Cousin Poems

Martin Dejnicki
You may share any one of these cousin poems with your wonderful cousins. Find one that you like and simply email it or text it to him/her. You could also print it out and give it to them personally. The choice is yours.
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Table of contents
A Sweet Birthday Poem for That You May Share With Your Cousins
I Love My Cousin Poem (platonically speaking)
Funny Cousin Poem
Here's a Short Verse
A Cousin Poem For A Girl
A Poem for a Baby Cousin
A Poem about the Death of a Cousin

That first one is meant to be funny and make them laugh.

I don't think I've even met all of mine yet, at least not all my second and third cousins.

For many of us, our more distant cousins live all over the world.

Occasionally (this usually happens once every few years), I meet a cousin that I've never met before.

Sometimes, they are not as distant as I may have believed. I think that's because all my grandparents had a lot of siblings themselves.


Most of us have at least one cousin,

Many of us, more than a dozen.

A cousin may be - first, second, or third,

Nobody told you, the size of your herd.

Sometimes cousins are twice removed,

That's when generation gaps, have been proved.

This poem is not meant to confuse,

Share with a cousin, you get to choose.

Figuring out how you're related,

Often ends up - being debated

Separation is seven degrees,

Between you, and the fool in the trees.

By Martin Dejnicki

Ok, so the first verse was humorous, let's write one below that is more sentimental and could be shared with a closer cousin.

Special Cousin

Something that everyone, in our family knows,

You and I, have always been close.

Got along through all those years,

Many joys and many tears.

A special cousin and dearest friend,

My deepest appreciation, I wish to send.

You've always stood by my side,

When I was lost, you were my guide.

The bond we share, to me is dear,

When we're together, I have no fear.

Sometimes, I bother and even annoy,

A special cousin, that brings so much joy.

By Martin Dejnicki

So what did you think of that one? Do you think it's sentimental enough? Well, I hope it is.

I think that one is good if you're fortunate enough to have a close relationship with one of your cousins. I don't think it would make sense to share it with someone that you just see once a year and you're not very close with.

Alright, let's take a look at the remaining verses. The next one is a birthday poem. I must confess, my challenge is usually simply trying to remember birthdays. I should probably setup a birthday reminder application on my cell phone. It just seems like I'm always sending belated birthday poems to everyone. That can't be good (even though they probably have gotten used to it).

A Sweet Birthday Poem for That You May Share With Your Cousins

Here's one that is meant to be a little bit funny and a bit sentimental as well. Have fun sharing it.

Beautiful Years

Happy birthday, favourite cousin of mine,

How old are you? Where is the sign?

I'm just kidding, I know your age,

Another chapter, another page.

Now I'm serious, jokes aside,

You are beautiful - deep inside!

I can only say good things,

Your personality, joy it brings.

My cousin? You are more -

Wonderful lady, that I truly adore.

Just want to wish you, birthday cheers,

And many more beautiful years.

By Martin Dejnicki

Looking back at that poem, I think it turned out to be more sentimental than funny. On the second line, in the last stanza, it says, "wonderful lady". If you share this poem with male cousin you will need to change the lady to "man" or "person".

I actually plan on sharing that one with a few of my cousins on their birthdays. I'm sure it will be pretty funny when they realize (from the first line) that I'm claiming each of them is my favourite.

But what if you do have a favourite? Ok, let's write a verse that you may share with your very favourite cousin. I don't think it's anything personal most of the time. Sometimes, certain personalities simply click better together, and people understand or get along better.

I know exactly who I will be sharing this next one with.

Number One

What does it mean to be the best?

You're beyond the pack and the rest.

Among my cousins, you're number one,

We always talk, and have so much fun.

This title, you have clearly earned,

Over the years, from you I have learned.

Thank you for always being there,

And simply showing, how much you care.

Hope our friendship and bond only grows,

Your actions speak volumes, it really shows.

A cousin like you, I'm exceptionally proud,

You bring me sunshine, and remove every cloud.

By Martin Dejnicki

After reading that poem, don't you agree that your favourite cousin will really appreciate it?

The next poem will look at the platonic love that may exist between cousins that share a close friendship and relationship.

I Love My Cousin Poem (platonically speaking)

If you would like to let one of your cousins know how much you care and love them platonically, take a look at the following poem.

Dear Friend and Cousin

Precious cousin, I love you dearly,

As a friend and sincerely.

I'm so glad, when you're around,

My best friend, I have found.

Obstacles for us are never too small,

Encourage each other, when we stumble and fall.

When I feel like others were mean,

On your shoulder, I can always lean.

Joy and happiness you freely bring,

So much fun, together we sing.

Whatever the future, may bring us or hold,

With you by my side, I don't mind getting old.

By Martin Dejnicki

That was another very sentimental and cute poem. The next one is mean to be just funny.

Funny Cousin Poem

This funny verse is meant to make them laugh. Period. If it doesn't accomplish that, then we'll just need to get back to the drawing board and make it funnier.

Remember to share it with one that has a healthy sense of humor. That will just increase your chances of success.

Forced Cousin

Seems like our relationship is slightly forced,

To reduce our costs, it could be outsourced.

Please relax, you don't need to yell,

You're my cousin, I don't think I'll sell.

I'm just saying, we didn't decide,

Blame our family, our genes have been fried.

I'm exaggerating, it's not that bad,

Where's the button, for a cousin to add?

You're alright, I won't delete,

Most of the time, you're fairly sweet,

Maybe next time, I should lie?

Has this poem made you cry?

By Martin Dejnicki

Was that poem funny or was it too harsh and critical? I'm definitely going to try it out on a few of my closer cousins.

But what if you just need a very short poem that you just want to text or email? Well, that's where the next one comes into play. It's only a few lines in length, and still manages to get the message across.

Here's a Short Verse

This short verse is intended to be both cute and short. You may even quickly text it to one of your cousins when you have a minute or two.

Cousin, Cousin

Cousin, cousin, you're so sweet,

Miss you dearly, we should meet.

Hope you're doing really well,

Let's catch up, call my cell!

By Martin Dejnicki

With that poem you could quickly let your cousin know that you are thinking of her or him. You could also replace the 2nd line with - "Let's grab coffee, and a treat". It's up to you. Personally, I like the 2nd line the way it is, because you are basically saying - "I miss you!".

A Cousin Poem For A Girl

The next poem is for a girl (since it talks about girly things).

Sweet Cousin

Sweet cousin, with a beautiful smile,

Like your unique and very cool style.

You're not only sweet and kind,

Shoes on sale, you can find.

Animal lover, I must say,

With cute puppies, you love to play.

Helping others, unselfishly act,

Beautiful features, always attract.

Playing music, deep in your soul,

Ambitious lady, more than one goal.

As a person, you openly grow,

About life, there's so much you know.

By Martin Dejnicki

Please remember, that your cousin doesn't need to have all the features or characteristics mentioned in the above poem. Even if she just has a few, she will still be able to relate to the poem.

A Poem for a Baby Cousin

Do you have a brand new baby cousin that you would like to give a nice rhyming poem to? I'm sure the parents will appreciate your warm and thoughtful gesture if you share the following one with them.

Baby Cousin

Baby cousin, you are so cute,

So adorable, your little boot.

Welcome to this place called earth,

We're all ecstatic about your birth.

Baby cousin, you're like the sun,

Bring warmth to all, contagiously fun.

We're so excited to watch you grow,

Your precious eyes, innocently glow.

Baby cousin, we wish you it all,

One step at a time, begin with a crawl.

What is your very favourite toy?

Your life will be beautiful, hope you enjoy.

By Martin Dejnicki

I really hope that poem was cute enough.

A Poem about the Death of a Cousin

The following poem talks about the death of a cousin. It was pretty difficult to write, since it touches on a very sensitive and emotional issue. Dealing with the loss of any family memeber is always emotionally painful. It is that much more difficult to say goodbye when one had a very close relationship with the deceased.

You may wish to read this poem at the funeral or just share it with a few people. I hope it helps, and I'm very sorry about your loss. May he/she rest in peace (rip).


It's so hard to say goodbye,

I just want to sit and cry.

My precious cousin and friend so dear,

It has turned into, an awful year.

It's just difficult to explain,

All the sorrow, all the pain.

Family and friends are here to mourn,

(insert age) years ago, an angel was born.

Your warm presence, we shall miss,

Goodbye our dear, with this final kiss.

All is left is to simply pray,

Rest in peace, on this day.

By Martin Dejnicki

I really hope that poem helps you mourn.

I also hope, you enjoyed reading these cousin poems on this page. Feel free to share the ones that you like the most.

PUBLISHED: Sep 29, 2023
Written By
Martin Dejnicki
I enjoy writing simple rhyming poetry that people can easily share with their loved ones. I live in Toronto with my loving wife and two curious, adventure-seeking daughters.
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