Graduation Poems

Martin Dejnicki
This post contains a collection of short rhyming graduation poems that you may freely share with a student in your life (include inside a greeting card).
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Table of contents
Preschool Graduation Poem
When Graduating from Kindergarten
Elementary School Graduation Poem
Middle School Graduation
Graduating from High School
College Graduation Poem
When Your Daughter is Graduating
Graduation Poem for a Son
Funny Graduation Poem
Funny Graduation Poem

You will find graduation poems for those graduating from preschool, kindergarten, elementary school, middle school, high school, and college/university.

They may be shared with daughters, sons, sisters, brothers, friends, and virtually anyone else you'd like to congratulate.

The first poem is simply a general school graduation verse that may apply to anyone who is graduating at any level.

It's definitely a unique way to express your congratulations. I made sure it's also inspirational for those who receive it.

I think it's very important to celebrate academic achievements. Whether it's a child's first certificate, or an adults college diploma, everyone's efforts and dedication need to be recognised.

Happy Graduation

Congratulations on your,


You clearly deserve,

a restful vacation.

You've worked so hard,

we are aware,

About your education,

we truly care.

It's just the beginning,

your future is bright,

We know you'll accomplish,

the goals in your sight.

As we look at you,

we're exceptionally proud,

We're your supporters,

we are your crowd.

Happy graduation,

it's frozen in time.

We'll look back,

at your memorable climb.

We just want to wish you,

the very best,

May knowledge forever,

be a part of your quest.

by Martin Dejnicki

As you saw in the above graduation poem it was meant to both congratulate and inspire.

It congratulated the child/teen/adult for the current achievements and success in school, and also attempted to inspire the person to continue their studies.

The last stanza is trying to hint that education or the process of learning does not end at graduation. But rather begins at that point.

I believe, that we need to teach our children to never stop learning in life.

We need to show them the importance of embracing knowledge and learning as a lifestyle, not just a stage during our youth.

Not only will this type of attitude open doors in their adult work life, but will also help enrich their everyday lives as well.

Preschool Graduation Poem

Preschool was traditionally known as nursery school. So this poem is for all those wonderful little children who are graduating from preschool. This is often between the ages of three and five (depending on country and state).

Fun Graduation

Happy graduation,

I'm so proud of you.

Maybe we could,

go to the zoo?

Preschool must have been,

super fun.

Let's go outside,

and play in the sun.

Now that you're done,

I have great news.

Kindergarten will be fantastic,

let me give you some clues.

You will learn,

so many cool things,

and play with your friends,

outside on the swings.

Your teacher will be,

friendly and kind,

She'll help expand your,

imagination and mind.

You deserve a big hug,

preschool is done.

Enjoy your graduation,

make sure you have fun.

by Martin Dejnicki

The poem serves two purposes. First it allows you to congratulate your child for completing preschool.

Secondly, it eliminates some fears about starting kindergarten, through encouragement and positivity.

I think it's very important to encourage and prepare a child mentally for a new transition in life (such as beginning kindergarten).

It can be a very stressful time for a young child. That's why talking to your child and reassuring that everything will be alright and that school will be fun is important.

Otherwise, a child may have difficulty adapting initially to the new mysterious environment.

When Graduating from Kindergarten

Kindergarten graduation usually occurs between the ages of 5-6. Kindergarten is an important transition for children, as it prepares them for grade one.


You've learned so much,

in your kindergarten year,

now you're finished,

and we will cheer.

It must have been fun,

to make friends and sing,

What was your,

very favourite thing?

Was it when you learned,

how to grow plants?

Or when you played outside

with those ants?

Maybe the best part was,

listening to fairy tales,

Or learning things about,

those beautiful whales.

We'll place all your kindergarten memories,

into your drawer,

Grade one will be so much fun,

you'll learn and explore.

Congratulations on a great,

kindergarten year,

You're a precious child,

and I love you my dear.

by Martin Dejnicki

I think it's very important to celebrate children's little milestones such as graduating from kindergarten. For us adults it may seem like no big deal. But for all those little kids it's a very big deal.

They've worked very hard to absorb all that new information, and learned how to interact with other kids.

These little but very important accomplishments need to be celebrated, so that children are aware that they are doing a good job and so that they feel appreciated.

They require appreciation and praise just like anyone else.

Elementary School Graduation Poem

I hope this one puts a lot of smiles on a lot of kids/teens out there. Elementary or grade or primary school often ends between grade 5 and 8 depending on the country and school board. This means kids that graduate from elementary school are usually between 11 and 14 years of age. I hope this poem is relevant to them.

You've Earned It

You have done it,

I knew you would.

You've worked hard,

and been quite good.

All the credit,

you clearly deserve,

You've grown and matured,

we did observe.

You've earned today's,


It's the beginning,

of a strong foundation.

In your abilities,

we truly believe,

Anything you strive for,

you're able to achieve.

In your success,

we're excited to share,

Let's have some cake,

that's only fair.

by Martin Dejnicki

When I was a child I changed elementary schools approximately five times. It definitely wasn't easy staring over each time. Trying to blend in and make friends every year or so. It seemed like, just when I was beginning to adapt and get accustomed to my new school, we'd end up moving.

It was tough, but I think it also instilled a sense of bravery and adventurous spirit within me. For that, I am grateful.

Middle School Graduation

Here's a verse for all the teens out there that have completed middle school and are about to enter high school. Graduating from middle school is obviously a very exciting event. This is the transition where children grow up and change both physically and emotionally.

Rubber Duck!

Middle school,

is in the past.

Did you enjoy it,

was it a blast?

You have reached,

the cool years,

Just be yourself,

no need for fears.

You've graduated,

with your class,

You've done well,

not just a pass.

High school will be,

completely new,

Expect a journey,

with a different view.

Just want to say,

congrats and good luck,

Enjoy your gift,

it's a rubber duck!

by Martin Dejnicki

When I was 13, I lived in Halifax and attended a Junior High there (middle school). From what I can remember, I really enjoyed it there, even though life seemed a lot slower on the east coast than it did in a major metropolitan.

Graduating from High School

This next one is for all those students that have successfully graduated from high school. A lot of people may think graduating from high school is not a big deal these days, as if it's expected. But the reality is, not everyone graduates.

It takes work and dedication, and it's hard enough with all the distractions and negative influences that are associated with those high school years.

High School Alum

Successfully making it,

through high school,

These days is a

necessary tool.

Your future looks,

wonderfully bright,

Pursue your passions,

and your path will right.

If you need help,

on which college to choose,

Check out some helpful,

online reviews.

Today is dedicated,

to your success,

Just relax,

there's no need to stress.

We're so proud,

of who you've become,

Now you're a

high school alum.

by Martin Dejnicki

I think it's very important to encourage high school graduates to pursue their true passions.

I know parents may often try to guide their children to study certain fields in college and university that they themselves favour. This is normal, since parents want the best for their kids.

However, a person that pursues his or her own deep passions will become successful no matter what profession they choose. They will be successful because if they end up working in a field they enjoy, it won't seem like work (but rather like a hobby).

As a result, they will be driven and will look forward to getting up each morning and doing what they love and truly enjoy.

College Graduation Poem

I hope all those college or university grads out there will enjoy the following verse (they've certainly earned it). It takes a lot of work in order to successfully graduate from a post-secondary institution. But the journey is definitely worth it and in my view life changing.

Blue Sphere

This graduation is

simply all yours,

It shall open,

so many doors.

Countless memories,

you've created,

Personal philosophies,

polished and updated.

You're no longer afraid,

of obstacles or rejection.

Now that you know,

your true direction.

Whatever you choose,

and wherever you go,

Passion for life,

continue to show.

We wish you luck,

on your new career,

You will do great things,

on our blue sphere.

by Martin Dejnicki

I strongly believe that colleges and universities are places where young students have the opportunity to both mature into responsible adults and also figure out their true passions and find some direction in life.

When Your Daughter is Graduating

Share this one with your daughter on her graduation day. I hope it's relevant for daughters of various ages, and that are at different stages in life. The goal here was to make each verse cute, short, and girly.

Daughter Like You

Congratulations on,

your success.

You luck fabulous,

in your favorite new dress.

As a parent, I'm thrilled,

and so proud.

Forgive me,

if I get a bit loud.

But I'm just trying,

to simply express.

My happiness,

I can no longer suppress.

You've studied hard,

and passed every test,

Having a daughter like you,

I'll forever be blessed.

by Martin Dejnicki

Graduation Poem for a Son

Young boys or men, may not always show an interest in poetry, but I'm sure they'll appreciate the following poem that is tailored to their success. Everyone likes being appreciated and acknowledged for their efforts and accomplishments (even boys/men).

Infinitely Proud

I'm infinitely proud,

of you my dear son,

You have graduated,

you are now done.

We'll take a few days,

and simply relax.

Spend some time,

and listen to tracks.

I am so happy,

with the path, that you've chosen,

I'll cherish this day,

this moment is frozen.

I will support you,

With your passions agree,

You will do great things,

from here I can see.

by Martin Dejnicki

Funny Graduation Poem

The following funny graduation poem was written to make the graduate smile and laugh. Feel free to share it with a graduate that has a healthy sense of humour.


Happy graduation,

you've made it this far,

You deserve,

a shiny red car.

I'm not sure exactly,

what's in store,

When you're asking about gifts,

they seem to ignore.

At least you graduated,

so don't you worry,

If you want an iPhone,

you may need to hurry.

Happy graduation,

you've made it this far,

If you were the only one,

we'd call you a Star!

by Martin Dejnicki

Funny Graduation Poem

Here’s a funny graduation poem that is meant to be shared with all those new graduates (at any level).



you’ve made it, you’re done.

Now go take a break,

and soak in some fun.

You’ve worked so hard,

to get where you are.

You clearly deserve,

a very nice car.

I recommend,

you meditate or relax.

It shall prepare you,

for Mr. Big Tax.

I’m not saying,

it’s all windy with gloom.

Just don’t be surprised,

if you begin with a broom.

Please remember,

you still have your youth.

Watch what you say,

or you may lose a tooth.

At the end of the day,

your diploma looks nice.

I may choke on my food,

if you mention the price.

by Martin Dejnicki

I’m thinking of sharing this poem with my sister on the day of her college graduation. But feel free to share it with anyone you know.

The last verse is definitely my favorite from this poem. It reminds us the cost of higher education these days, which is absolutely ridiculous. It seems they’ve made a thriving industry around educating our youth.

So instead of investing in our youth and making education more accessible and universal, it seems like we’re moving backwards. Countless students spend many years and borrow hundreds of thousands to receive a good education. Many of them will end up paying these loans back over the course of their adult lives. I don’t think that’s very fair.

On a lighter note, I hope you enjoyed reading today’s funny graduation poem, and I hope it makes the next graduate you share it with laugh out loud.

I hope this post helped you find a relevant and useful graduation poem for that recent graduate in your life.

Whether the graduate is five or twenty-five, I'm sure your thoughtful gesture will be appreciated and will enrich the graduation day a little bit more.

Maybe if you share one of these graduation poems with the graduate right before the ceremony, it may help with fighting those butterflies and anxiety.

Hope you and your loved ones have lots of fun, and enjoy the whole day (while focusing on the new graduate).

Best of luck,


PUBLISHED: Oct 04, 2023
Written By
Martin Dejnicki
I enjoy writing simple rhyming poetry that people can easily share with their loved ones. I live in Toronto with my loving wife and two curious, adventure-seeking daughters.
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