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Martin Dejnicki
Sharing get well poems with people you know that are ill can really help improve their mood and cheer them up. It's a nice little way of comforting others when they're not feeling very well.
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Get Well Soon Poems For Kids
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Get Well Poem for Grandma
Get Well Prayer Poem

Your thoughtful gesture will also show that you truly care about the person. You can even include one of these poems inside a get well card or just send it via email or text.

The first verse below talks about getting well soon, which is a very common and polite gesture of empathy. We say it all the time, to those who are ill. We've all said it many times to family and friends, and here you have an opportunity to say it in a unique way.

Get Well Real Soon

Is there anything that I can do?

To help you get rid of that awful flu,

I know you're feeling really sick,

It won't last; it will be gone real quick.

Chicken soup might be the cure,

It tastes great, that's for sure.

But if you really want ice cream,

I'll go get it, since we're a team.

I know it's hard, but you need to smile,

Stay composed, maintain your style.

Hurry up, get well real soon,

We'll call in sick, and enjoy the afternoon.

By Martin Dejnicki

The second poem is a bit more serious than the first, and follows a different rhyming scheme (ABAB).

The motivation behind this poem came from my wonderful Aunt Gabriela, who has been ill most of her life.

Even though she has experienced a lot of misfortune with her health, she has always remained very strong and positive through it all. She's a truly inspirational lady.

Amazing Strength

Just wanted to know how you're feeling,

As I sit here and think of your progress,

It takes a lot of time, the process of healing,

I hope this poem helps with some of your stress.

I am amazed at your internal strength,

Through it all, your positivity remains,

You're not deterred by magnitude or length,

Nor all your obstacles and physical pains.

You have taught me about the meaning of hope,

I never hear you fuss or complain,

One step at a time, you focus and cope,

When you get better, we'll dance in the rain.

By Martin Dejnicki

Thank you aunt Gabriela for all your love and joyful and positive spirit and outlook on life. The above poem has been dedicated to you. I would also like to wish her lots of happiness, success, and of course health.

Is there someone in your life that is ill, yet demonstrates, "Amazing Strength", and courage?

These type of individuals inspire me (often times, they're very young children who are fighting against cancer). Whenever I see or hear about that, my heart just breaks.

Funny Get Well Poems

One of the best ways to cheer someone up that is sick is to make them laugh. Feel free to share one of these funny get well verses with someone in your life that needs them.

Cheer Up!

We really want you to get well soon,

That's the idea, behind this balloon.

We know you need your rest and sleep,

Can't find the balloon? I guess we're cheap.

What we're trying to honestly say,

You probably need another x-ray.

We're not doctors, but we know,

You're recovery is very slow.

We came here to cheer you up,

Have some coffee in your cup.

Where's the coffee? Guess we forgot,

That's ok, it would've been hot.

By Martin Dejnicki

The recipient of this poem will be wondering where's the balloon and where's the coffee. If you want, you could always have the balloon and coffee hidden somewhere and reveal it only after the poem has been read.

Don't You Worry

I really hope you get well soon,

Your voice and laughter will be the tune.

Like night and day, we'll notice the change,

But at this moment, your voice is strange.

Don't you worry it's not that bad,

Donkey's sounds worse, you should be glad.

Maybe you sound a bit like a horse,

Don't you worry we'll get to the source.

All you need is some rest and time,

And a warm tea with a hint of lime.

Don't you worry your sickness will leave,

You voice will be back, you gotta believe!

By Martin Dejnicki

Now what did you think of that one? We've all know that it's not pleasant when we lose our voice or when it sounds very rough when we have a bad cold. So that's the perfect poem to share with someone that has the flu or just a really bad cold.

Short Get Well Poems

Letting friends or family members know that you are thinking about them while their sick can be quickly communicated with a short poem. All you need is a few lines to get your concerned message across.

Now here's an even shorter one. Honestly, I think it can be just as effective as the three stanza poems that you will typically find on this site. Good luck with it.

Feeling Ill

I know you're feeling very ill,

Everyday must be up the hill.

Let me wish you the very best,

I really hope you get your rest.

by Martin Dejnicki

Get Well Soon Poems For Kids

These get wells soon poems for kids are meant to cheer up all those little people in our lives.

Let's Play

Get well soon and you will play,

With your toys and friends all day,

You will have so much fun,

I'll make sure there's lots of sun.

You will choose what we do,

If you want, we'll go to the zoo.

It's not fun being sick and ill,

Mom will give you a helpful pill.

When it hurts, it's ok to cry,

Don't worry, just wipe your eye.

Soon you'll be healthier than a monkey,

Mess up your hair, and you'll look funky!

By Martin Dejnicki

This next poem is meant to comfort a child and let them know that you care and will do anything for him/her.

My Dear Child

My dear child I'm here for you,

When you're feeling sick and blue.

Pick a story and I will read,

When you're hungry, I will feed.

Just remember when it hurts,

You should eat some good desserts.

But not too much, even if their yummy,

You won't want to upset your tummy.

When you feel better we'll jump around,

We'll get rid of that old blue gown,

I know you can't wait to run,

Because it's just so much fun!

by Martin Dejnicki

Romantic Get Well Poems

Here's a few romantic get well poems that you may share with the love of your life (girlfriend, boyfriend, wife or husband).


Can't wait till you feel much better my dearest,

My heart always seeks having you nearest.

Believe me my love, your pain I do share,

There's nothing more, in this world that I care.

I will do everything in helping you heal,

I know what you're thinking, I know what you feel.

I'm not a doctor, I don't know your dose,

But I do know, we need to be close.

When you get better, I have a surprise,

But first you'll need to close both of your eyes.

The only hint I can give is - Romance,

You made my day, with that very hot glance.

By Martin Dejnicki

The following romantic poem contains only two stanza's, but I think might even be more romantic than the first one. The choice is yours. I'm sure you're partner will appreciate the kind and thoughtful gesture when you share one of these poems with him or her.


Love of my life, please get well soon,

So we may lay down, and stare at the moon.

The evening will start, with a bottle of wine,

Your eyes are my stars, I adore how they shine.

We both know, there will be plenty of heat,

Not from the sun, but as our hearts beat.

We will share much more than a kiss,

As we journey to a place called - bliss

By Martin Dejnicki

Get Well Poem for Grandma

Grandmothers are wonderful ladies that always seem to amaze us with their vitality and love. Unfortunately, they are also at that age when illnesses are common and expected. Well, here's a get well poem that you may share with your grandma.

Feel Better

I wish you weren't in so much pain,

But on a beach with us in Spain.

You've always been the one that's funny,

I'm not here to take your money.

A lovely lady, Grandma you are,

In all our lives, you are the star.

So many things we've learned from you,

What's that recipe for that stew?

We just hope you feel much better,

You don't have email, so here's this letter.

We love you so much, we adore,

Even when you sleep and snore.

By Martin Dejnicki

Get Well Prayer Poem

Letting someone know that you are praying for them can be very encouraging and can lift their spirit. This is the intention of this get well prayer poem. Hopefully comforts someone that needs it most.

Hope and Pray

That you get well, I hope and pray,

For your illness to quickly go away.

I've asked God, if he could bless,

A special person that's filled with stress.

God is always listening, he's upstairs,

He told me he love you, and truly cares.

There's a simple secret for you to be healed,

Allow others to help, put down your shield

Embrace life with a smile that's warm,

That's how you will defeat your storm.

I will continue with another prayer,

The least I can do is my love with you share.

By Martin Dejnicki

Did you enjoy reading these rhyming get well poems? Did you find one that fits your situation? I truly hope that you did.

I just want to wish you and your family and friends great health in life. If ill health ever comes your way, I wish you a speedy recovery, so that you and your loved ones may enjoy life to the very fullest.

PUBLISHED: Oct 04, 2023
Written By
Martin Dejnicki
I enjoy writing simple rhyming poetry that people can easily share with their loved ones. I live in Toronto with my loving wife and two curious, adventure-seeking daughters.
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