Football Poem

Martin Dejnicki
I’m a huge football fan, and enjoy playing it as well, so I naturally enjoyed writing this football poem.
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I used to play a lot more in university, but now I only get a chance to play once in a while. I’ll admit, these full contact pickup games are a tonne of fun. Just not sure how much longer my aging body will be able to handle the physical nature of the sport.

The following football poem is dedicated to all the gentlemen who will be participating in today’s 18th Annual Ellesmere Statton Turkey Bowl.

Beautiful Game

Manly creatures,

in the huddle gather,

Covered in blood,

and sweaty lather.

The quarterback,

leads the charge,

He’s protected,

by beasts of large.

Loyal spectators,

begin their chant,

Blessings and advice,

they yell and grant.

The creatures approach,

the line of battle,

From afar,

they look like cattle.

On their enemies mistakes,

they’ll gladly feast,

Anger and chaos,

is suddenly released.

The leader drops back,

and scans the field,

In search of the one,

who victory shall yield.

His pocket of protection,

on the verge of collapse,

Releases the pigskin,

while avoiding their traps.

Time suddenly stops,

many just stare,

Beautiful spiral,

sails through the air.

A perfect throw,

leads to a grab,

Avoids the defender,

with a skull crushing jab.

Visions of glory,

40 yards away,

Two more enemies,

he still needs to slay.

The first perishes,

due to his spin,

The second gets hit,

right through the chin.

20 more yards,

it’s all in the stride,

Blockers and defenders,

bodies collide.

He senses his enemies,

close ground as they approach,

Waving frantically and pointing to victory,

is the general and coach.

He dives for the endzone,

his last hope and resort,

With courage and heart,

he invaded their fort.

by Martin Dejnicki

In just over five hours we’ll be kicking off our annual Turkey Bowl football game. We’re on a long winning streak, and my team needs to do everything we can continue that trend.

We’ll be playing against some younger guys who are in better shape than we are. But my team has a clear edge in the aggressiveness and trash talking department. We also bring a lot of heart onto that field. So it should be an exciting game.

PUBLISHED: Oct 09, 2023
Written By
Martin Dejnicki
I enjoy writing simple rhyming poetry that people can easily share with their loved ones. I live in Toronto with my loving wife and two curious, adventure-seeking daughters.
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