Funny Hunting Poem

Martin Dejnicki
I hope this funny hunting poem makes you laugh. I'm sure many hunters out there have experienced similar situations, where the prey out smarted them.
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His First Deer Hunt

He got up bright and early

before the crack of dawn,

and waited in this tree stand

for a buck to come along.

His heart is beating rapidly,

he's breathing hard and fast,

he knows he must calm himself down,

he gains control at last.

He listens very carefully

in hopes that he might hear,

a sound besides his pounding heart

beating in his ear.

He hears a sound and slowly turns,

and sees this pair of eyes,

then a little coyote scampers out

as if to say, "Surprise."

It's time to go back home for lunch,

his choice is pretty clear,

this time he'll choose another stand

when he goes back for deer.

And that is just what Danny did,

he chose another stand,

knowing deer were there before,

he'd have the upper hand.

But things did not turn out just right,

the deer were there no more,

in fact they passed by that same stand,

that he was in before.

by Martin Dejnicki

I witnessed a similar event when I was just 12 years old. I went hunting with my father, and one of the hunters that came with us was not very experienced. A deer literally walked right in front of us.

He must have been no more than 40 feet away. So my Dad's friend took out his brand new bow and attempted to shoot the deer three times. To our shock, he missed each time, had no more arrows left, and the deer just casually walked away.

PUBLISHED: Oct 04, 2023
Written By
Martin Dejnicki
I enjoy writing simple rhyming poetry that people can easily share with their loved ones. I live in Toronto with my loving wife and two curious, adventure-seeking daughters.
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