Goodnight Poems: A Collection of Serene Nighttime Verses

Martin Dejnicki
Drift into the realm of dreams with this collection of soothing goodnight poems, each crafted to gently guide you into a peaceful slumber. Embrace the night's embrace through these tender verses.
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Table of contents
Whispers of the Night
Twilight Cradle
Dreamers’ Lullaby
Silence of the Evenfall
Evening’s Gentle Sigh
Night's Tender Song
Goodnight’s Gentle Call
Serenade of the Nightingale
Veil of the Dusky Sky
The Gift of Rest

Whispers of the Night

As daylight fades to hues so deep,

The world softens into sleep,

Whispers of the night do keep,

Secrets that the stars will peep.

Moonlit lullabies gently play,

In dreams, you find new worlds to stray,

Embrace the calm, let go dismay,

Until the break of dawn's first ray.

Goodnight my dear, rest your mind,

For in slumber, peace you'll find,

May your dreams be sweetly kind,

A serenade by night winds signed.

Twilight Cradle

The twilight cradle rocks the earth,

As stars beam forth with silent mirth,

Goodnight to the day's vibrant birth,

Welcome the night's serene rebirth.

Under the quilt of night, you lay,

With dreams that dance and softly sway,

May your worries all fall away,

As you close your eyes to the Milky Way.

So whisper soft, dear night, goodnight,

Enfold the world, turn off the light,

In your embrace, we take our flight,

Until the morning's glowing sight.

Dreamers’ Lullaby

The evening tide of stars rolls in,

While the night's sweet symphony begins,

With each note, the day's last pin,

Is pulled, till dreams can spin.

So say goodnight, my cherished friend,

To every twist and gentle bend,

Life’s tapestry, the dark will mend,

Until the dawn's soft light extends.

Goodnight, goodnight, let slumber's veil,

Cloak you in tales, both grand and frail,

Adrift on sleep's vast ocean, sail,

Where dreamers' winds prevail.

Silence of the Evenfall

The eve’s last light retreats from view,

Goodnight whispers the gentle dew,

With silence calling out to you,

To wear the night's serene tattoo.

The world now bathed in a hush,

As nightfall's brush in twilight's rush,

Turns sky to a soft velvet blush,

And into sleep, we all must crush.

May dreams cloak you in their embrace,

And take you to a wondrous place,

Where sorrows we no longer trace,

In the silence of the evenfall's grace.

Evening’s Gentle Sigh

As the night cloaks light with dark,

The evening lets out a gentle sigh,

Chasing the last golden spark,

With a promise that dreams don't die.

Close your eyes and drift away,

Goodnight's kiss upon you lay,

Surrender to the end of day,

And in sweet slumber, forever stay.

Rest now under the cosmos vast,

Goodnight ensures the day has passed,

With stars as friends, till morning's cast,

May you find peace and rest at last.

Night's Tender Song

Night sings a tender, soft refrain,

An echo of the day’s remain,

Goodnight to sun's familiar flame,

A restful dusk we claim.

Feel the dark's gentle hold,

As night stories now unfold,

Slumber’s warmth against the cold,

In dreams where secrets told.

Goodnight wraps the world in rest,

As if by soothing hands caressed,

In sleep's embrace, we're truly blessed,

By night's tender song confessed.

Goodnight’s Gentle Call

The shadow’s lengths announce goodnight,

As day concedes to evening’s right,

Slumber beckons with soft light,

And tucks our weary sight.

Beneath the canopy of dreams,

The night sews seams of moonbeams,

Each stitch a wish, or so it seems,

In the fabric of starlit streams.

Restful sleep now, my dear heart,

As day departs, new dreams will start,

Embrace goodnight’s gentle art,

And let the quiet impart.

Serenade of the Nightingale

The nightingale's serenade so clear,

Makes the heart hold treasured night near,

Goodnight it sings, soft and sincere,

A melody for your dreams to cheer.

As shadows merge into the night,

Stars listen in with pure delight,

Blanketing us in their soft light,

Goodnight, my soul, goodnight, my knight.

Sleep invites with tender call,

Into the hush, where fantasies fall,

In the nightingale’s song, we are small,

But dreams, they make us tall.

Veil of the Dusky Sky

Across the dusky, dimming sky,

The veil of night is drawn thus nigh,

Goodnight whispers the sight,

Of the moon’s gentle light.

Close your eyes with ease,

Let slumber’s softness please,

Within twilight's gentle freeze,

Goodnight breathes a tender tease.

May your dreams take flight,

In the canvas of the night,

Where everything is out of sight,

But felt within the heart, so right.

The Gift of Rest

Day gifts energy, sun’s flame,

Night gifts rest, without any claim,

Goodnight, the stars call your name,

In rest’s embrace, there’s no shame.

Close the day’s long, narrated page,

As sleep overtakes the stage,

Relinquish every worldly cage,

Let dreams become your sage.

Goodnight, oh weary traveler's song,

In the arms of night, you belong,

Let sleep make you fresh and strong,

For a new day, bright and long.

PUBLISHED: Jan 27, 2024
Written By
Martin Dejnicki
I enjoy writing simple rhyming poetry that people can easily share with their loved ones. I live in Toronto with my loving wife and two curious, adventure-seeking daughters.
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