very first thoughts,

are helpful and kind.

Whenever I think of you,

they enter my mind.

You're helpful to so many,

your kindness you express.

So much love in your heart,

you naturally possess.

A dear mother like you,

I'm not sure if I deserve.

It brings joy to my life,

when your heart I observe.

I love you mom,

as we celebrate your birth.

I'm so thankful and glad,

we share time on this earth.

by Martin Dejnicki

This last one was a bit shorter than the previous ones, but I still hope it's just as effective. Honestly, I can't wait to share it with my mom. However, I may need to switch up the last verse if I want to give it to her prior to her birthday (on a random day).

A Birthday Poem for a Deceased Mother

This last birthday poem is for a deceased mother. It wasn't easy to write at all. I did get a bit emotional.

Happy birthday mom,

I miss you so much.

Your kisses and hugs,

and tender soft touch.

I know that you're looking,

down from heaven on me.

Those tears on my face,

I'm sure you can see.

Today is your birthday,

and I don't want to cry.

But after all this time,

it's still hard to say bye.

The moments we've shared,

are clear in my mind.

The courage to go on,

I'm hoping to find.

Happy birthday mom,

I miss you so much.

Even from heaven,

my heart you still touch.

by Martin Dejnicki

I hope you had a good time reading these birthday poems for moms, and feel free to share any one of them with your precious mother.

PUBLISHED: Oct 02, 2023
Written By
Martin Dejnicki
I enjoy writing simple rhyming poetry that people can easily share with their loved ones. I live in Toronto with my loving wife and two curious, adventure-seeking daughters.
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